Dusty Chair

Late Night Ramblings From a Dusty Chair

Dusty ChairI’m so happy that January is over. 

It’s always been one of those months where I sit around and wait for something to go bad – and it usually does (funny how that works).

December is full of hope, wishful thinking and forgiveness. January is full of self doubt, maniacal inner dialogue and the constant drone of late night Justin.tv reruns.

Freelancing the stone.

I’ve been picking up on the freelance work after a long hiatus. Is it because I need the money? Always. Is it because I miss being able to pick and choose the websites I work on? For sure. Is it because I miss pretending to be a web designer? Fuck yes.

I just finished a website for my good friend and DJ – PunjaycaN – as well as started developing a sleek eCommerce site for a custom men’s wear start up.

It’s great that I get salary (plus perks) working at a big league web agency, but I can only go so long before I get that itch to dip back into the freelance trenches for a quick bite to eat.

I’ve always had a romanticized relationship with freelancing and the freelance lifestyle 🙂

Keeping up with the web.

The web is on fire. Megaupload has been down for weeks and Facebook is going public. A huge portion of my job is keeping up to date and well read on key industry shifts.

But man, it’s been hard keeping up in the first month of 2012!

I can only imagine the speed of information 5 years from now. Pretty soon we’ll need to have RSS feeds zapped wirelessly to a chip in our brains.

Watch out for cranial invaders.