Custom Paypal Payment Page & Customer Experience

This awesome image courtesy of JeremyHead on Flickr.comHey guys – going to keep this relatively short and sweet.  Paypal is the king of all online merchants, and as you know, (our SEO Article Writing venture) has officially launched.  During the month or so of developing this website I had quite a few “cherry popping” experiences i.e. setting up an affiliate program and what I’m going to go over today, creating and implementing a custom Paypal payment page.

When it comes to an online start-up, or simply improving your existing online business model, there are so many little things that can make a huge difference when taking your customers from point A to point B – and having a transparent transaction process will impact the overall success of a digital-goods-fueled environment.

In other words, your shit needs to be smooth and seamless.

Taking 20 minutes to set up a custom Paypal payment page for your clients to identify with is a great way to start – what really amuses me is that not too many people (myself included) know how to do this!

So I put together a quick tutorial with Camtasia as I was doing it myself, figured it wouldn’t hurt to save two birds with one cage.  Feel free to click on the link below and watch the video – it’s about 8 minutes long, so grab a coffee and relax.

Custom Paypal Payment Page Tutorial

Let me know if this was helpful at all – if you get stuck somewhere or need some graphics done, holler back!


Elijah Is Here: Affordable Web 2.0 Content Services

Boo To Expensive Writers!Taking the “con” out of content and putting the “art” back in article!

After several weeks of development and planning, is officially open to the public.  Being a professional blogger, site flipper and web developer has given me the ability to write on any topic – because before I started making money I couldn’t afford to outsource my articles, so I had no choice but to write them myself!

Over the last few months I’ve put together a small team of writers here in Toronto – all ready to work with you, not for you, on your next Web 2.0 project.  Our laptops are powered up and we’re ready to kick some ass – so let’s go! will be partnering with you to provide the following services:

We carefully craft each piece of content with the sole purpose of sparking participation from the reader.  Whether that action is to click, comment, submit or subscribe – this focus is what defines the quality of our work, and more importantly, what makes our content ready to be published throughout various Web 2.0 applications.

Here’s a little back story of how came to fruition…

As my various business ventures started to take off, I realized that the Internet was polluted with content that most copywriters and seasoned veterans would consider to be just short of crappy – and this has become a serious problem.

I decided that to combat this issue I would have to provide a content creation service that was not only above par, but also affordable and targeted.  The web needs content that is engaging, witty and humorous.  Webmasters need content that is accessible, reliable and results-oriented and this is how WordBoo was born.

The Internet of today is an entity which is driven by it’s users via applications, communities and conversations.  At the middle of these interactions is something we all take for granted – high quality content. is different than any other writing service on the market.  We look different, talk different and write different.

We encourage you to be different as well – and stop by our residence to see what we’re all about!

For all you ninjas who are interested in spreading the word and making some cash, we’ve also set up an affiliate program which rewards a healthy 15% commission across the board.  Our lowest content package is $27 USD with our highest package (advertised) at almost $300 USD.

Do the math and you’ll realize that promoting a service which the Internet “needs” is not going to be difficult at all.  It’s kind of like trying to convince a mother that she needs to go to the grocery store – do you really need to sell the idea of outsourcing content to webmasters?  Not if they’re serious about what they do.

I know some of you are thinking, well now that Elijah and Veronica are managing this they won’t be writing on here as much anymore!  Quite the opposite.  We are both home and excited to finally have the time to reach out and enjoy the company of all your crazy critters in the blogosphere.  I hope you’re ready because shit’s about to get hectic!