Stop Being Afraid And Start Making Money

Stop Being Afraid And Start Making MoneyUp until this point in my budding career as an unemployed D-List Affiliate Ninja Wannabe, I haven’t really committed to implementing what I’ve learned over the last 8 months in a focused campaign to make money online.  Yes I’ve made some pocket change here and there, trying out different techniques and affiliate networks, but I’ve mainly been sharpening my swords and skills in the fields of traffic generation, keyword research, web development and web design.

I’m at the point right now where I have two paths in front of me, and I need to choose one of them asap.  Choice number one – get a day job and start to bring down some of our debt (not much) as well as make some loot to fund our online ventures.  Choice number two – stop jerking off and start to implement what I’ve learned to make money now, so I don’t have to go back to work.

Here’s my challenge…

I have a tendency to conceptualize a money making blueprint down to the last detail, I launch with a rebel vengeance like a half empty bottle of Glen Livet playing Ninja Gaiden 2, and then loose my steam as the results are never as immediate as I would like them to be.  It’s wack, and I’m getting really sick of my half-ass attempts.  I know that I have enough knowledge of affiliate marketing and I’ve spent countless hours trying out different methods of generating piles of targeted traffic to a site or blog as per our August blog report, if I combine this with my ability to find high demand, low competition keywords and phrases using Wordtracker I really believe I can make some substantial commissions as long as I stay focused, and committed.  I might not see results immediately, but on the other hand I might see trickles of income in the first 24 hours – If I do my research right and hone in on what my strengths are It has to work.

First I Need A Plan…

Since I don’t have adequate funds for doing some PPC experimentation or buying links, I’m going to be launching a focused campaign using as many free methods for traffic generation and promotion as humanly possible – also known as Bum Marketing.  The only con with Bum Marketing is the investment of time required, but the pros are substantial especially for someone who is just starting out and doesn’t feel comfortable with dropping a couple c-notes on advertising.

I really want to encourage anyone who is reading and wants to step up their game, to follow along with the next few posts as I plan to document what is working, and what needs tweaking with hopes of creating some sort of e-course or e-book at the end of this.

Here is a brief outline of my blueprint.  Feel free to write it down if you like:

  1. Conduct keyword research using Wordtracker or tool of choice to find a profitable niche (high demand, low competition) and compile a list of long tail keywords (10-20) to use for articles, Squidoo lenses and a review-style site which I will be driving the traffic to.
  2. Find 3 to 5 niche related affiliate products based on the research in step one and compile an brief, but detailed review on each product.  For this I will be perusing through Clickbank, not Commission Junction and Pepperjam Network.
  3. Once I have the products selected and a resourceful review of each I will design a simple, but effective review-style website either using Dreamweaver or WordPress.  I already have a “product review” domain name that I will be using for this campaign.  If you don’t, try and find a domain based on your keyword research or simply purchase a “product review” domain to build your site on at – don’t forget to use coupon codes.
  4. Again, from the research in step one I will write 15 articles focused around selected keyphrases, making sure to use these long-tail keywords in the article title and throughout the content.  Once I have the articles written I will submit 10 of them, leaving 5 behind, to as many high traffic, high ranking article directories.
  5. I will create a lens or two on Squidoo and use the 5 articles I didn’t submit for the content – making sure that I use my long-tail keyphrases for the headings and within the content.  Within my Squidoo lenses I will link directly to the affiliate products, as well as to the review site.
  6. Once I have completed steps 1 through 5 I will spend a day or two commenting on niche related blogs and forums, leaving my review site domain in the signature field – for even more targeted traffic and back links.  Remember NO SPAMMING because it doesn’t work, period.

Bum Marketing Madness…

Considering this is my first time going full blown, I’m estimating it will take approximately 4-6 hours to create a functioning and aesthetically pleasing review site, about 1 hour per article, maybe less, and I’d say between 1-2 hours to build my Squidoo lens.  So pretty much to complete step 1 through 5 it shouldn’t take me more than a week, providing I’m putting in 4-6 hours per day – I know it probably be more like 10-12 hours per day.  The most time consuming aspect will be the review site, because I’ve never built one before and writing the articles.

