August Was Crap – What’s Next?

This awesome image courtesy of ThomasHawk on Flickr.comIs it just me or was August crap for everyone?  Not to be a total buzzkill but Veronica and I had the worst possible month ever.  As tempted as I am to get into everything, let’s just say that after Veronica quit her job, everything that could have possibly gone wrong has gone wrong.  Websites haven’t been selling, we’ve had to change Internet providers (in the process), lights are blowing out in our apartment, tears have been shed, scotch has been consumed and my laptop screen doesn’t seem as bright as it once was.

A few things that I’ve realized while picking my nose at absolute rock bottom is that my absolute worst case scenario isn’t all that bad.  What’s the worst that could happen, really?  Let’s think about this for a second:

  • The rent can’t get paid
  • The bills fall behind
  • We get evicted

We have no children, no mortgage and no car.  Both of our families could easily take us in for a few months if we crashed and burned.  We would help out around the house, continue plugging away online while paying down our debt and pitching in.  In the meantime we’d be well fed, with the company and support of those whom we love most and things would eventually get back to where they were before Pandora’s box opened.

I was so stressed a week ago.  I honestly felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown and once I visualized the absolute worst case scenario, it all seemed a little over dramatic in my head.

Each day is a new opportunity.

Today wasn’t so bad.  I managed to secure relations with a new client, as well as connect with two prospects for long term development and marketing partnerships.  Our Paypal account is $373 heavier today and it’s my birthday right now (09/04)…  I have a strange feeling that my 28th year of existence is going to monumental.  I’ve already got a couple of gray hairs and I’m okay with it.

Shit could always be worse.

Keep your heads up!



23 thoughts on “August Was Crap – What’s Next?”

  1. Hey…Happy birthday..

    And do not care much for the downs. Probably you have to look back at what you have to learn to surge ahead. 28 is a lucky number, this year is going to be marvelous..Thank me next year same time 😉
    .-= Anand´s last blog ..What’s Your Password? =-.

  2. Happy birthday! I hope today’s a great day for you.

    As for all the stressing, I understand. I am in the same boat of you. Living with my partner but no kids/ mortgage/ responsibility. I could easily stay with the family if I needed to. My partner doesn’t work at home, but he’s about to go part time so he can study again which makes it hard.

    Sometimes I worry like that and get a bit crazy. But then I realise it’s all still pretty good. I am so glad to be working at home, though it’s true it’s really a struggle and it’s hard to account for those rough patches.

    I do believe that lots of online businesses pick up after the summer though 🙂

  3. E,

    I have some good news for you! August was a crappy month for my Flippa sales as well! I had some that sold for $47, some didn’t sell at all! The good news that in the first few days of September things have turned around! I have had many people PM through Flippa inquiring about custom sites and I’ve gotten great bids on the sites that I listed (I have 3 ending this weekend!). So things will turn around man!

    I listed my Streetvertisement site on Flippa last night – because I’m moving on to bigger and better things! Once of those things could have you avoid months like August – I’ll kick you off an email later… gotta go!

    Keep your head up – you both are an inspiration to Amy and I! You guys can come down to New Bedford, MA for a weekend to take a break if you want! I’ve got plenty of couch space!

    – Ian

  4. Belated birthday wishes and thanks for the post. I think it all helps us to know that everyone goes through not so great phases.

    I have been through a long period like this and I believe, or hope, I may just be coming out of it. You and Veronica provide an example of living life on your own terms – sometimes that isnit easy day to day, but in the long term it will be more than worth it.
    .-= Alison Wood´s last blog ..Free: Step By Step Videos To Setting Up Your Internet Business =-.

  5. Hey, Happy belated birthday! Sorry August was crap for you guys. Pandora’s box kind of opened up on us, too. I took sort of the same approach as you did – imagining the worst-case scenario. I realized that stressing over it really doesn’t change the outcome one damn bit! Just keep doing what you can and ride it out. And as you’re already seeing, things will improve. Here’s to a better September… pass the Scotch! (and hold the boogers)
    .-= TammyQuitter´s last blog ..Help for the Artistically Challenged =-.

  6. Pardner I know exactly what you’re talking about. Ever since we went away last feb and came back to all my sites having been hacked with some sort of malware (google were warning people not to visit my sites), it’s been hell. I’m an upbeat person, so I struggled to keep my head up and deal with everything. But it’s very hard. August was absolute crap from my end as well, but with school back in full swing tom, I’m hoping that my fortunes change.

    I kinda envy that you have a strong support network around you. We can only look for support from my side of the family, and their resources are very limited.

    Hang on to your dreams, make use of your support network and keep doing your thing. Success will come.

    Hope you had a good bday and keep track of those grey hairs.. I tell our girls that it’s just highlights!
    .-= Chris De La Rosa´s last blog ..The 2009 Burlington Ribfest. =-.

