Blog Report For October 2008

Blog Report For October 2008Yes indeed – I’m back from the dead!  The end of October marks the three month anniversary of our beautiful blog, and all you beautiful people who actually read what I type into this little window every now and then.  I’m still amazed by that! For those of you who I don’t talk to outside of reciprocal commenting, October has been an insane month from every angle possible.  I’ve faced some of the hardest challenges online over the last 31 days and it’s really showed with the lack of posting – and for that I want to apologize.

On the same token, October showed a trim down of posting on the majority of blogs within my social network, which means that all my ninjas in The Bloggerhood have been super busy either preparing for Christmas traffic, or just trying to end the year with a real bang!  Everyone I talk to on a daily basis has multiple projects going on simultaneously, and let me be the first to say that some of these projects I’ve been hearing about are absolutely groundbreaking!

The blogosphere is about to change my friends, and there is a serious movement happening right now.  A movement of Average Joes and Simple Suzies that are about to knock all the high ranked bloggers out of the park.  I am seeing this movement form right before my eyes everyday, with every email I read or every phone call I get.  Things are starting to click and it’s an honor to be a part of this.

October was a pinnacle month for my career online – and I’m now calling it a career because I’ve officially made enough income to report on, so I don’t see myself getting a day job any time soon providing things continue as planned (which they will if I have anything to say about it!)  Now I don’t plan to report my earnings every month, but with this month being a milestone I felt it would be appropriate.


Now unfortunately due to my severe shift in posting, link building and commenting during October, there has been a decline in traffic compared to last month.  I’m not worried at all because I know why our traffic didn’t continue to rise and I also know what needs to be done to bring those numbers back up.  Here’s the breakdown not including today:

  • 1379 unique visitors
  • 3527 number of visits
  • 11171 pages viewed
  • 113.77 average daily uniques


As always, Feedburner is fucking up right now and giving me an error 500 when I click on sign in, so I won’t be able to report the exact sub numbers for October.  What I can tell you is that last time I checked, which was about 2 days ago we were at 103 subscribers which is a huge increase from the 67 subscribers reported at the end of September.  You people are all amazing and I want to make sweet love to each and every one of you.  Dudes can substitute the sweet love making for a cold beer and a high five.


Time for the bread and butter.  As I’m logging into my respective money receiving accounts I can’t actually believe I just typed earnings into my blog, within a blog report post.  To think 12 months ago I didn’t even own a blog, or know what an <h1> tag was – it’s a beautiful thing!  For the month of October my main focus was developing, establishing and selling start up niche sites.  Most refer to this process as Site Flipping.  The whole movement of flippers online is really amazing when you think about it – rather than people writing ebooks that teach people how to make money, they’re building niche sites that make people money!  I also had a record month with Adsense, by fluke, because a gentleman whom I sold a site to has refused to change the Adsense code out of apparent laziness!  This can happen with site flipping, and can be rewarding!

  • Site Flipping$1021.00 (6 websites)
  • Adsense$16.73 (getting closer to my first Adsense check!)
  • Clickbank$27.00 (1 sale)
  • Amazon$0.00 (some assmunch returned something)
  • Pepperjam$0.00 (because I haven’t earned anything, I get rejected for every decent campaign. Doesn’t make any damned sense!)
  • Neverblueads$1.00 (got one lead!)
  • Prostitution$13.74 (some old lady paid me to tie her shoe and touch her boob)

Upcoming Projects

I can’t be too specific on my ninja projects for November, but sources tell me that SutieJ likes to talk, especially if you bribe him with coffee and Hip Hop.  So find him on Skype and send him a Tim Horton’s gift card (Canada’s equivalent of Dunkin Donuts) and the new Nas album via iTunes, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding out what I have up my sleeve for this month.  Even better, visit and tell Dready Kruger that you’ve sent, via FedEx, a steaming hot Philly Cheese Steak sammich, and built a giant goldfish out of pop tarts that you will give to him in exchange for my detailed November ninja plans.  All it takes is food and Hip Hop to bribe my friends.  Assholes.