So there you have it.  I would really like to know if any of you will be following along so I can keep track, but also if some of our more experienced readers have any suggestions or techniques I’ve missed that you’ve found works good for you – it would be much appreciated.  Maybe it’s because of the network I have formed over the last little while and knowing that I have people I can bounce ideas off of directly – but I really feel confident that I can, and will make this work.  No more day job for Elijah.  Not today, not tomorrow.



How The Rich Stay Rich: An Internet Marketing Reality Check

how the rich stay rich, internet marketing reality checkIn any business regardless if it’s on or offline, it all boils down to one thing at the end of the day… Who you know, and more importantly, Who the FU** knows you.  If you have sensitive eyes and figured out that the asterisks after FU are the letters “C” and “K” my apologies, but I’m feeling very passionate as I’m writing this.

Something dawned on me…

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has an email address set up specifically for your Guru mailing lists – if you don’t please visit your email provider of choice and set up a dummy account for this specific reason.  So as I was doing my normal routine today I logged into my designated email account and noticed that I had 13 new messages, which is nothing out of the ordinary, and while I was sifting through the Aweber generated communications I realized that they all had something in common – they were all promoting Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins’ Stomp The Search Engines 2 release.  Wow.. Immediately I started thinking back to the Mass Control launch and the magnitude of force behind it, and that’s when it really hit me:  This is exactly how the millions are made online.  It’s who you know, who knows you, and what they are willing to do for you.  This financial mantra is no different online than it is with the Donald Trumps and Ted Turners of the world.

You’re going to love this…

Imagine launching a product and having the force of 15-20 of the worlds most successful Internet marketers blasting your launch to their lists every day for a consecutive 2 weeks prior to the release date.  On September 3rd I received a blast from the likes of Yaro Starak, Frank Kern, Jason Moffat and Matt Callen to name a few – and if any of the people I just mentioned are reading this and have an issue with your name being mentioned, I love you all and you’ve taught me tons, but in the next 48 hours you will make more money individually than I have made in my entire working career – so bite me.

Back to my point, let’s hypothetically say that each of the 20 people blasting your launch own 5 lists combining 10,000 hungry ass leads – that would give you a total of 200,000 targeted leads not including your own lists.  Take that number and throw in a conversion rate of 15% on the first day of launch and a product priced at $97 and with less than half the people converting you would have a total of…

$2,910,000.00 in sales

The last thing I want to do is discourage anyone from aspirations of Internet domination, like my man Avon Blake, but I do want to remove the veil over your eyes for a minute and bring to light the harsh realities of gaining “Guru” status in the affiliate marketing industry.  The only way you are permitted access to the inner circle of marketing powerhouses is through money – not by paying your way in, but by becoming a top affiliate.  If you consistently out perform on top campaigns and industry wide launches you will quickly gain recognition just as each one of our Guru’s did.  You will begin getting phone calls and emails with directions to every “secret” roundtable meet up, and as long as you deliver results you too will be bathing in tubs full of money.

Affiliate newbies and beginner bloggers pay attention…

Keep your goals realistic.  Start off by connecting with people who are on your level and create a strong network to bounce ideas in and out of.  If you become over obsessed with what the Gurus are doing, you will be passing up opportunities to form your own roundtable of ninja marketers.  If you are out to make millions and millions of dollars, fine, but don’t fool yourself with dreams of being the next Shoemoney because it won’t happen.  Why waste your time making the Gurus richer by blasting everything they put out?  They really don’t need your help if they truely are as big as we think they are.  Why not concentrate on making your own network richer by promoting your own products, and eachothers?  This is how the rich stay rich my friends.  Think about it.



The Ninja Mindset – Protecting Your Affiliate Links

The Ninja MindsetNinjutsu was developed as a collection of fundamental survivalist techniques during political turmoil in ancient Japan.  The main character (Nin 忍) is translated as stealth, secretiveness, endurance, and perseverance, while the second character (Jutsu 術) means art or technique.  Based on these interpretations, It would be safe to say that most successful affiliate marketers practice some form of Ninjutsu in one way, shape or form – they just don’t know it yet.  Now it’s time for me to school all you greasy gurus on The Ninja Mindset and how it relates to affiliate marketing:

You have to be stealth amongst your competition.

You must be secretive with your top performing niches.

You need endurance to adapt with the changes in technology.

You must persevere and be consistent with your actions and words.

