Reminder: Your Most Valuable Asset is You

We want youI love when I get inspired by fellow bloggers and random online people during my day-to-day scuffles on the interweb. Those unexpected moments of inspiration, if harnessed and absorbed, will turn into a full tank of optimistic fuel that will CRUSH whatever challenges or goals lay dormant ahead.

Earlier this afternoon I was eating lunch (at my desk) and snapped a quick pic to blast on Facebook. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I looked at the picture I posted up and realized that I’m no longer working at home on the roller coaster of self-employment.  How I managed to snag a job doing what I do – internet marketing and blogging – is beyond me, or at least that’s what I initially felt right then and there.

For you to fully understand where I’m going with this, let me break a few things down…

Last October I wrote a post called How to Keep Your Hustle on Point in 2011, and one thing that’s always stuck out for me is the topic of you being your most valuable asset, personal branding and putting your face “out there”, because you never know WHO is watching you [online].

Now I’m not exactly the type who practices everything I rant about, but I’d like to think that the art of “putting it out there” is in my DNA.

Thinking back, it all kind of makes sense. From quitting my job to learning the necessary skills to advance in the industry, I’ve always positioned myself for who I am rather than what I can do, to get to the next level. Here’s a little timeline:

2003, 2004 – I got accepted into music school without a demo or formal training because I sold them on my dedication and years of self-teaching.

2004, 2006 – I started selling myself and my music and collaborating with artists all over the globe via Myspace without ever releasing an album.

2007, 2008 – I quit my job, started a blog and positioned myself to bloggers and marketers who were already experienced, and in turn taught me what they know.

2009 – I started several web businesses without any credibility and relied on my word and ability to not sleep for 30+ hours to get me by.

2010 – I connected with a local SEO expert on a personal level, who in turn took me under his wing and schooled me on the wonderful world of search marketing.

2011 – I positioned myself and my informal, real world experience to a web agency who gave me an opportunity to do my thing (with salary and perks).

As I read what I’ve just typed, it amazes me that a guy who dropped out of 12th grade twice, drank his way through music school (and graduated) and enjoys talking about midgets and mushrooms has made it this far. I mean, the ride isn’t anywhere close to being over but I think I’d like to stay on for a few more rounds before I get off [the Ferris wheel].

I am my most valuable asset, and guess what… So are you! If you’re not getting ahead or the opportunities don’t seem to be lining up the way you’d like them to, stop trying to get by on what you can do and start showing people who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Know what I mean?

I’m not even sure, but I know I feel better now that I’ve blasted these thoughts onward, into the infoverse.



6 thoughts on “Reminder: Your Most Valuable Asset is You”

  1. That was sweet.

    I dropped out of 12th grade only once, but I also dropped out of University once, so I think that makes us even.

    Post more brotha. 🙂


  2. Thanks Elijah,

    Very inspirational to know there are others out their who are self taught and still going on their merry way, everybody has to start somewhere right? I dropped out of grade 12 (just once), never went to uni but have always studied bits and pieces here and there, can’t see the point in staying in a job earning the same pay week in week out when there are so many opportunities waiting. For now I am playing the photography game, and I have web design to fall back on, both of which I thoroughly enjoy and it means I work for me….I’m not actually making any money yet but I will.

    Your new job sounds great, congratulations. Keep blogging, I enjoy them.


    Colleen 🙂

    You are so right, my number one asset is me.

  3. I dropped out of High School. Dropped out of College. Started numerous businesses too. I recently hooked up with the owner of a company who does SEO work for He’s imparted some of his SEO wisdom on me too recently, and I do hope to get off the farging Ferris wheel soon. Google, the economy and our governor here in California can be very hard on affiliate marketers.

  4. @Colleen – Keep up with your passions indeed. Photography and web design are great creative outlets. And there’s a butt-load of ways to generate income from it. Your kind words are much appreciated 🙂 Agreed, everybody does have to start somewhere, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time… it’s a start!

    @Cheap iPods – Sounds like you and I both shared similar paths! Yeah, California if fucking brutal on internet and affiliate marketers.. I’m sure guys like Frank Kern are constantly being watched strictly because of how much money they are generating online… As George Harrison once wrote, “If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet”…

    Love that tune 🙂 Damn taxman!

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