In short, I have two sites that I will be developing for my own portfolio this month.  One of them will be a review/conduit style site that covers various niche markets – chasing after long tail keywords to catch consumers in the “buying” stage for maximum conversions.  This is also known as the Conduit Method by some.  The second site, which I’m super hyped up about, will be an extension of my blog/ninja skills in the form of providing my services to the webmasters/MMO market.

So expect at least one site launch in November if things go as planned!

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar or have never heard of the Conduit Method, you absolutely need to stop by and take a peak at his VIP reports – no bullshit, straight to the point make money techniques that work.

There you have it.  I really hope everyone had a great October, and if not, keep pushing forward!  I know everyone tells you the same fucking things online “don’t give up” “keep your chin up” “keep testing things out” “it will eventually click” and the fact of the matter is that this is all true.  If October was a shitty month for you, and you can’t make a penny online, it’s time to stop sleeping and get desperate.  Whore yourself out at the old folks home so you can grab a few domains, and get cracking.  Steal ideas from those around you, while pretending to enjoy their virtual company and talk shit about them behind their backs.

Or… Work hard and realize that nothing happens over night.  Destroy that dream of getting rich quick and reach out towards like minded people.  Discard your insecurities and put your ass on the line, and you’ll be surprised to realize that once you have nothing to loose things start to come together.  I promise.



38 thoughts on “Blog Report For October 2008”

  1. Elijah, love reading your blog and about your efforts to make a career online. I’ve especially enjoyed reading about your site flipping efforts.

    I am going to unsubscribe though. To each his own, but I personally just can’t overlook the unnecessary vulgarisms in your articles anymore. I’ve tried to overlook it for a bit, but with this particular article I just can’t ignore it anymore.

    I’m cool with you being who you are and all and I’m not trying to judge you, just wanted you to be aware you’ve lost a reader as a result. As a fellow blogger, this is something you may want to consider going forward and may impact your growth.

    Take care and best of luck!

  2. Good to see the post Elijah!!

    I can relate to being busy – or burned out – or whatever man!! Ever since your post about selling your blog a few weeks ago… well… I wont go there, not here! LOL

    I dont know if I will head to the prostitution side of it all yet… but grabbin a few boob4bucks(.com) doesn’t sound that bad at all!!

    Looking at your current and past blog reports… it looks like you have moved past the make a penny a day, and getting much closer to the dollar a day!! Good deal!!

    In regard to the review sites… I have moved to that model completely! It is PERFECT for the long tail and targeted buyers!!

    wp-review + phpbay + amazon + carP = a great site, that updates itself!

    Keep up the great work Elijah!!

    Mark – The Niche Store Builders last blog post..Days 15-16 – Write Content for your Readers – Not Your Wallet!

  3. I love it dude! Glad to see your progress this month man, I know it was a rough one, but instead of letting it get you down, you flipped it on it’s head and made it happen.

    I promise, I NEVER know what you will say dude

    “You people are all amazing and I want to make sweet love to each and every one of you. Dudes can substitute the sweet love making for a cold beer and a high five.”

    or this classic

    “So find him on Skype and send him a Tim Horton’s gift card (Canada’s equivalent of Dunkin Donuts) and the new Nas album via iTunes, and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding out what I have up my sleeve for this month. Even better, visit and tell Dready Kruger that you’ve sent, via FedEx, a steaming hot Philly Cheese Steak sammich, and built a giant goldfish out of pop tarts that you will give to him in exchange for my detailed November ninja plans. All it takes is food and Hip Hop to bribe my friends. Assholes.”

    Oh dude! I almost spit a lil h20 on my screen, not to mention the income report on:

    “Prostitution – $13.74 (some old lady paid me to tie her shoe and touch her boob)”

    freakin classic! I’m excited man, really excited to see what’s going down! Glad to be a part of it, and I say we all end 08 with a bang, instead of doing what most will…saying “09 is gonna be my year” forget 09, nothing is promissed, let’s make it happen NOW!

    Normal Joes last blog, – What do you think? Should I Take Over The Cow Pasture?

  4. @Glblguy – I hope you enjoyed your time here, and maybe when I reach a higher level of accomplishment I’ll have less reason to swear – I know I should refrain from saying the “eff” word at times, but if Feedburner is not working the “eff” word is all I can think to describe it. Your honesty is awesome – you already know where I stand with that. Thanks for not being afraid to put it out there rather than in a pm as I’d like to see what everyone else thinks. Cheers.

