Free Yourself: Blog Naked

blog nakedWhen is the last time you looked at the reflection of your computer monitor and asked yourself, “is my blogging game tight?”  If you’re a fashion victim and wear $97 socks while blogging than success will surely come your way.  On the flip side, if you are not in any financial position to be wearing platinum encrusted foot gear, what steps can you take to tighten your money making game while feeling good about yourself at the same time?  Try blogging naked! If you still have a day job and do most of your blogging while at the office, don’t go ripping off your clothes and chanting “Yes We Can!” while documenting the entire event live on – I really don’t see that going well with your superiors or the psychiatric departments of your countries government.

I know what you are thinking, and I will answer the question for you: yes, I have blogged naked.  Now for all you perverts in the blogsphere I don’t blog naked ALL the time – so kindly remove that thought and stop rubbing your nipples.  I was talking to a couple of my Bloggerhood brothers and sisters on Skype over the weekend, and some how mentioned that I should probably put on some clothes.  This obviously spawned some laughing, disbelief and questions especially from my sushi-slangin socialholic, and human pineapple – BrilliantJeni.  Let me elaborate on this a little more…

On occasion I have blogged in my birthday suit and it usually occurs by circumstance, sometimes by choice, for example:  It’s night time and I am in bed watching television while Veronica is sleeping.  Suddenly I will get a crazy idea and have no choice but to get out of bed and hit the lap top in the living room.  On my way to the living room I realize that we had West Indian food for dinner, and I have an overdue appointment with the toilet.  Considering I sleep in boxers, it’s not uncommon that I leave the bathroom with my boxers still on the floor – especially when the weather is cooling down and our apartment is 100 degrees Fahrenheit because of our over-eager 1930’s water radiator heating system.  This seems to be a habit I’ve developed over the years.

I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable with their booty hanging out, and fortunately for myself I am – unfortunate for others because I was that guy in my late teens that would get drunk at parties, strip down, and start chasing girls around the pool pulling at their bathing suits and throwing them in with their drinks and all.  I’m sure that point in my life has something to do with it, and Veronica already knows these stories so if you were thinking of ratting me out – I appreciate the thought.

Anyways, here’s what I want to pose to all of our wonderful readers:  I want all of you to try blogging naked – and I don’t necessarily mean with no clothes on.  I want you guys to strip down your inhibitions, write about whatever is on your mind, talk however you want to talk without a concern for what people will think about you.  Blogging is the closest thing to absolute freedom that you will ever find.  There are no censors, no rules (for the most part) and very few forces to intimidate you or make you feel segregated.  If you’re cool with taking my challenge literally and stripping off your clown suit and makeup for a few hours while you blog – go for it!  For those of you who have big families with children, and friends of children that frequent your home be weary when deciding to do this.  We don’t anybody going to jail!

Image Tiffany coming home from high school with a couple of her girlfriends to study, and they walk in the front door only to realize that Mr. Jones is completely naked, minus the hair that blankets his back and the lap top on his… well… lap.  “Hi girls, Mrs. Jones left some brownies in the kitchen for you, and I think there might be some leftover hot dogs in the microwave from last night.  If you’re going to the mall later and need a ride, just give me a tap on the shoulder when you’re ready to go!”  Poor Tiffany.