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Remember When “Bum Marketing” Was Cool?

I’m sitting on the couch, surfing through webmaster tools and noticed that one of my reeeeaaaallly old school blog posts is ranking for something…

9 Things You Need To Be Successful At Bum Marketing

Remember when bum marketing was cool????? 

Now those of you who were in the affiliate marketing trenches back in 2007-08 (my first ever blog post) know exactly what I’m talking about! The concept of bum marketing was essentially making money online using nothing but free tools, services and resources. And like so many techniques and ebook-packaged systems, it peaked then fizzled away into yesterdays method.

It got me thinking about how much the Internet has changed in the last 5 years, and more importantly, how many hours I’ve spent obsessing over this idea that I can master its web.

What’s different?

Right now, it’s words like social media strategy and conversion optimization that are consuming every waking hour of my day. Though I’m still on the same adventure, the stakes are a lot higher in 2012. Competition is fierce and Google is getting smarter by the week it seems.

Being a blogger at heart, social media has always been a part of my lifestyle. The first time I used instant messaging (ICQ) was in 1997 at a friends house, who was also the guitarist in my very first band. Consequentially, that night was also my first time getting drunk – funny how that works.

I was instantly hooked (to the web).

What is your earliest memory of the web? 

I’d love to hear it about it!

Oh – and if it involves hookers in Thailand or midget IT guy who charged you five bucks to “surf the web” in a shed behind his uncles restaurant, I promise I wont laugh.

Spill it,