Elijah Sings The Blues

A short post here to end off a pretty crazy, but productive week.  I really don’t feel like talking about Internet Marketing or the newest micro-blogging network, but I did wake up today feeling music in the air – which is a feeling I’m beginning to miss.  I decided that I would do something completely out of the ordinary for this type of site/community and play a song for you guys.

The track is called “Enough” and I wrote it 3 or 4 years ago.  I’ve also included, for you music heads out there, the mp3 download of the track – which is mixed and mastered with drums and all (by myself of course).  I really hope you guys enjoy it as it’s one of my favorite songs.

Download “Enough”

Have a great weekend, and feel free to distribute the download to whomever you’d like.



8 thoughts on “Elijah Sings The Blues”

  1. Great job man! You’re a talented mofo…you need to let these guys in on your new hip hop tracks too! 🙂

    Was that a sample of a “Mack truck leaving” at the beginning, or was that “real”. It was almost perfect time, leading into the vocal. lol

    SuiteJs last blog post..Why Website Flipping Is Too Easy

  2. I like that song, Elijah. You got some skills. How long have you been playing and are you in a band?

    Stop neglecting your passion. You know your IM drive is going to support your passion for music, but the music has to be ready when the opportunity to step to forefront presents itself.

    Freddies last blog post..Monday’s Motivational Moment: Today

  3. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah man! I’m lovin it! I’ve been neglectin my music so much man. I don’t sing, or play, I’m just a producer…but still…I miss bangin on that mpc man! You know?

    This IM stuff will definitely allow me to get more toys, and such, having more time I can spend with the family, on my OWN biz, and playing some music.

    I’m gonna have to get you to record some of them guitar riffs so I can chop em up!

    Normal Joes last blog post..Do You Hate Your Boss?

  4. @ Freddie – Thanks man. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years, and I play a few other instruments as well. I’m not in a band because I mostly produce and record other artists, develop them, and create albums with and for them. The main reason IM appealed to me was so I could have more time for my music. working 60 hours a week didn’t cut it.

    @ Joe – To have a balance between IM, family, and music with time to spare would be bliss man. I’m sure we have several goals that are identical. Don’t let too much dust collect up on the MPC man – my ASR is looking gritty, I gotta give it some love!

    Elijahs last blog post..Building Your Team Of Criminal Masterminds

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