You need to build your own technique using proven fundamentals.

There are 18 disciplines that must be mastered within Ninjutsu training, and today we are going to talk about the 11th discipline, Shinobi-iri, which is the art of stealth and entering methods.  Stealth is often overlooked in the ebooks of affiliate marketing, but it’s a vital skill when it comes to protecting your links from hijackers, as well as making it less painful to update existing links – should your affiliate networks change anything.  This is where affiliate link redirecting can make your life easier while increasing the efficiency of your online business.

When a targeted individual ends up on your blog or website, ultimately you want them to do one thing – click.  Taking into consideration that most androids and shopaholics surfing the web are savvy enough to recognize a shifty looking url, your contextual links will not perform as well as they could because of the long-ass links companies like Amazon provide you with.  Here’s an example of bad link vs good link:


Pretty obvious right?  Now there are tons of software scripts that you can purchase such as Affiliate Link Cloaker which is $59, or Amazing Link Cloaker for $65, blah, blah, blah (funny how they sound the same).  Here’s what I say, visit and check out his PHP Affiliate Jump Script – it’s free and it works like a charm.  I know zip about PHP and I downloaded the script, and had it configured in 15 minutes.  Here’s what you need to do step-by-step:

  1. Visit the site and download the script (
  2. Save the zip file to your desktop or folder of choice and extract the contents to your desired location (I have every folder on my server duplicated locally on my computer, so it’s easier when uploading).  You should get a file called jump.php
  3. Log onto your FTP or web hosting provider (Godaddy, Hostgator,etc..) and create a new directory within the root (if your root folder is “” you want to create a folder within there called “referral” or “go” or something along those lines – just don’t name the folder “redirect” for obvious reasons!
  4. Double click the jump.php file that you saved on your computer and replace the the required lines of script with your affiliate link information.  Below you’ll see 3 lines that start with an “if” statement.  On the first “if” statement line you want to replace the area I’ve colored blue with your domain name and directory.  So if you created the directory “referral” then you want to enter within the quotes – and don’t forget the trailing forward slash.  That’s it for the first line.
  5. The second and third lines of code starting with “if” can be copied and pasted as many times as needed for each affiliate product you have (for example if you have 15 affiliate products, you will have 15 “if” statement lines below the first one)  All you do from here is copy and paste as many lines as needed, replace the area I’ve colored in yellow with your ID of choice for the product like “wordtracker” or “hostgator”, and then within the quotes replace the url I’ve colored green with the affiliate link for each related product.  It’s that simple.

$m = $_GET[‘m’];
if ($m == “”) {$link = ““;} // Default Blank
if ($m == “Just Phones“) {$link = ““;}
if ($m == “UKPhoneShop“) {$link = ““;}

Once you’ve updated the jump.php file on your computer, save it and upload it into the directory you created.  Once you’ve uploaded the file, test it out.  Type into your browser and witness the stealth madness of this awesome script.  Click here to see it in action.

The Ninja Mindset can be adapted to any area of your business, just as I did above.  I knew I needed to protect my assets so I did some research, tested a few things out, and now I can be comfortable putting affiliate links out there knowing that they are safe and stealth – while proving you guys with some great content at the same time.  It’s a win-win situation!



20 Questions With Alan LeStourgeon From

20 Questions Blogging is all about networking.  Some people look at blogging as a way to socialize, others see it as a tool for networking and creating partnerships with defined objectives.  When Veronica and I decided to share our adventures with all you sexy people in the blogosphere, we obviously set certain goals for ourselves.  One of my goals was to do a questionnaire format interview, via email or Skype, with the people who directly influenced me to begin my journey online – one of those people is Alan LeStourgeon.

For those of you who don’t know Alan, he is a successful affiliate marketer and the owner of the popular blog  I’ve been a follower of Alan for the last 6 months or so, and during that time I’ve learned quite a bit about the harsh realities of affiliate marketing and making money online.  I emailed Alan a couple weeks back requesting an interview and he accepted the offer with open arms – if he didn’t I probably would have mailed him a package containing a brown paper bag, some dog poop, and a book of matches.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 20 questions with Alan LeStourgeon from

1.    Who are you and what do you do?

I didn’t have any choice in the matter when my parents named me Alan, so I’m sticking with that. I’ve been working at home for a little over 3 years now doing affiliate marketing and writing Affiliate Confession which I started 10 months ago. Lately I’ve been trying to sharpen my skills with PPC to be up there with the $25k+ per month guys, but have tons to learn.

