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blog nakedWhen is the last time you looked at the reflection of your computer monitor and asked yourself, “is my blogging game tight?”  If you’re a fashion victim and wear $97 socks while blogging than success will surely come your way.  On the flip side, if you are not in any financial position to be wearing platinum encrusted foot gear, what steps can you take to tighten your money making game while feeling good about yourself at the same time?  Try blogging naked! If you still have a day job and do most of your blogging while at the office, don’t go ripping off your clothes and chanting “Yes We Can!” while documenting the entire event live on – I really don’t see that going well with your superiors or the psychiatric departments of your countries government.

I know what you are thinking, and I will answer the question for you: yes, I have blogged naked.  Now for all you perverts in the blogsphere I don’t blog naked ALL the time – so kindly remove that thought and stop rubbing your nipples.  I was talking to a couple of my Bloggerhood brothers and sisters on Skype over the weekend, and some how mentioned that I should probably put on some clothes.  This obviously spawned some laughing, disbelief and questions especially from my sushi-slangin socialholic, and human pineapple – BrilliantJeni.  Let me elaborate on this a little more…

On occasion I have blogged in my birthday suit and it usually occurs by circumstance, sometimes by choice, for example:  It’s night time and I am in bed watching television while Veronica is sleeping.  Suddenly I will get a crazy idea and have no choice but to get out of bed and hit the lap top in the living room.  On my way to the living room I realize that we had West Indian food for dinner, and I have an overdue appointment with the toilet.  Considering I sleep in boxers, it’s not uncommon that I leave the bathroom with my boxers still on the floor – especially when the weather is cooling down and our apartment is 100 degrees Fahrenheit because of our over-eager 1930’s water radiator heating system.  This seems to be a habit I’ve developed over the years.

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable with their booty hanging out, and fortunately for myself I am – unfortunate for others because I was that guy in my late teens that would get drunk at parties, strip down, and start chasing girls around the pool pulling at their bathing suits and throwing them in with their drinks and all.  I’m sure that point in my life has something to do with it, and Veronica already knows these stories so if you were thinking of ratting me out – I appreciate the thought.

Anyways, here’s what I want to pose to all of our wonderful readers:  I want all of you to try blogging naked – and I don’t necessarily mean with no clothes on.  I want you guys to strip down your inhibitions, write about whatever is on your mind, talk however you want to talk without a concern for what people will think about you.  Blogging is the closest thing to absolute freedom that you will ever find.  There are no censors, no rules (for the most part) and very few forces to intimidate you or make you feel segregated.  If you’re cool with taking my challenge literally and stripping off your clown suit and makeup for a few hours while you blog – go for it!  For those of you who have big families with children, and friends of children that frequent your home be weary when deciding to do this.  We don’t anybody going to jail!

Image Tiffany coming home from high school with a couple of her girlfriends to study, and they walk in the front door only to realize that Mr. Jones is completely naked, minus the hair that blankets his back and the lap top on his… well… lap.  “Hi girls, Mrs. Jones left some brownies in the kitchen for you, and I think there might be some leftover hot dogs in the microwave from last night.  If you’re going to the mall later and need a ride, just give me a tap on the shoulder when you’re ready to go!”  Poor Tiffany.



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  1. Dude, that was classic. My favorite line was, “stop rubbing your nipples.” LOL! You had me cracking up.

    Seriously, this is a great title, but good content. I really like the challenge to blog naked by dropping your inhibitions. Well put!

    Often in the blogging world and life, we get caught up thinking too much about what others are thinking about us and our pursuits. When the time should be focused on making what ever pursuits you have out to share with the world.

    I have never blog naked in the good sense, but like to think that my thoughts are out in the open. In fact, it is my aim to open my business up completely to my Blog Family, share what I know, and get their input on various projects to move them forward in a better way. We will see how this experiment turns out.

    And maybe we will have a naked blog day in the blogosphere!

    Thank you, Mr. President of the Blogosphere!

    Hood Life Fool!

    Freddies last blog post..Goal Setting Sunday: Week 10

  2. @Mark – You know you love it, and were fully aware of what could possibly lay ahead when you saw the title of the post and actually clicked through to read it! Don’t deny it Mark!

    @Freddie – That picture is awesome, I found it on Flickr and it was perfect. To be honest I was looking for some eye candy hot girl doing some provocative stuff with a lap top, but I found this picture and I couldn’t resist!

    Dude, you really elaborated well on what I was trying to go for here. We should totally have a Naked Blog Day! that’s a great idea.

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

  3. I won’t do it, because we chat on Skype and by other means way too often. I do NOT want to be chatting with you while we’re both naked.

    Jeni had a good point on the Skype Hoodie chat….what if your finger slips and you hit the live video icon? Keep a close eye on that when you’re chatting with me ok, buddy? lol Protect me from that!

    As for the post, I’m at a loss for words again man. Too busy laughing.


    SuiteJs last blog post..5 Reasons Why Flipping New Sites Is Better Than Keeping Them

  4. @Alison – Metaphorically speaking… of course!

    @SuiteJ – If we were both naked, that would just be weird for sure! But I’m sure there would be a way to monetize that without us having to see each others grape nuts. Finger slips are for amateurs.

    @Ben – That would be a great domain name! Nipple rubbing optional.

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

  5. lol……oh man only you could write about naked blogging……the real question though, is after the toilet appointment, do you hit craigslist up and post an ad selling off the boxers?
    and what would you charge for shipping to the UK? 🙂

    Underdogbloggers last blog post..Write right

  6. @WordVixen – People should not fear their webcams.. webcams should fear their people.