    @Underdogblogger – Your gift with words is astounding my friend! touching another womans shoes.. lol

    @Joe – Yes sir! Man I hadn’t written a post in a such a while that I went nuts with the sick jokes and vulgarity – I can’t help it though cause if we were all friends in person this is how I talk! I knew you’d like the Dready Kruger madness…NOW is the time for sure – and as you would say, “you already know what it is…”

    @Carrie – Thanks hun! The Conduit Method is some pretty cool stuff – essentially it’s really fundamental sales techniques, but converted to online mediums. Check it out for sure – his reports are always really cheap.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  5. Are you kidding me??? I’d give you up for the Tim Horton’s card alone! The Nas album would just be a bonus.

    That was a fun read dude. That one paragraph that contained Dready Kruger made me pee a little.

    I’m stoked to see you starting to bring in some $$ for your efforts! Double that in NODember (you know what that means!)

    I know you’re probably goin’ crazy out there tonight, but make sure you play safe and protect V from the Goblins!

    Cheer dude!

    SuiteJs last blog post..Website Flipping: Hunting Down Buyers

  6. @SuiteJ – I’m glad my posts encourage urinal activity. Doubling up is the plan for NODember indeed. I think Veronica and I are going to stay in and watch scary movies all night – I know you and the wifey like to go big, so I’m hoping to see some pics of your costumes.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  7. Actually, we’re taking it easy man. We’re visiting some mild places with the baby, and then heading down to my best friend’s coffee shop…he’s closing up early and has a bit of a “closed shindig” happenin’. He’s a musician as well and will be bustin’ out the acoustic on the little cafe stage, etc 🙂

    We won’t be in costumes this year but my daughter is a bumble bee. lol

    Have fun whatever ya do!

    SuiteJs last blog post..Website Flipping: Hunting Down Buyers

  8. @SuiteJ – That’s dope dude! I’d like to visit your friends coffee shop when I come down in a few months – we should rock an Alice In Chains set! I can pretty much play and sing the entire unplugged set list. You know it’s game one baby!

    @Missy – Wecome! It’s not too bad for a months work, and I hopefully plan to double it for November. I’m not a member of BFB for two reasons, 1) I’ve probably learned a good portion of flipping from basics to intermediate from SuiteJ (the original flip king) and 2) I’ve had a handful of inside sources who have memberships tell me that a lot of the material I already know – so it might not necessarily be worth my coin at this point.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  9. Man… I wrote this BIG ASS long reply to this yesterday… and it didn’t post! LOL

    The jist of it though… was to keep me in the lop on how the boobs4bucks (.com) comes along… I hope to see more earnings from that next month!! 🙂

    Congrats on movin-on-up, you have gone from the nickels a day, and nearing the dollar-a-day mark!! Keep up the great work Elijah and V!

    Mark – The Niche Store Builders last blog post..Days 15-16 – Write Content for your Readers – Not Your Wallet!

  10. @Rajesh – Thanks! I visited your site, looks great. First things first, to get good traffic don’t comment on someones blog with two different names going to two different sites that you own – two minutes apart from each other! Any smart blogger will catch this immediately just like I did and delete the comments, therefor resulting in a waste of time for you and not getting the dofollow link goodness. I leave the comments up though because I like your hair cut.

    @Dennis – I know! Kinda weird how that worked out – I busted my ass in October, and clearly it was worth it.

    @Tara – Hey, haven’t seen you here in a while! If everything goes as planned November will be monumental from multiple standpoints. I’m still having trouble accepting that I made $1000 online. It blows my mind.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  11. E, that is outstanding! You made over a stack last month. Ouch! To hell with the 9 to 5, somebody got skillz!!!! It only goes up from here my friend.

    You have officially motivated me. I have to make $1,000 this month flipping websites. So I am putting you on alert, stay on Skype because I will be pulling on your Ninja suit for some advice.

    I look forward to the beer and high five, good job and keep it coming!

    It’s going down, Son!!!

    Freddies last blog post..Goal Setting Sunday: Week 9

  12. @TheMoneyac – Yeah the average worked out not too bad! That’s definitely going to be stepping up this month. Yeah, that old lady wrapped a $5 over a bunch of ones – she was very deceiving!

