Blog Report For September 2008

Blog Report For September 2008Another month, another stats report to add to the blogosphere!  September was a weird month from several different stand points for – weird not being a bad thing, as growing up my mother always told me weird was good.  The first thing that really caught me off guard was that the original 25 subscribers from our August blog report decided to stick around for another month despite my several attempts to be as inappropriate as humanly possible.  Secondly, I’m still trying to grip the fact that I built and sold my first website in September.

Website flipping is talked about quite frequently on the Internet, and when I decided I needed to stop being afraid and start making money I had no idea that selling a website would be how that money was made – but it was!  Lastly, in September I realized after hours and hours of sleepless nights that more work doesn’t always mean better work.  When I heard my man Joe say that he’s thinking about taking weekends off and only posting on his site Monday through Friday, it was on!  What a great idea…

September was also a big month for Veronica in the sense that she finally admitted to the fact that I’m not loosing my mind, and I actually know a thing or two about making money online.  She has also taken on learning about blogging and WordPress into her own hands and came home one day with a “Blogging For Dummies” book!  I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t turned on slightly – because I was.

Stats & Screenshots

Once again, I’m not going to report how much money I made online because this blog is about our adventure trying to quit our jobs, not our wallets.  I will let you guys know that I did have a record month with Adsense and made almost $12, with contributing $4.44 to that total!  Time to get me a movie ticket.

As I’m typing out this blog report, and infomercial popped on the television titled “Internet Shortcut Millions” with two busty young ladies talking about how if you can send an email you can make millions on the Internet using Jeff Paul’s 3-click system.  I really wish you guys could see this… I’ve written down the number and plan to call and start asking the representatives about click through ratio and bounce rate – who the hell is Jeff Paul?  lol.

Blog Report For September 2008

As you can see in the screenshot above, there was a sexy increase in unique visitors to our blog in September.  According to AWStats we had 2175 unique visitors with 16, 049 page views and an average of 3.49 pages per visit.  That’s 805 more unique visitors than August!!!  Sweet victory…  The downside is that the page views and pages per visit had a slight decrease – but that could mean several things, and having a more established regular flow of readers probably contributed to that decline.

Blog Report For September 2008

This is really blowing my mind right now – the above screenshot shows an average of 153.23 visits per day, with the most traffic on September 16th which brought in 519 visits! Who the heck are you people, and where do you come from?  I know one of my strengths regarding website development is traffic generation, but 3 months ago I couldn’t even tell you what technorati does (I’m still not 100% sure, lol).  Blogging rules, and that’s the end of that!

Blog Report For September 2008

Here is my favorite number, and what ties everything together in the blogosphere – Our subscribers! We haven’t held a single contest, or posted anything insanely ground-breaking or controversial, and yet we’ve somehow increased our subscribers from 25 at the end of August to 67 at the end of September!  I really don’t know what to say except thank you.  I can only imagine what the response would be once Veronica has the time to get her crazy, beautiful, insanely smart ass up on here more often to mix it up with you guys and gals – I can’t wait!

Elijah, how did you get these numbers in 2 months?

  • I stopped caring about what the Guru’s are doing
  • I stopped reading and commenting on blogs where the favor is not returned
  • I stopped reading 37 ebooks a month
  • I stopped worrying about what to write
  • I started swearing in my blog posts
  • I started leaving demented comments on all of your blogs
  • I started linking to anybody or anything that I thought was cool
  • I won a Rastafarian plush doll at a carnival and made a dance video with it
  • I started sending questionable emails to Alan LeStourgeon, Paul Piotrowski and Mark Hansen regarding brown paper bags and dog poo
  • The most important factor that contributed to the quick success of this blog is that I stopped being afraid and started kicking ass.  I stopped thinking about how I’m going to accomplish things and started to take action based on what I already know, and what I’m good at

We love you guys and can’t wait to have dinner with each and every one of you sometime within the next 25 years.  I’m sure we will see some of you sooner, but that’s besides the point.  I strongly believe that there’s a new wave of uber-talented, top-bloggers that are about to take over and kick some of these gassy Guru’s off their comfortable ladders.  I can take a look at my blogroll and say, with confidence, that you’re all going to be big in your own way and we will all be around 12 months from now – whether it’s launching products together, or building a selling businesses online together.  The future is being molded as we speak, and Veronica and I feel privileged to have the chance to be a part of this.



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  1. This made me laugh 😉

    “I started swearing in my blog posts”. It’s interesting reading these statistics about your traffic. I still genuinely don’t have a clue how many visitors/subscribers I have to my blog. Posts like this increase my curiosity. But I must stay strong and not look or it will sap my motivation to perform like realizing the hot young lady I’ve found was in fact a hot young man.

    Clog Moneys last blog post..Income Report

  2. Man – Congrats on a STELLAR month!! I have to admit though… I have some lurid images from your statement:

    She has also taken on learning about blogging and WordPress into her own hands and came home one day with a “Blogging For Dummies” book! I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t turned on slightly – because I was.


