Update from Veronica

Hey guys!  I know it’s been kind of a long hiatus, but here I am!  I’m back and ready to roll full steam ahead.  I’d like to thank everyone who commented on Eli”s last post.  Seeing all that encouragement is so reassuring.  It makes the actual “moment” feel a little less final.

The first little while is going to be a little shocking . . . I know that, but I know that Eli and I will find a groove.  We always do.  I’m excited for all the things I will be able to accomplish.  I’m looking forward to working hard and enjoying life on my terms.

I can’t wait to be a bigger part of this great community!


3 thoughts on “Update from Veronica”

  1. Good to know that you are back and I wish I good read more thing from you and looking forward on it. Will visit again soon..Have a nice day

  2. Hey V –

    Good to see ya posting AND cautiously excited about the life change coming up!

    One thing that Kim and I have found, is that regardless of how hard we word toward success, our efforts always find their own level – if that makes sense!

    I do what I do best – and she does what she does best. Together, we have found ways to make that work for us, productively.

    I am sure that You and Eli will do the same, and once you do, your quality of life in the work-sense will be everything you both hope for! 🙂

    I’m not going to wish you both luck… because its a given that you will succeed!


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