Taking The Work At Home Plunge

This awesome photo courtesy of den of thieves on Flickr.com!I’m really feeling the writing bug biting me on the ass right now, so I decided to capitalize on this moment and stop being a stranger around my own blog.  Here’s what’s on my mind and what’s happening right now in the world of Elijah and Veronica

Over the last month or so it has been apparent that Veronica is getting antsy about joining me and taking the work at home plunge, as I like to call it.  This is awesome – but it is also presenting some challenges.

When we originally started this blog back in July of 2008 (just got the GoDaddy renewal notice) our plan was that I would quit my job, put into action everything I had been teaching myself for the 7 months prior to that and set up a network and foundation so that hopefully, within a year or so, she would leave her job and we can begin living the coprenuer life we’ve dreamed of since we first met.

Well, reality (opportunity) is definitely starting to knock…

Not only have I surpassed anything that I could have imagined – but I’ve also managed to learn an insane amount of information and techniques in this short amount of time (with a little blood, sweat and insomnia of course).  This means that we are now in a position to complete the last step of phase one and begin putting into place the milestones that will ultimately give us the freedom and space to live and build a family without corporate chains attached.  The dream of every modern day, twenty-something hippie child…

More closer to thirty-something, but that’s besides the point!

It seems that now that things are pretty much where we planned for them to be, taking the initial plunge is not as easy as it once appeared to be – for Veronica that is.  You see, by nature she has always been concerned with being “liked” or civil with her employer and fellow employees.  This tends to involve treating people well and not stepping on any feet during her course of 9 to 5 existence.

Myself on the other hand have never been close with co-workers, or integrated too far into any company for that matter – because I always had the attitude that it was a job – and it was temporary.  If me leaving screwed somebody over, that was the companies problem – not mine.

She is now faced with a challenge in the form of trying to identify the right “time” to break the news, and the right “way” to part – in the most humane fashion.

When taking the work at home plunge, here are some questions to ask yourself before hand:

  • Do I really care about the people I work with?
  • Am I financially ready to work from home?
  • How much money will I save from working at home?
  • If all hell breaks lose, do I have a backup plan?
  • Is my at home environment equipped to ensure maximum productivity?
  • What sort of day-to-day challenges will I face when working at home?
  • What benefits will I gain from working at home?
  • How can I leave my company while maintaining credible references?
  • If I hate my boss, how much will I get charged if I piss in his/her coffee?

All in all, I really believe that we are in a position to take plunges and make mistakes – after all, we don’t have any children (yet), mortgages, car payments or anything else restrictive.  If our business fails (which it won’t) we can always get some bull shit jobs to pay the bills.  If we go completely broke (which we won’t) we can always get celebrity makeovers and stage a sex tape which we’ll sell to TMZ.com for a quick 10 g’s…

The ultimate question is:  Will you ever be 100% ready to do anything in your life?

The answer is no.

So I say do it.  Don’t ask for permission, learn from your mistakes and pay the consequences when they arise.  Of course if you have kids, a car, a house and a family then don’t be stupid.  But if you don’t – be stupid, work hard and make it happen.  There really is no reason why it shouldn’t work out in the end!



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  1. First of all, congrats on a very productive year! It’s been a pleasure being part of the meteoric rise of the at home eli.

    As living proof of what can be spawned from an idea/goal and a whole heap of hard work, I don’t think for one second that with the two of you ‘at home’ it is not going to be an even bigger success over the coming 12 months.

    Some really valid points raised here, none more so than ‘Don’t be stupid!’, that being said there is only so long one can dream/plan/think about doing what you love. Sooner or later, you are just going to have to bite the bullet and give it a go. and you know what…despite the recession that the world is suffering right now, there are still plenty of bullshit jobs that you can fall back on.

    I could go on and on about this post and I think it will be yet another good talking point on this site. Anyway, good to have you back, Eli. Looking forward to hearing about Veronicas big move and your little trip to big head!


  2. Elijah –

    I can COMPLETELY relate to this and the barriers that come up! Kim and I work together from home, and we actually find it better working in separate spaces of the home, to both minimize the talking… and help us focus on the tasks at hand!

    If you consider a BS job to pay the bills… make sure it comes with health benefits! Our cost for insurance alone is more than $1400/month, between health, dental and life insurance! Wait… wait… your in Canada, where its a life benefit right?!

    In the end… as long as you can stay focused on the work side of it and not let the life part get in the way of your work, you will be rewarded with the freedoms and luxuries of controlling your own future, which you cant put a price on!

    I say do it – and do it well!


    Mark – The Niche Store Builders last blog post..CobraStang – Ready Made Niche Website For Sale!

  3. @Neal – Yeah, recession or not, there are always jobs available. They might not be the highest paying, but getting a bullshit job at a call centre for $15/hour is not that hard in a thriving metropolis like Toronto.

    Man, I’ve got tons of video and pics to go through before I post up my adventures to SuiteJ land… Man, did we ever get trashed!

    @Mark – It’s funny you mentioned the separate working spaces, because I was just mentioning to Veronica how important it will be to maintain our lives outside of home and work – just as we do now. Because we’ll be spending more time together, it’s going to be vital that we still have our own lives outside of our home office. I’m very excited though man!

    Elijahs last blog post..Taking The Work At Home Plunge

  4. So true – there is NEVER a perfect moment to taking any plunge in life. And when you do it will always have ups and downs. However, you seem to be proving that it’s well worth the risk!

    Web Career Girls last blog post..My Niche Blogs

  5. What up Busta! Man… health insurance would be the kicker for me… I really admire you 2 for the faith you have and the drive you have to make this work! You’re right… NOTHING comes without a challenge and you’re NEVER ready.. you just have to do it and take the challenges as they come!