2.    In 100 words or less describe how you made your first profit on the Internet.

About 4 years ago after looking at lots of info on affiliate marketing, travel seemed like a great niche to get into so I built a vacation rentals web site and started producing leads for at $1 each. I didn’t make much money, but I could see the potential and to this day, travel continues to be my most profitable niche. If you love to travel, all you have to do is write about your experiences and the places you stay and boom, you’ve got a travel site. It’s pretty simple.

3.    What’s your shoe size?

9 1/2, unless I twist my ankle playing basketball, then it’s somewhat larger, at least on one foot.

4.    How do you feel about wearing socks with sandals?

Okay with jeans, kinda weird with shorts.

5.    Coffee or tea?

Coffee, it’s a creation for me. It’s either a decaf latte mocha at B&N or seriously strong coffee at home with cocoa, a little sugar, Kahlua or Amaretto and cream. Did I say I like it strong?

6.    If you could have 15 minutes with any successful businessman or woman, who would it be and why?

It would probably be Warren Buffet. I wouldn’t ask him for stock tips, I’d want to know how he consistently recognizes trends and winners.

7.    Early bird or night owl?

I’m always up too late, most the time until the monitor on my laptop is blurry and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Need to get better at that.

8.    Name the artist and title of the last full song you listened to.

Jars Of Clay’s “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand“. Played it with our church band and rocked it out a bit. It was cool.

9.   In your opinion, name 3 tools or services that are necessary to run a successful business online, and briefly explain why?

I couldn’t live without Build A Niche Store. eBay is the ultimate affiliate program because there isn’t a niche that exists that doesn’t have a product on eBay and BANS is the best way to capitalize on this affiliate opportunity. You can also use BANS as a content management system to build entire sites that feature very few eBay products. I’ll write a post about that someday.

The Free Search Term Suggestion Tool at Keyword Discovery. I use it almost every day for a quick look at monthly keyword numbers.

Free stock photos at Stock Xchng. You need photos for blog posts, landing pages and other stuff and this is the best free stock photo site I’ve run across.

10.   Batman, Superman, or Spiderman?

Superman. All it takes is a large bath towel and a safety pin and any 6-year-old can leap tall buildings.

11.   If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

Chocolate. What, there’s another flavor?

12.   Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, or Yahoo Search Marketing?

Even though I have an ongoing feud with Google, their Adwords interface is simply the easiest to work with.

13.   Sean Connery or Roger Moore?

That’s a tough one since I liked them both. Probably Sean Connery. He played the consummate English gentleman, even though he is a Scotsman.

14.   Tea or coffee? (I wanted to see if he was paying attention)

What, you already asked that and I answered coffee (did I say strong coffee?), but I do have tea with my wife once in a while.

15.   Promote someone elses products, or have people promote your own?

Right now I’m promoting other people’s products. Jean and I have 4 of our own products, but haven’t gotten around to working with our own affiliates yet.

16.   Ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly?

Fresh veggies on a sprouted grain roll.

17.   In 100 words or less explain why most people fail to make a living online.

Ninety-nine percent of the money making crap sold on the net perpetuates the belief that earning money online is easy and that you can be rich over night. Making money online is easy once you do your due diligence and find out what really works. It’s like the winners on American Idol, yea they got famous over night, after they spent years working towards the opportunity to get on American Idol. Some do it quicker than others, but you still have to pay your dues. People don’t want to pay their dues.

18.   Have you ever eaten a crayon?

Yes, it was probably a dark blue grape colored one I dipped in that pasty, minty flavored glue we used to get in elementary school when I was a kid. Yummy!

19.   Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive?

I used to be in a country band (hey, it paid the bills) and a southern rock band and my old rocker friends would kill me if I choose one of those. I used to have a bumper sticker on my car that said “Piss On Disco”. What can I say?

20.   Why did you accept this interview?

Elijah promised me cars, homes, endorsements and unlimited bling, how could I refuse? Honestly though, I accepted because this is how the web is supposed to work, making connections, networking and meeting like minded entrepreneurs is part of the magic that makes this affiliate marketing and blogging thing so great.

