Building Your Team Of Criminal Masterminds

building your team of criminal mastermindsThere are two types of people in any work industry, whether it be online or in a cubicle:  Those who work better alone, and those who work better as part of a team, and when it comes to blogging there’s really no choice for the earlier option – providing you want to be successful.  Building a team of collaborators and joint venture partners is vital to the systematic survival of your brand and motion within the blogosphere.  You need people to bounce ideas off of.  You need a people to fill your weak spots and promote growth.  You need to become part of something much bigger that your little blog.

Little blog?

Yes, little blog.  I don’t care if you’re John Chow or Shoe-frickin-money, on the greater scale of all things Internet, we’re the equivalent to a gnat on a donkey’s ass.  Pay very close attention to what I’m about to say:  You cannot be alone in this vast domain.

I’ve read countless ebooks, hard and soft covers, journals, reports and manifestos in my year or so pursuing business online, and teamwork is the one element that 99% of them forget to include in their “Top 37 ways to make money online” or “secret formulas” and frankly I think it’s all a load of bullshit.  If you remember my post on how the rich stay rich and why there will always be that divider between the top dogs and everyone else, it is their network that keeps them all on top.  Everyone has a role to play in order to keep that network tightly knit and circulating.  The bigger the network is, the stronger it becomes and the more influence it will have.

Let’s go back to the donkey’s ass for a second…

Imagine that across the donkey’s entire body there are one million gnats spread out individually, and in small groups.  You could stand two feet from that donkey and not see a single one of them.  You might even go right up to this ass with a magnifying glass and be lucky if you notice one or two of these little buggers minding their business.  Now let’s imagine that a movement was spawned, and the gnats realized that the only way for them to be noticed was if they huddled closely together in large groups while screaming as loud as possible.  What do you think would happen? I can imagine three possible reactions:

  • You would begin to think “what are those screaming dark spots on my donkey?”
  • Word would spread and the gnats would join forces to form even bigger groups.
  • Gnats on other donkey’s would notice as they pass, and incorporate this concept to continue the cycle.

I don’t know what just happened, but it made sense five minutes ago.

Even though Veronica doesn’t post on here, or isn’t as visible as I am online, she is part of my team.  Every post I publish and idea I stumble upon is filtered through her first.  I also have been building a team of other ninja marketers whom I communicate with on a daily basis.  We have a brainstorm forum that provides a common place for support, resources and creative development.  All of these factors will greatly affect my success as an online businessman, and in turn the people around me because this cycle is self sustaining.

Take a moment to think of the people around you whom you admire and the blogs you are inspired by, as these are usually the prime candidates for future joint ventures and diving partners off the coast of Costa Rica.  Find people who share a similar status and take that chance because you never know who else was thinking the same thing that you were.

The number one way to make money online is by building a team.  Period.



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  1. It’s cool to see that you’ve taken a deeper look at what happens on the big scheme of things. There’s individuals acting alone, yes, but watch what happens when an individual has something new to offer.

    Do you think 24 of the other top guys come out of the woodwork to support him ONLY because they “love his work”? Nope! It’s because “reciprocal back scratching” is how gnats get themselves off the donkey’s ass and onto a plush, purebred Stallion.


    SuiteJs last blog post..Using Google Analytics To Find Hidden Gems In Keywords

  2. It’s true man, and the thing that really chaps my ass is you hop into the forums and other communities and I really don’t think the majority of people even consider this concept. Meanwhile we’re over here not trying to loose sleep over so and so’s launch because we know how very little importance it has to our own ventures… If I don’t know the guy personally, then I aint too concerned!

  3. Excellent post! And you’re right. I’ve noticed that when I tweet about a lens idea for Squidoo, the ones that prompt responses are the lenses that perform the best (not to mention some of those responses are offers to promote said lens when it’s finished). Since many of my tweeps are marketers, seo consultants, and freelancers, their opinions are particularly valuable.

    I’ve often wondered how the big boys managed to hook up. They all seem to have started on their own, and began networking as they climbed/built the ladder. Their network is crucial to their continued growth, but how did they form it?

    Chaps+Ass+Donkey= So Wrong

    WordVixens last blog post..Can A Little Guy Use Contests To Boost Visibility?

  4. Elijah,

    Great post, in the mean time so true, and also – so sad, when people think they just can do all of the things by them selves. Well you can climb up the ladder alone, but it’s gonna be a lot harder, time consuming than you would if you would communicate with others.