    @Yan – I’m glad I could make your day without you having to rub your nipples! You’re pretty open as a blogger anyways Yan, so I could safely say that you already blog naked!

    @Underdogblogger – HAHA!! Wouldn’t that be something. Talk about monetizing a stepped on opportunity. Are you planning to auction off my boxers?

    @Dan – Take a look at the old dude in the picture, laying out a towel is where the party is at bro!

    @Neal – lol, You surprise me man! I was expecting you to have some drunken “lost my pants, and some girl tripped and landed on my lap” naked blogging story for me. I used to blog after hitting up the pub quite often…

    @JeffLeft – I’ve always liked the way you write man, I’m pretty sure you already blog “naked” I guess how naked is the question right?

    @Ian – You know what man, I dare you to try it, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. If you can sit there with your ass hanging out and be comfortable about it, watch how much easier it is to write what you truly feel!

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

  7. lol….yeah I’m thinking sitepoint is crying out for a boxer shorts auction. I’ve already got the ad copy…..”I ain’t shittin’ you; one time only special offer – online marketing guru in the making’s used boxers. Get them while they’re hot! get them before Elijah is a guru ’cause you know by then the price on these babies will go up”

    Underdogbloggers last blog post..Who do you have to insult to get a little traffic around here?

  8. Very interesting article. I’ve never done it before, but I will definitely consider disrobing for my next post. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire me (lol). I love this site! Its actually really similar (minus the internet marketing focus) to the blog I share with my partner. We operate a site called Bizzyness for couples in business together or considering it. Be sure to check us out. Until next time!

    Akubas last blog post..Our first business plan!

  9. @Underdogblogger – Oh man!! I’m sure there’s a market for that in China somewhere – the last time I heard, they have vending machines that dispense soiled panties. wtf? lol.

    @TheMoneyac – It does not come to me by surprise that you’ve blogged naked. I figured you to be the unconventional type!

    @Akuba – Welcome to our humble domain! Please, disrobe at will! I’m going to check out your blog for sure – sounds like you guys have got something great going on over there!

    @Dennis – C’mon now, what kind of guy do you take me for?!? lol. It’s not wrong to be thankful.

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

  10. Yes! I was mentioned in Elijah’s “Naked Blogging” post- I have arrived!

    Seriously, very funny post and still not sure I can look you in the “skype” for a while knowing you might be going commando. I mean, what happens if your mouse accidentally slips and hits the video button? Well, Jarret and SuiteJ might get a kick out of that, but I’m a shy girl!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    BrilliantJENI Pineapples last blog post..Underdogblog Charity Challenge

  11. Elijah,
    now that’s tops, like the other comments above, my partner came down to my office to see what all the noise was. When I showed her your post we were both laughing so much we were in tears.
    Next she demanded me to strip, you have started a cult here I think my friend.

    Pauls last blog post..Analyzing Website Traffic

  12. @BrilliantJeni – You have arrived indeed my dear! I’m not naked nearly half as much as you pervs would like to imagine – but I’m flattered that my mentioning so has either stimulated libidos or bowels in the blogosphere. You, shy? Not buying it…

    @Tara – Hey hey, haven’t seen you around here in a while! Half way there is great – I’m sure you just sparked some sort of sexual tension for the dudes on this comment thread, lol. To be honest, a lot of times when I am wearing next to nothing is those moments when crawling out of bed is necessary to preserve a moment of genius.

    @Paul – That’s great, and thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy making people crack a smile, and to be honest, I often laugh intensely at my own posts when I read back through the archives – the train of thought is usually “what the fuck was I thinking?”

    She demanded you to strip!?! That just made my day!

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

  13. I am actually naked right now. My laptop is on the night stand and I use it frequently while I’m in bed. I think it’s very liberating to blog, cook or do anything naked. I’d never join one of those communities but when I come home the clothes come off and I do just about everything in the nude.

    Paunchinesss last blog post..Vitamin C and Weight Loss

  14. LOL – What a post! Mea Culpa too.

    As a matter of fact, in the close but no cigar category, I just wrote a post about “How to Make Money In Your Shorts Using The Yellow Pages.” It is at

    Funny thing how many of my weird friends are on this blog also. \ LOL /

    Rich Hill

  15. @Eric Tan – Relaxing indeed!

    @Michael Henry – The towel is classic man, it’s the main reason why I used that pic – and that the dude is balding!

    @TheMoneyac – Adam was the mastermind behind choking the bishop! I don’t even want to know what that guy does to come up with shit like that.

    @NormalJoe – being the visual listener that you are, I’m not sure how you’ve lasted this long reading my blog without calling the cops convinced that I have children locked up in my basement.

    @Paunchiness – Welcome! that’s awesome and I take my hat off to you having the “balls” to openly express that on our blog. Good for you man!

    @Dennis – yowsers.. throwing sauces into the mix now..

    @Rich Hill – Thanks for stopping by dude, that’s a great post title you have and I will definitely check it out. A lot of people seem to find their weird friends on here.. it’s becoming quite normal!

  16. @Savla – Thanks for stopping by and I agree, how well can you really know your home until you’ve gotten naked a started break dancing in your living room?

    @Rich Hill – You da man Rich! I really appreciate the love.

    Elijahs last blog post..Free Yourself: Blog Naked

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