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Thanks for stopping by!  We are The At Home Couple; Elijah and Veronica.  We are married with a beautiful baby girl, and we’re from Toronto, Canada.

Don’t get us confused with our biblical namesakes, we’re your typical couple; ambitious, confident, busy and at times struggling. It seems like everyone we know is in the same boat, or one that looks just like it. The difference is that we’ve always been determined to make it to shore.

We have been a couple for over 10 years – and making a full-time living working online for 7 of them. And while that sounds great, it’s important to know where we came from…

After we both graduated from college, we realized that the real world is definitely not as appealing as it once was – in and out of jobs, constant struggle to pay the bills, and the monotonous cycle of the forty hour work week. Add to the mix the normal ups and downs of a relationship (not only with each other, but everyone around us) and what you end up with is two exhausted people looking for an alternative way of living.

That was us and it was the recipe for success (and multiple disasters).

We’ve never been the type of people to ask for much, so our goals have never been too complicated. We want to open the eyes of our peers, and those coming up behind us, to the fact that it is not necessary to work for 35 years for a shitty pension and a cheap gold watch.

It’s pretty simple.

We want you to know that it’s not necessary to sacrifice your true passions and desires for a mundane existence – think Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

Life should be about living and we are determined to help you make that happen.

Come hop in our boat . . . It may not be a smooth ride, but there are plenty of paddles!

18 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. yeah dude! This is so awesome…what’s funny is…we have a lot of similarities. I’m an IT guy by “job” network engineer but still….same field. I’m also a music chef….maybe not on your level but I get down a lil bit 🙂

    I’m definitely glad I met you and your site…what you guys have going is awesome and I look forward to growing TOGETHER

    see ya…

    Normal Joes last blog post..24 Hour Site Flipping Contest. Crackhead Style.

  2. I think I know you… Seriously, can I copy and paste your “About Us” section please? You sound exactly like me!

    This is so inspiring to read and a confirmation that what I’ve decided to do is the right thing. I actually quit my well-paid 60-hour a week job to start my own business with my brother. Gave up my apartment to move back in with the parents temporarily to save money, as we are moving to Canada this summer anyway. Lots of sacrifices for the vision of greater freedom in terms of time and geography.

    “…it is not necessary to work for 35 years for a shitty pension and a cheap gold watch..” – I couldn’t agree more. At the age of 25 I was already longing for retirement before deciding that this is not a great state of mind to be in for another 40 years.

    Seriously guys, all the best and please please keep posting updates. You’ve got me hooked 🙂

  3. @Jen – That is so exciting to hear! It really makes me feel like people are starting to wake up in this world when I hear stories like yours.

    Here’s the way I’ve always looked at it… Nobody successful i.e. Donald Trump, Bill Gates.. got successful by working for someone else. They became successful because they took risks, and leaps, and made thousands of mistakes.

    I think the problem with the majority of the civilized world is that peoples concepts of success seem to vary. While we think of it as being self sustainable and financially independent – others deem success to be a good paying job, with steady hours and a pension.

    Suckers! lol.

  4. hey guys! wow this is so true. hard work definately pays off…you aint gona get rich sittin on ur azz and you aint definately gona get rich working 4 someone. the internet is the best way to promote urself and ideas…the trick is to work hard like you blue..sell sum web sites or do what you must to make that capital cause once you have that…huh!..well lets just say ur in a whole new world. thats right! money makes money and im talking investments, capital gains…like juice in the veins.

    great work guys!

  5. Eazzzzy Eli, glad to see shit is on and poppin’ for ya! I guess that’s why your ass can’t return phone calls because you are busy cashin’ checks! Hit me up dude, on the real……would love to hear more about this business venture……..peace, J.

  6. @Soundquest – Yeah dude, I got your message, but didn’t take down your number, you’re going to have to buzz me back again! During the daytime is the best time.

  7. Elijah and Veronica,

    I am so down with your plan! Tammy Quitter and I recently picked up a couple of our own paddles…so we’re right there rowing with you guys! I look forward to sharing the ride with you and following your adventure!


  8. I have been working with my husband for nearly 20 years..thank goodness not totally working from the home! My home is where we recapture the romance and fun. I look forward to following along on your adventures, and hope you will follow along on mine also.

  9. This is so refreshing to see, I am 21 and currently work completely from home with my sister, we drop ship and are also resellers and are currently working with labs in Chicago to develop new products for our company! It’s good to see that not everyone want to work the common 9-5 ! Good for you =) it’s good to start early if you’re to build an empire =)

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