    Mark Hansens last blog post..Best Keyword Strategies from the GodFather of SEO

  3. “Turned on from Blogging for Dummies”, LOL! You are a mess, but I can feel you because if my wife came home with a blogging book….let’s just say it might be a special night. LOL!

    As far as your growth, you must be hanging out with the dude Joe or something. That is awesome and whatever you are donig….share it with the Hood! Feel me Son!

    That dancing plush doll was classic and probably the main reason your site is growing. LOL!

    I really like the fact that you show the screen shots of your site growth and explain it a little bit. Nice touch, I haven’t seen that around the blogosphere much, but like it a lot.

    You gave the secret to success in your bottom post, you stopped worrying about other people and what they are thinking and took action.

    Here’s to you, Bro, keep getting it done!

    Freddies last blog post..Monday’s Motivational Moment: Urgency

  4. Elijah,

    Looks like a pretty good month all round for you there. Gotta love the % too sexy pic too!

    With statements like the ones already commented on, maybe all these new readers are coming for a break from the normal mmo BS. I mean, I like your writing style and you do present quality information…but you do it in a way that is truly unique. Your reasons for how you think you got there are nothign short of sublime! Whichever way you got there, you are posting some great stats and long may it continue.

    Thanks for the dinner invite, and don’t think I won’t take you up on it either 🙂

    Nota Bene Consultings last blog post..Make Money Flipping Blogs

  5. @ Alison Wood – It’s nice to see you around here, and I love the domain name for your site!

    @ BCarter – lol I love the fact that you just openly shared that with us!

    @ Underdogblogger – Thanks!

    @ Clogmoney – hahaha! oh man, we should both do some guest posts on each others blogs as we seem to have the same taste for vivid descriptions of inappropriate situations.

    @ Mark – I knew you’d like that! Hey man, you taught me almost everything I know about generating traffic and keywords.. now it’s getting to that point where I must master my skills of monetization – cheers to that!

    @ Freddie – You already know where we’re going man. I wish I had some secret formula, but all I can say to anyone is be yourself, and be active in your community (on of offline) and people will follow. I like screen shots for stats like this because people can see that it’s real, and it will hopefully inspire them.

    @ Neal – Shit man, that’s all I’ve ever wanted was to cut the crap, be genuinely honest and hopefully connect with people of the same mindset. People really are becoming sick of the hype (smart people that is) and it’s important that we all be unique to ourselves and connect with others who make us laugh and stay up late brainstorming on Skype. Change is coming!

  6. Yeah boyeeeeeeeee! Dude, I love to see this growth, but what tripped me out the most, and I mean had me dying was no doubt

    “I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t turned on slightly – because I was”

    That was so freakin classic dude. My wife come home with a book about blogging and I’m sending the kids to grandma house lol, hahahaha nah but you’re doing great man, I love your style, cuz it’s unique, it’s not copy cat, it’s original, and you just being you!

    Normal Joes last blog post..Blog Flipping Blueprint Is Here And I Have A Bonus For You

  7. @ WordVixen – Thanks hun! If you haven’t already, contact ImWithJoe as we’re looking to get a hold of you…

    @ Joe – lol, sending the kids to grandma’s house.. You know it!

    @ Jay – Dude, I’m not even saying nothing right now until I read your latest post… link bait? I highly doubt it…

    Elijahs last blog post..Blog Report For September 2008

  8. Ahhhh new month, new top commentators list. Maybe this time I can rank a little bit higher.

    Been slacking off this whole past week and have gotten hardly anything done. Time to get my ass back into gear.

    Nice stats btw 🙂 Just need to get you on the front page of Digg so that we can crash your server

    Jarrets last blog post..Remove Nofollow From Commenter Name

  9. Elijah,
    To me there’s no mystery about the continued growth of your blog audience… it’s strictly YOU.

    Not only are you a great personality, but you’re so open and ‘off the cuff’ and not worried about ‘getting it right’.

    Plus there’s the added dimension of the voyeuristic quality of getting to watch you potentially win or lose and the knowledge that you’ll cop to either.

    Always looking forward to the next installment,

  10. @ Jarret – sweet, let’s crash my server! Sounds like a great plan.

    @ Quinn – Hey man, haven’t been around the group lately as new commitments are always arising. But I still forward to having you around here bro! thank you for the kind words as always.

    Elijahs last blog post..Blog Report For September 2008

  11. @ Freddie – Thanks bro! I’m glad you like my music.. The funny thing is, I’ve been watching the commentators list, and wanted to include a little shout out with this months blog report, but forgot who had the top spot lol.

  12. There’s definitely a lot to be said for working smart instead of hard. The great thing about writing for the web, is the content you build grows over time, and articles you write years ago, can bring you in money today and even next year.

    I work part-time and make a full-time income from my blogs and websites, so it can definitely be done. 🙂

    Good luck!

    Lindsays last blog post..Blogging Economies of Scale (or why one site is more practical than many)

  13. Looking through your list of items of how your procedure has gone was enjoyable as it showed many items that you ceased to perform. You cut off certain activities that did not result in positive benefits, and this unintuitive quality provided you with your desire.

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