    TheMoneyacs last blog post..Sad experience – Facebook ads

  5. @ WordVixen – I believe most of the big boys hooked up when they weren’t so big, kinda like all of us. Either that or a super affiliate earned a crazy amount of cash for a guru, and the guru let him/her into the circle. All I know is us small folks have to stick together.

    @ ClogMoney – I hope properly random translates as informative, yet entertaining. It really is questionable which of the two, teamwork and networking, really pulls the weight at the end of the day. Somehow I believe it’s a combination of the two.

    @ TheMoneyac – Good point. Climbing ladders alone really isn’t much fun!

  6. Looks like I need to get my ass into gear and start commenting more, losing out to Joe and Jay for top commentator with WordVixen hot on my tail 😉

    Great post though, having a team can really make a difference especially when it comes to having your team members help you promote something of yours. As long as you are willing to scratch their back when they scratch yours.

    A lot of the guru’s nowadays did start small just like us and eventually grew into what they are now. It is how everything works out really, gotta start small and weak and grow ourselves in fully sustaining machines.

    Jarrets last blog post..Changing The Default WordPress Excerpt Length

  7. Good post Elijah. I think more and more, people will become aware of the importance of forming online networks to support each other….it is kind of the unspoken hero of mmo as you point out. now you wouldn’t be comparing today’s A listers to a bunch of gnats on an ass would you? lol

    Underdogbloggers last blog post..Elephant

  8. This is particularly true in the field of blogging field, where social media marketing is quite important.

    I’ve been trying to crack the DIGG code for some time now, and it all boils down to my digg friends and blogger friends. I’ve had an account on Digg for over a year, but didn’t really start using it regularly till a few months ago. And the friends i have on their, are not really my friends. Meaning i don’t communicate with them on any kind of a regular basis, if at all.

    So this is never going to allow me to break the Digg code, so to speak. You need the (right kind of friends) for that. And enough of them.

    Good post. And true that.

    Missys last blog Up For Sale, Starting Bid $100,000

  9. @ Jarret – you da man big guy!

    @ Underdogblogger – Well that depends on the incentive to do so! The unspoken hero indeed.

    @ Missy – you make a great point with Digg, or any “voting” structured networks.. It really does boil down to the right “kind” of friends more so than the “number” of friends you have.. Because the right kind of friends ideally will the networks for you..

    Elijahs last blog post..Friday Night Smack Talk – Special Guest

  10. Hahahahaha, dude you’re the freakin man! No doubt about it, this whole post is so freakin dope! It’s hilarious yet on point! Ahhh man, how did I ever get hooked up with you dudes man. I’m glad Veronica let’s you post this crazy stuff man.

    It’s so true, I think friends/networking are so important, probably one of the most important things that ensure success. Ahhh dude lol, I love it.

    I promise, everything I read, shows the power of having a network. Joel Comm’s book (did you get it yet lol) told the story of so many marketers, but yet you see they all had some other folks involved.

    Sure, you have to get out and get you own, put in your own work, but just having people to learn from, share ideas with, or get told “that’s dumb” from helps out man! I’m watchin out for you ninjas man.

    Normal Joes last blog post..Joel Comm’s Click Here To Order Book Exposed

  11. Dude, you are way too funny. Joe nailed it when he said that this is both fricken hilarious and soooo on point.

    You cannot get anywhere in life without a good network of trusted friends. This is true both in a business sense and most certainly applies to blogging/internet enrepreneurship.

    I think there may be an ebook in your amongst your madness.

    ‘The Back Of A Donkeys Ass – Networking For Gnats.’

    Awesome post!!!

    Nota Benes last blog post..Entrecard For Sale

  12. Elijah, that was dope!

    Anyone that can pull off a donkey analogy is alright with me. I am an ex-football player and I believe Teamwork is everything. Together Everyone Achieves More!

    The back of our football T-shirts in highschool was the first place I saw this phrase and haven’t forgetten it since. It is so on point and so important in the realm of Internet Marketing.

    The best thing is having a group of people to bounce ideas off of and talk about the stuff that drives your business to get the motivation and insight you need to take it to the next level.

    Yeah, having those individuals assist in promotion, conversation, and more doesn’t hurt, right?

    Freddies last blog post..Monday’s Motivational Moment: Today

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