    “Its amazing what you can achieve when you don’t know what you can’t do” quote by Dr Farrah Gray

    Jakes last blog post..Religion and How Jake Sees It

  6. Dude! You live! I was starting to think Big Head was making it up as an excuse not to chat. 🙂

    Go for it! I’m so glad you’re doing well enough that Veronica can join in full time. I know the feeling though. I work with my husband, and I worry about him when I’m ready to quit the day job. I feel no loyalty to the company, and yet, the thought of actually picking a day to quit rubs me the wrong way. I’ll probably end up waiting until I have a bad day and just walking off the job. 😉

    BTW- when you update your blogroll, I’m now MakeMoneyOnlineReality.com. I sold TheNicher a few months ago.

    WordVixens last blog post..How To Get Paid To Blog

  7. That’s awesome news…

    I went full time online about a year ago and have been happier since… Although I probably jumped a little early as am still having trouble earning big numbers. But it’s not all about money and I really feel it’s time to up my game.

    LMAO about the tape 🙂

    Forests last blog post..Musically Motivated Monday – $1 for what???

  8. @Jake – Dude that is a killer quote and so true! Yeah, we’re looking into health insurance right now, and as it stands I don’t see it being too expensive, as we don’t have any kids etc… But we’ll see once the paper is signed how much we’ll actually be paying on a monthly basis.

    @WV – Blogroll link has been changed. I’ve always said quitting a job is like pulling off a bandaid. Quick and painless. If you do go nuts and walk out one day, be sure to get it on video – that would be a great post!

    @Forest – It’s been almost a year for me as well, I haven’t had “big” numbers as of yet, but I’m definitely making enough to pay the bills etc.. so it could definitely be worse. I’m with you on upping the game – it’s definitely getting to that point.

  9. When the moon aligns with Mars and the numerologists convention comes to town and Veronica finds her voice at work, you will know that you know that the time is right.

    I hope that will be a day of celebration. Heck, make it three days and take her away somewhere peaceful. At the beach you can see miles and miles to the horizon. On a mountain you can see many facets of your surroundings.

    One of these might just be the metaphorical imaging you both can use to see into your future and bring unity to your next focus points.

    Success and joy,

    Quinns last blog post..Amber Waves of Grain

  10. Hey, just recently found your blog and really enjoying reading about your journey. My husband & I are on the same path as you and Veronica…we’re both trying to escape the rat race and work from home. We’re just getting started though, not nearly ready to walk off the job. Sounds like Veronica has a lot in common with my husband (Scott) as far as feelings/loyalty to the job. For her, I’m guessing it’ll be important to maintain contact with friends she’s made in the workplace and to continue socializing with them after she quits.

    TammyQuitters last blog post..Employment: A Blessing and a Curse

  11. @Quinn – Man, you always have a way of saying exactly what I need to hear in the most straight forward fashion. I’m definitely planning to take her away for our anniversary this year… She really deserves it. I wouldn’t have made it this far without her…

    @TammyQuitter – I’m glad you’ve found some common ground with our crazy world on this blog! There’s a great bunch of people that stop by here on a daily basis – so be sure to connect and create. I wish you two the best of luck!

    Elijahs last blog post..Taking The Work At Home Plunge

  12. Health insurance is a big one for me too – especially since I don’t medically qualify for a private plan (God Bless America). I am currently exploring ways around this issue for me and my s/o. I think the key is, being determined to work though whatever challenge comes your way.

    carlas last blog post..Giveaway: Matt & Nat Takumi Vegan Handbag

  13. @Carla – Hey girl, been a minute! Yeah, I guess in Canada it’s not as difficult. We’ve been doing some research and it appears we’re looking at around $30-$40 per month for the both of us, and that is full comprehensive coverage.

    Elijahs last blog post..Taking The Work At Home Plunge

  14. @Elijah – $40/month? That is super cheap! I am looking at $600/mo for COBRA since I’m on disability, but thankfully with our new administration’s ARRA act, I may only pay 35% of it.

    carlas last blog post..Lemonade

  15. I have to say that taking the plunge is just that. Stepping off and letting physics take over without the physical ability to go back. It is a very refreshing and rewarding thing to do which is why so many people enjoy bungee jumping and sky diving. In business when it is done right with proper planning you literally become unemployable! Cheers to being unemployable…

  16. @Carla – $600/month? Holy crap, I don’t know how they expect people to live with those kid of expenses. Yay for Canada!

    @Chris – Great analogy dude (or is it metaphor?) lol. Being unemployable is the best thing ever. I made almost $400 today sitting in my underwear. It’s great!

    Elijahs last blog post..Taking The Work At Home Plunge

  17. @Joe – Where have I been? Where have you been sammich man? lol… busy is the answer for the both of us! Dude, you know since I stepped on here that I meant action… and September will be 1 year since I quit my job – and we aint broke yet! Gotta keep it movin!

    @Neal – Man, Jay’s guest bedroom has a bed that’s more comfortable than our own bed lol.. It was dope dude, and when I say there is insane footage that BH needs to cut, I mean exactly that… all I have to say is a nursery room, several empty bottles of beer, an HD camcorder and some serious shit talking to the blogosphere…oh yeah.. and m&m’s…

    Elijahs last blog post..Taking The Work At Home Plunge

  18. Classic! OBH = Legend.

    Sounds like my kind of get together. It is also good to see new friendships being formed off the net as well as on it. Cannot wait till I get stateside. A return trip to TO is well on the cards!! I miss that city 🙂

  19. @Carla – I don’t know what Elijah’s talking about or whether or not he was actually paying attention when we were doing our research, but our health insurance is NOT that inexpensive. It’s not outrageous either though, about $200/month.

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