NicheOnDemand 2.0 – Back From The Dead And Ready For Business!

This image courtesy of The Big Toy Hut on Flickr.comAfter a grueling month of in-depth analysis, development and restructuring is finally re-opened for business!  I can’t even begin to describe how exited I am.

Not only did I focus on increasing the already awesome quality of our niche website packages, but I also brought on some experts during the process to assist in the development of kick-ass services to help you succeed online.

Better Niche Website Packages

Taking almost a year of feedback and suggestions from our sales on, we managed to beef up our Niche Website Packages by adding previously known add-ons as standard features.  For example, our Niche Domination package priced at $327 USD now includes the PLR Ebook, Amazon Store and Video Gallery addons.

WordPress Services

For those of you who are familiar with WordPress you’re probably thinking, “why would I pay someone to install WordPress for me when I can do it myself?”  My answer is simple – you’d be surprised to know that a great majority of people online, with or without websites, have no idea how to fully optimize WordPress to ensure maximum performance.  We now have a WordPress Services page, with 3 affordable WordPress installation/optimization packages to choose from, giving you a solid foundation for your niche website or business.

Consultation Services

I’ve been providing consultation on keyword research and WordPress for quite some time now, just previously it was by referral only.  After seeking the advice of my own mentors and support system, I’ve decided to open up my Online Consultation Services to the public.  Using some great technologies you can now speak with me one on one and watch my computer screen to see exactly what it is that I’m showing you and how I do it step by step.

Tutorials Section

I’ve always tried to provide great tutorials to my paying clients, combining video, audio and documentation.  After some consideration, I decided it would only be appropriate to  increase the value of my services by providing my clients – past, present and future – with an in depth archive of web tutorials covering all things WordPress, marketing and design.

Other Stuff

Aside from the new and improved services, you can expect a killer freebies section jam-packed with reports, ebooks, courses, videos and software that will help you and your niche business conquer the search rankings.  As well, we are currently in the works of develping our own built-in marketplace in which we will be selling our infamous niche website packages.  No more success fees and third party crap – you’ll now be able to buy our pre-made unique packages directly from us and completely cut out the middle man.

To the future and beyond!

Cheers and Beers,


7 thoughts on “NicheOnDemand 2.0 – Back From The Dead And Ready For Business!”

  1. Elijah, you are totally killing it with this site! This is incredible. 🙂 One thing though, your keyword research/tutorial rates are so good, I’m wishing you’d hike them up a bit and then offer and affiliate program. 😉
    .-= WordVixen´s last blog ..How To Get Paid To Blog =-.

  2. Rocking it maestro!! Though I never get to speak with you anymore, it is a price worth paying 😉 I have always been impressed with your work ethic, goals and self motivation to stick it to the 9-5 and just get on with building your online business.

    Love what you are doing, love the work you produce..long live the at home couple!

    But seriously, find sometime to get drunk and chat to me on skype before xmas 🙂
    .-= Nota Bene Consulting´s last blog ..Niche Websites Made Easy =-.

  3. Have you thought about offering more template options? In regards to same boring and tired one you keep using on every site. I’m so tired of seeing that same template.

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