***NOTE: There will be more “20 Questions” interviews in the next few weeks, as I’ve already confirmed with some more of the Internets movers and shakers.  Who will  be next?  I guess you’ll have to subscribe and stay tuned!



9 Ways To Pimp Private Label Rights Products

Private Label Rights PimpingI know you love the title – and you can thank me for the smile later.  I’ve recently made connects with a super-innovative blogger over at, and while reading through his posts I stumbled upon a great video he did describing private label rights and resale rights with some unique, but effective examples.  You can check out his post and video here.  While we’re on the topic, I want to introduce the newer bloggers and affiliates to private label rights products and how you can use them for article marketing, e-courses and various other content driven applications within your online ventures.

What Are Private Label Rights?

To put it plainly, PLR or Private Label Rights products are nothing more than e-books, articles and reports that you can purchase, manipulate, brand and use as your own.  There are individuals who make a decent living authoring e-books and reports for licensing to other webmasters and Internet marketers – as well as licensing the right to sell those exact same rights to someone else, which is known as Master Resale Rights.  I know it might sound confusing, so let me give you the definition of Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights from our good friends at

Private Label Rights – Content, particularly articles, written by a 3rd party and made available for several purchasers to buy and use.  These articles can then be used as-is or edited as the purchaser desires – within the guidelines of the PLR company. Guidelines will differ with each company.

Master Resale Rights – If you have a product with “Master resale rights” this means you can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. You cannot alter it in any way but it’s yours to sell as is.

How Can I Use PLR Products To Make Money Online?

  1. Create a report to attract new readers to your newsletter – You can compile a report using a single, or several rewritten Private Label Rights products and give it away to entice new readers to your websites newsletter.
  2. Use the PLR content to create a squeeze page to build your list – Rewrite portions of several related PLR products to generate a free report and content for a squeeze page in order to acquire email addresses and build your list.
  3. Create an autoresponder email course – Again, editing Private Label Rights products and using the content to provide a free “how-to” course which you will feed to the list you compiled from your squeeze page.  Are you starting to see how these methods are becoming intertwined?
  4. Create and sell an e-book – For this method I would suggest combining the rewritten PLR content with your own to strengthen your e-book, but to also ensure your e-book remains unique and up to date.  If you’re simply rewriting a PLR e-book you purchased and then selling it, think again, because your e-book will essentially be the same as the orginal regarding the content it contains – therefor providing little value.
  5. Rewrite the PLR content and submit it to article directories – This is a great way to get links and hopefully boost your page rank.  Edit PLR content and split it up into keyword focused articles that you will submit to high traffic article directories – putting your domain of choice (blog, niche site, or squeeze page) in the resource box to funnel that traffic and hopefully make some sales.  This method is one of my favorites.
  6. Use the content for niche marketing – Whether you have niche sites like Build A Niche Store or Squidoo lenses, PLR content is great for adding content to these type of affiliate sites.  Since most PLR products are niche focused anyways, this is a great way to get keyword focused traffic and start to earn revenue via mediums like Adsense and CPA affiliate offers.
  7. Use the content for your blog – Instead of doing 5 posts a week from scratch, do three posts and edit some PLR content for the other two.  As long as you remain focused on your particular niche, you will be providing your readers with great value.  Imagine spending a weekend editing an entire PLR product and breaking it up into a series of posts on your blog – this means more time generating affiliate income and forming joint venture projects.
  8. Apply keyword research to your PLR content – Editing your purchased content is one thing, but doing some keyword research using a tool like Wordtracker to find low competition/high demand key phrases will ensure you have prime positioning in Google’s search results – which means more organic traffic.
  9. Use PLR products to populate satellite blogs – If you’ve never heard the term satellite blogging, it’s basically having a ring of blogs all pointing back to your main blog, within various niches.  This is a great time to utilize the content within Private Label Rights products.  Edit the content and set a schedule for updating your outer blogs, which will keep Goolge happy, and in turn get those smaller blogs indexed quicker so they can start funneling traffic to your main site.

