9 Ways To Pimp Private Label Rights Products

Private Label Rights PimpingI know you love the title – and you can thank me for the smile later.  I’ve recently made connects with a super-innovative blogger over at ImWithJoe.com, and while reading through his posts I stumbled upon a great video he did describing private label rights and resale rights with some unique, but effective examples.  You can check out his post and video here.  While we’re on the topic, I want to introduce the newer bloggers and affiliates to private label rights products and how you can use them for article marketing, e-courses and various other content driven applications within your online ventures.

What Are Private Label Rights?

To put it plainly, PLR or Private Label Rights products are nothing more than e-books, articles and reports that you can purchase, manipulate, brand and use as your own.  There are individuals who make a decent living authoring e-books and reports for licensing to other webmasters and Internet marketers – as well as licensing the right to sell those exact same rights to someone else, which is known as Master Resale Rights.  I know it might sound confusing, so let me give you the definition of Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights from our good friends at InternetMarketingDefinitions.com:

Private Label Rights – Content, particularly articles, written by a 3rd party and made available for several purchasers to buy and use.  These articles can then be used as-is or edited as the purchaser desires – within the guidelines of the PLR company. Guidelines will differ with each company.

Master Resale Rights – If you have a product with “Master resale rights” this means you can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. You cannot alter it in any way but it’s yours to sell as is.

How Can I Use PLR Products To Make Money Online?

  1. Create a report to attract new readers to your newsletter – You can compile a report using a single, or several rewritten Private Label Rights products and give it away to entice new readers to your websites newsletter.
  2. Use the PLR content to create a squeeze page to build your list – Rewrite portions of several related PLR products to generate a free report and content for a squeeze page in order to acquire email addresses and build your list.
  3. Create an autoresponder email course – Again, editing Private Label Rights products and using the content to provide a free “how-to” course which you will feed to the list you compiled from your squeeze page.  Are you starting to see how these methods are becoming intertwined?
  4. Create and sell an e-book – For this method I would suggest combining the rewritten PLR content with your own to strengthen your e-book, but to also ensure your e-book remains unique and up to date.  If you’re simply rewriting a PLR e-book you purchased and then selling it, think again, because your e-book will essentially be the same as the orginal regarding the content it contains – therefor providing little value.
  5. Rewrite the PLR content and submit it to article directories – This is a great way to get links and hopefully boost your page rank.  Edit PLR content and split it up into keyword focused articles that you will submit to high traffic article directories – putting your domain of choice (blog, niche site, or squeeze page) in the resource box to funnel that traffic and hopefully make some sales.  This method is one of my favorites.
  6. Use the content for niche marketing – Whether you have niche sites like Build A Niche Store or Squidoo lenses, PLR content is great for adding content to these type of affiliate sites.  Since most PLR products are niche focused anyways, this is a great way to get keyword focused traffic and start to earn revenue via mediums like Adsense and CPA affiliate offers.
  7. Use the content for your blog – Instead of doing 5 posts a week from scratch, do three posts and edit some PLR content for the other two.  As long as you remain focused on your particular niche, you will be providing your readers with great value.  Imagine spending a weekend editing an entire PLR product and breaking it up into a series of posts on your blog – this means more time generating affiliate income and forming joint venture projects.
  8. Apply keyword research to your PLR content – Editing your purchased content is one thing, but doing some keyword research using a tool like Wordtracker to find low competition/high demand key phrases will ensure you have prime positioning in Google’s search results – which means more organic traffic.
  9. Use PLR products to populate satellite blogs – If you’ve never heard the term satellite blogging, it’s basically having a ring of blogs all pointing back to your main blog, within various niches.  This is a great time to utilize the content within Private Label Rights products.  Edit the content and set a schedule for updating your outer blogs, which will keep Goolge happy, and in turn get those smaller blogs indexed quicker so they can start funneling traffic to your main site.

A Word Of Caution

While there are several high quality Private Label Rights portals and membership sites, make sure the content of the product is informative, and more importantly, up to date.  There are so many dated sales pages and membership sites floating around the inter-web that you want to make sure if you are purchasing the license to use someone elses content for your websites – that the content is up to date and current.  Another tip – it’s always good to use products that have a limited release, so you know the content you are using is only in the hands of a selected few.

Here are a few PLR sites you might want to consider:








9 thoughts on “9 Ways To Pimp Private Label Rights Products”

  1. I have to admit, I have cheated too and used PLR in the past. I know many bloggers who use PLR now. I did an email cource with some PLR contest I had. It worked perfect for what I needed it for.

    I will have to check out those links you have, as they are different from the companies I have used in the past.

    The only word of caution I have for anyone that is thinking about using PLR content is to make sure you re-work it! I have saw many bloggers slap up PLR content exactly how it comes! I only know that is what it is, becuase I have saw the same content on 10 other blogs.

    Work At Home Mom Taras last blog post..Social Networks..How many are necessary?

  2. Good stuff man! Glad you liked that post, and I agree, it’s a very good situation to get into. As long as you know how to use the stuff properly, plr and master resale stuff is great! You forgot one site bro 🙂 If I may…. http://imonabudget.com lol

    Check it out, mixture of PLR and Master Resale Stuff monthly….

    See what you think.

    Your outline is good though, about how to properly pimp the plr man, too many think you can just throw it up the same way, but when others have the same stuff, you gotta make it different a lil bit….at least that’s how I see it!

    Normal Joes last blog post..IMwithJoe.com Weekly Updates and Such

  3. @Tara – Exactly. It is vital that you rewrite and edit your PLR products (I have one of those words used at least once in each of the 9 points!) If you’d like to share some of the companies you’ve used, please let me know and I’ll update the list with your credit…

  4. @Joe – My spam assassins stopped your post from coming through, I was like “Yo, ease up off Joe. That’s my man right there”

    Great link (and even greater site matrix) who’s site is that? I like the format, gave me a ton of ideas as I’ve been digging through some cheap membership site concepts for the last month or so.

  5. Two point to add to Tara’s comment about re-writing PLR. 1. If you’re trying to rank at all, you’ll need to re-write it to avoid duplicate penalties, and 2. Most PLR is written very plainly specifically so that the purchaser can mold it to fit their image.

    I’ve used a bit of PLR, but mostly I just know a lot of freelancers who also write PLR. Good post on its uses!

    WordVixens last blog post..Wearing Myself Straight Out

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