    @Freddie – You can easily make $1000 man, I KNOW you can of all people. If you average over $300 per site, you’d only need build between 3-5 sites to hit your goal. That’s like 1 site a week. You always know where to find me – I’m just an email away for a meditative ninja session. 2 beers and a high five coming right up!

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  13. @Max – Thanks for stopping by dude! The only reason I’m focusing on flipping at this exact moment in time is the need for immediate cash – I’m well aware that I’m throwing away my own portfolio of niche sites – and this month I actually plan to start keeping a few on a monthly basis because long term is more important! The site flipping is definitely a temporary source at this moment in time.

    Elijahs last blog post..Blog Report For October 2008

  14. Would you believe that I told my husband that I was thinking of giving up trying to work for myself (leaving my sites up, of course, for residuals), and actually get serious about finding a real job instead of the one I have? The very next day, I checked my stats and I’d had the highest AdSense click that I’ve had in months, and my eBay affiliate account had doubled- over night. So, it wasn’t much, but it was enough to make me say “What was I thinking?”.

    WordVixens last blog post..You Wanna Make Some Money For Me?

  15. @WordVixen – I’ve had a handful of those moments! There is no way you are getting a real job, not if any of us Hood rats have anything to do with it! You have too much to offer – I have minimal residuals and that’s something I need to start working on to spread myself out a bit more..

    Joe is unique. Don’t be too concerned, if he falls he has a dread-lined pillow to prevent anymore serious brain damage.

    Elijahs last blog post..Blog Report For October 2008

  16. My goodness, time really flies here. I still remember the day when you were struggling for some groceries money and here you are, fast forward to today, you have made $1K out of site flipping. Congrats, buddy and I’m so happy that you have made it.

    I was wondering why haven’t I seen you lately on my blog and guess you must be busy flipping sites, huh?..;)

    Anyway, that’s a real good report and here’s my cheers for a better month ahead.


    Blog for Beginnerss last blog post..Google Debunk Webmasters’ Myths

  17. Whaddup E’…nice to have the numbers go up every month. I just reported mine on my site. Prostitution – $13.74….man you crazy lol…i almost fell out my chair when I read that. Good to see you getting your flip on also. We’ll (virtual-toast) here’s to another month.


    Desmond Owenss last blog post..End of Month Report

  18. Hey Elijah,

    LOL @ Average Joe!!!

    I had noticed that you were in mini hibernation mode, though not for as long as me 🙁 Congrats on the site sales, that is great work. As for the prositution…

    I have been quiet for exactly the reasons you outlined, multiple projects are taking all my time and need to get finished. I will be gearing up for a big xmas cash in!Not quite as big as Bryan Clarks’ but it shoud keep me in beer throught the festive period.

    I owe you an email and it has not been forgotten! Perhaps I will catch you on skype sometime soon?!?

    Once again, great results and keep on blogging.

    Nota Bene Consultings last blog post..Monetizing Your Blog

  19. @Yan – I’ve been depriving myself of everything that is good online to desperately make an income. And in that depravity I’ve neglected your blog. No excuses! I love that fact that you never hesitate to remind me! It’s the best – and thank you.

    @Desmond – virtual toasting is where the party is at. hmmm… anyone? I dare you to monetize that without a struggle lol. Make believe prostitutes are awesome… and a nutritious source of laughter.

    @NotaBene – Dude, tell me about it! I caught wind of BClark’s cash out the day after from Jarret Cade, and I was like okay – in 6 months, and 24 hours of auction time this cat cashed out more than I made last fiscal period (after deductions) sheesh! We definitely need a Skype session – hit me up when you get a minute and we’ll work out a collaborative time.

    @Abdul – thanks bro!

    @Dennis – You didn’t forget, lol! Yes Dennis, as soon as I catch up on a few more bills I will send you the $87 or whatever it was in grocery money that started this whole shebang!

    @Max – She is the last person that should be giving up right now. I love her style, and she’s such a sweetheart – not to mention one hell of a ninja! Tiger style…

    @Mitch – thanks for stopping by man, always nice to see you around these ways – and thank you!

    Elijahs last blog post..President Of The Blogosphere: Vote Now

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