90 Days in a Nutshell

Over the last 90 days my life has drastically changed in several monumental areas.  Rather than give you the “sorry I haven’t updated the blog” type of post, I’m going to sum up what has happened and where the blog is going in 300 words or less.

In April my father passed away unexpectedly (sort of).  What I mean by ‘sort of’ is that he wasn’t living a very healthy lifestyle for a number of years and battled with some pretty heavy demons for most of his adult life.  He had no will and didn’t leave anything behind (no insurance), so being the oldest of his children, I was left with the responsibility of his death.

Veronica and I are planning to get married next year and it looks like we’ll be having a fatherless wedding – which sucks.  Her dad was defeated by cancer, my dad was defeated by the bottle.

Shortly after my dad’s passing I was hooked up, through a mutual friend, with the managing director/owner of a pretty renowned web agency here in Toronto.  One thing led to another and after a single “sit down” with their department heads, I was made an offer that I would have been stupid to refuse 🙂

“At Home” Elijah is now officially working at a web agency as their lead internet marketing specialist (rated 4th best web development agency in Canada) and I have to say it’s been pretty awesome!

After spending 6 years mastering my online marketing skills and 3 years living the work at home life, I must say that the opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

Things were getting stagnant and I wasn’t feeling challenged enough.  Rather than working with local businesses, I’m now running social media campaigns and doing SEO for companies like Honda and Astral Media.

Just so you know – my web business is not on hold!  I still have my monthly clients and build awesome WordPress websites for small businesses, the only difference is between the hours of 10 to 6 I’m in “agency mode” and between 7 to 12 I’m in “work at home” mode.  More blog posts to come!



P.S.  Correction – in 350 words or less 🙂

7 thoughts on “90 Days in a Nutshell”

  1. Awesome! I view my IM as the path to freedom to pursue my passions, rather than being the passion itself. So, for me, it would have to be a big fat paycheck to make me consider it. But when IM IS your passion? You couldn’t ask for anything better!

    Mucho congrats, E!

    (and many, many hugs to you and V)

  2. Sorry about your fathers passing.

    As for the jobs, congrats, these things come at unexpected times and sometimes everything just falls into place. You know you have the skills to go back to it at home if things don’t work out.

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad’s passing,Elijah. Hope your family has recovered from the loss.

    Great to hear about the new job offer though. I had to make a similar choice late last year between continuing to work on my ‘home’ biz and picking a real job; and while I chose the latter, the fact that I am still in a dotcom business 9-5 means I am not ruing it one bit.

    Congratulations and wish you all the best!

  4. Sorry again about your Dad, bro.

    Stoked for your job though man. Looks like an opportunity that suits you perfectly. 🙂


  5. Thanks guys. As always, I’m smiling after reading the comments. Just to know that a group of people whom I’ve never met (except Jay) are always around to give me a pat on the back when needed… it’s a great feeling 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about you losing your father, man. He is always with you in spirit. Never forget that.

    Congrats on the job! Sounds like one you have been prepping for over the last six years.

    As for your web business, i would say OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your job has given you some additional funds. Trade money for more money and live the good life, my friend!

    Best of luck to you and the lady!

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words brother 🙂 When life gives you lemons, you gotta make that lemonade, right? And then sell it to passerby’s as “the most thirst quenching liquid of all time” know what I mean?

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