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This awesome image courtesy of JeremyHead on Flickr.comHey guys – going to keep this relatively short and sweet.  Paypal is the king of all online merchants, and as you know, (our SEO Article Writing venture) has officially launched.  During the month or so of developing this website I had quite a few “cherry popping” experiences i.e. setting up an affiliate program and what I’m going to go over today, creating and implementing a custom Paypal payment page.

When it comes to an online start-up, or simply improving your existing online business model, there are so many little things that can make a huge difference when taking your customers from point A to point B – and having a transparent transaction process will impact the overall success of a digital-goods-fueled environment.

In other words, your shit needs to be smooth and seamless.

Taking 20 minutes to set up a custom Paypal payment page for your clients to identify with is a great way to start – what really amuses me is that not too many people (myself included) know how to do this!

So I put together a quick tutorial with Camtasia as I was doing it myself, figured it wouldn’t hurt to save two birds with one cage.  Feel free to click on the link below and watch the video – it’s about 8 minutes long, so grab a coffee and relax.

Custom Paypal Payment Page Tutorial

Let me know if this was helpful at all – if you get stuck somewhere or need some graphics done, holler back!



12 thoughts on “Custom Paypal Payment Page & Customer Experience”

  1. Good stuff man. I used that preference since way back in the day for my eBay business and I saw lots of eBay users doing it. However, I rarely see an Internet Marketer use it (selling IM products I mean), which is odd. I guess most are selling sooo many different products and don’t wanna be bothered setting up a custom one for every product. lol.

    Another tip in case you didn’t know (because it’s not super clear on PayPal)…you can have several custom pages and define which one you want to use in the PayPal button code (changing “page_style”)

    I don’t know why PayPal doesn’t integrate that in the “create button” form…or maybe they have now, I haven’t used it in a while. (?)

    Cheers man, good luck with WordBoo!

  2. Really cool video, and a great idea. A lot of people underestimate the whole concept of branding. I haven’t seen many customized PayPal payment pages. You did a great job with your banner. I love the Boo-face! 🙂
    By the way, if anyone needs a free alternative to Photoshop, I hear good things about GIMP (it’s free). You can get it from
    .-= TammyQuitter´s last blog ..We Want to Give You Some Money =-.

  3. @Carla – Yeah, not a lot of people really utilize the full power of Paypal. Though they do have some limitations (like not issuing the debit cards to Canadians anymore) they are still the top online merchant service in my eyes.

    @SuiteJ – Yeah, I actually caught that option after I did the tut! It really is a powerful tool if you take the time, get organized and utilize it for what it’s worth.

    @TammyQuitter – Thanks! SuiteJ taught me everything I know about design so be sure to send some love in his direction when his blog re-launches. People love Gimp, and though I’ve never done more than glanced at the website, I haven’t heard one bad thing – especially since it’s free and online.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Custom Paypal Payment Page & Customer Experience =-.

  4. Very nice tutorial! On another subject… does also submit the articles to article directories? I like your Boo25 package, but I don’t really have time to post 25 articles in multiple article directories around the net.

  5. @Ian – Thanks dude. And the answer to your question is no. To be completely honest, just post up 1 per day for 25 days. You know as well as I do that link building is all about appearing “natural” to the search engines. Any more than 5 high PR links per day and after a few days they’ll be blinking that red light.

    Hit me up via WordBoo – I’m sure between the two of us we can figure something out 😉
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Custom Paypal Payment Page & Customer Experience =-.

  6. Great video. Only recently I started to market (still waiting on first sale) some plr ebooks and been using PP. I’ll give your suggestion a shot, since from previous experience (working with an actual merchant account) I know how important branding can be when it comes to converting sales. We ran a test with and without company branding on a check out page and you’d be surprised at how many turned away from placing the order when we removed the logo and encouraging bit of text.

    I was just about to test the Google Checkout, but the fat bastards didn’t include us in Canada for their payment systems. Yanks and Brits are the only ones getting access at this point. Supposedly it lets you do some neat customizing on your payment page (seamless stuff).

    Greta video!
    .-= Chris De La Rosa´s last blog ..The most difficult book I ever read. =-.

  7. @Jake – Revamps are always good dude, keeps things fresh! This website needs some love as well – I’m thinking a new theme and layout… Hopefully soon!

    @Chris – I had no idea we were excluded from GCheckout.. but it doesn’t surprise me. People love excluding Canada. It also doesn’t surprise me about your cross testing.. branding is big in the eyes of customers. I’m looking forward to your results!
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Custom Paypal Payment Page & Customer Experience =-.

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