  7. ‘Lijah!

    I suspect that August was slow for many people since it’s the most popular vacation month- you know, just before school starts. Plus, with schools starting early, people have been forced into doing the back to school shopping and prep stuff earlier. I know my adsense was down in August, but seems to be back to normal now.

    And as for grey hairs, I have no clue if I’ve got any or not. I’m pretty laid back, but I’ve also been dying my hair since I moved out of my parents’ house. I probably won’t know until the dye stops taking and I have to switch to special old people dye. 😀
    .-= WordVixen´s last blog ..How To Get Paid To Blog =-.

  8. Happy belated b’day, mate. As Ian said, Virgo’s unite! I turn 31 on the 10th 🙂

    Sorry to hear you had a shite month. Sounds like the sort of month that would see lesser mortals give up and go home?! But not you two, no way. Take the rough with the smooth, knuckle down and keep on busting ass. It is all part of living the dream. You will ride it out and come out stronger for the experience, bro.

    “Without ever hitting rock bottom, you will never truly appreciate being on top!”

    Don’t be a stranger, and let me know if you need anything.
    .-= Nota Bene Consulting´s last blog ..Niche Websites Made Easy =-.

  9. Hi E,

    1st, belated birthday greetings to you.

    I was wondering what happened, i never got a reply to my last email to you. Now I know why.

    Bro, you just have to “man up” and take the good with the bad. it’ll definitely get much better, really soon.


    Cheers, bro!

  10. What the…? Damn man, sorry I missed this post, (and your birthday…)

    Well, I hope you had a good one man..

    On the biz side of things…keep your head up. Try and keep the devils like “negativity and stress” out of the equation…those mofos try and hide the solutions from you when you have a problem… 😉

    I’ll email you. 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to you. Bad things do happen, even to the best of us. I say just keep on going, take it one step at a time and before you know it, things will begin to brighten up for you and Veronica.

  12. @Anand – 28 is definitely lucky. I feel good about this year – though I say that every year. The hopeless optimist!

    @WebCareerGirl – I agree, when you’re working at home, even the absolute worst is still better than comparable scenarios. As this is really my first year working from home, I’ll definitely be able to see the difference in buyer activity from summer vs. winter.

    @IanAnderson – I might just take you up on that invitation (with a couple weeks notice of course). I think the winter will be better for everyone.

    @AlisonWood – Thinking about the long term will keep you motivated in the down times. I just keep focusing on next summer and how much better things will be.

    @TammyQuitter – The whole worst case scenario thing always works to snap you out of depression, stress etc… mmm.. stotch…

    @Desmond – The day after I wrote this post I got an order for a fully loaded niche website. Money always comes.. you just have to sweat it out sometimes.

    @Jake – July was pretty good for us. But I guess being home together is always a good thing 😉

    @TriniChris – Yeah, I can remember you mentioning that in an email. Frigging hackers.. using webmasters as testing grounds for their latest tricks. Grey Hairs = highlights. Smooth.

    @WV – 31 sounds good to me! I’m looking forward to my 30’s. Didn’t really think about the “before school” factor, but it makes sense now that you mention it.

    @Neal – “knuckle down and keep on busting ass” amen. In the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

    @Ade O – I believe in all of you crazy kids! I want to have a vegas vacation with all of my blog readers in 5 years. That would be sooooo dope.

    @BigHead – Damn mofos… wasting my mofo time.

    @Emma – Thanks for the kind words. Things are slowly starting to pick up.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..August Was Crap – What’s Next? =-.

  13. Shit happens on our life Elija. The good thing is that you’ve realized your blessings and allow it to override the sudden slump you’ve encountered. Opportunity lurks everywhere, especially in adversity.

    I believe that something good will come to you. 🙂
    .-= Walter´s last blog ..Deciding point: conquering limitations =-.

  14. You really have a stressful August huh. I hope you you will do better this September. Don’t look down and always have a positive point of view. You can do it and pay all what you need to pay. As you have said “Each day is a new opportunity” and for me is “Tomorrow is another day to get better”. Things will always work better if you don’t losses you hope. Belated =)

  15. Hi Elijah, I had a terrible month too. Just as my earnings were picking up and I was starting to feel good about MMO, August came along and they fell off a cliff. Things are still slow but going back up again. Hang in there!! And happy belated birthday

  16. @Walter – I agree man. I have a feeling you’re right.

    @Neal – Dude, I was just looking over your email earlier. Hit me back with an update on what you need.

    @Henriette – “Tomorrow is a new day” is a mantra I’ve always turned to.

    @Dean – Thanks brother. You hang in as well!

    @Chris – Man, this has been madness. But being a white boy in a Trini family means one thing.. if I give up I’ll be getting a hot lash from my grandma.

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