A Word Of Caution

While there are several high quality Private Label Rights portals and membership sites, make sure the content of the product is informative, and more importantly, up to date.  There are so many dated sales pages and membership sites floating around the inter-web that you want to make sure if you are purchasing the license to use someone elses content for your websites – that the content is up to date and current.  Another tip – it’s always good to use products that have a limited release, so you know the content you are using is only in the hands of a selected few.

Here are a few PLR sites you might want to consider:



Traffic Techniques: Article Marketing Part 3

Traffic Techniques: Article Marketing Part 3I’ve decided to opt out of doing a video for this installment to my Traffic Techniques Series for two reasons – I have a lot of content I would like to cover, and I want to focus on getting a SocialMarker tutorial up in the next few days.  I recently acquired Camtasia Studio 5 and need a day to get the functionality grooving.  As Flava Flav would say – Yeaaaaaaaa Boiiiii.  If you’re just tuning in and haven’t had a chance to go through the last two videos, you can view part one here, and part two here. Let’s get cracking…

Now that we know why article marketing works, and what the key factors are to writing an article that will perform, it’s time to touch on one of the most important elements to this technique – Article Distribution.  If you don’t know where to get your article published, or how to turn those clicks into subscribers, then it won’t matter how well you know your market or how much keyword research you do – your results will not be as spectacular as we know they can be.

How many different ways can I publish my articles online?

The first and most common way of publishing articles online would be to submit your articles to high traffic, high ranking article directories.  This has proven to be an effective medium time and time again, and a technique that many a bum marketer have exercised for two reasons – it costs nothing, and article directories get crawled often which means your submissions will get indexed very quickly.  I strongly believe that there are people who make a living simply writing how-to style articles and submitting them to high traffic directories, with an affiliate offer redirect in the resource/author box.

The key to making this technique work for you is you have to treat every directory as an individual medium and test accordingly.  Each directory will perform differently from the next because they attract different visitors – while one article may convert great on Directory A, it doesn’t mean it will perform well on Directory B or C.  This same rule applies to your resource/author box – you might get more clicks on Directory A when you have your “about me” blurb before the “call to action” section, whereas in Directory B it’s the complete opposite.  Making money online is all about testing, and article marketing is no different.

***Tip – Don’t be afraid to display your personality within the resource box.  Being funny and quirky has always worked well for me and I’ve surprised myself quite a few times when I’ve gone completely off the wall and thought “people aren’t going to take me seriously” and then the article ended up getting a pleasing amount of clicks to my offer.  Be fearless and unique and you’ll be rewarded.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “what do I put in the resource box?” or “how do I know if my call to action is good enough?”  It’s important to include information about yourself within the resource box because you want to be known as a professional or expert within your niche.  List any relevant credentials you may have as well as where you’re from and your professional status.  To put it simply, your call to action should do nothing more than tell the reader what to do next.  Below is an example of a resource box I might use:

“Elijah Vieau is an accomplished Music Producer and Composer from Toronto, Canada.  He is the founder of Basement Theory Productions, where he provides development and consulting services to independent recording artists across the globe.

Head on over to to hear a free sample of his latest groundbreaking album.

Also, quickly visit to download his free report “Music Marketing On Crack” that shows you how to market and sell albums online using the viral power of social networking.”

***Tip – When it comes to your call to action please try and avoid the “if you would like more information on this topic please feel free to visit” method.  This is article suicide.  It does not sound confident or convicting.  To me this type of call to action sounds like it belongs in a pamphlet giving information on the Ryan Phelps Foundation for Android Swimmers.

But Elijah, which article directories are the best to use?

I hate to say it, but “the best” is completely subjective.  All I can tell you is that there are 3-5 top directories which most successful internet marketers use because of their page rank and traffic, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find success with a smaller more targeted article directory.  If you want to scope out this route just type into Goolge Your Niche+Article Directory and you will find results for smaller niche directories that you can add to your submission list.  Below I have listed my personal top 7 list of high traffic article directories that I currently use – in no particular order:


I also found a great resource listing the top 50 article directories by traffic/page rank here.  It was last updated on August 17th, 2008.

Originally I had planned to cover Article Distribution and Monetization Methods in one post, but it seems there was so much content that I will have to add a part 4 to my Traffic Techniques Series – so in my next post/video I will discuss the various ways you can monetize your traffic from the article directories to maximize your efforts and hopefully build your list and put some money in the good ‘ol Paypal account.