Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

Internet Marketing Causes InsomniaIt’s 4:46 am here in Toronto, and after 3 and a half hours of laying in bed with my eyes closed I have given up on trying to fall asleep.  I’ve been a night owl since I was a child, always making a fuss when it came time for my mom to put my sister and I to bed, and as an adult I go through these periods of insomnia usually caused by the obstacle of not having enough hours in the day to get things done – even when I’m unemployed and at home.  It’s a known fact that excessive amounts of time in front of a computer can put serious stress on your eyes, and cause your brain to have troubles “shutting down” at the end of the night and I’m sure most bloggers and Internet marketers can attest to that, especially if you haven’t reached the 4 hour work week pillar in your online career as of yet.  I know we’ll all get there eventually…

The quest to make money online is an addiction.  It goes hand in hand with crack, small children and Pringles – once you pop you can’t stop! I bet every one of you can remember that first moment when the veil was lifted, and you came to realize that beneath all the sales hype and push-button promises there was an actual industry of people making a living online, using the same business foundations and marketing fundamentals you were taught in the real world – and that these people were cashing in on something very real, and very possible.  That moment when you discovered search engine optimization and what a “spider” was, or the very first time you heard about affiliate marketing and how people make an income promoting products that they don’t even own – it was a beautiful moment indeed!

I can also bet that once the blinders were removed you didn’t sleep for a few days, or months…

I just came up with an amazing idea for a niche product – Dealing With Insomnia: An Internet Marketer’s Guide.  Included will be audio tapes of CPU noise, or the soothing sounds of a keyboard typing away with the occasional instant messaging notification.  Joint venture anyone?

For real though, I need to snap out of this going-to-bed-at-all-kinds-of-crazy-ass-hours slump that I’m in.  Not only is it hindering my productivity and time management, but it’s also not good for my mental and physical health.  Regulated sleep is vital for any home business person and is just as important as having a good accountant and getting fresh air on a daily basis – which is another area where I’m lacking.  Yes I’ve actually made enough money this month to cover my half of rent and call Visa’s collection department with a payment confirmation number, but at what cost?  I’m going to bed between 4 and 7 am and usually waking up between 10 am and 3 pm on a semi-regular basis.

Not good.

Time for a much needed change.  Valerian Root Extract here I come!



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  1. not good dude….sleep is vital – try some acupuncture if you can – it’s amazing for insomnia – in chinese medicine, they actually split insomnia up into various different versions – so not being able to fall asleep is considered a completely separate problem, with separate treatment to falling asleep but waking up easily.

    anyway, I’m in on your joint venture lol – I’ve got a cool bit of white noise that i created that kind of sounds like being on an airplane – works wonders for turning the brain off!

    Underdogbloggers last blog post..The underdog throws you the bone of LSI

  2. Elijah,

    I feel your pain, man.

    Two months ago, I made the decision to shut down at dinner time at least 4 days a week. I only work at night if there is a pressing issue or I have an hour to kill before M*A*S*H* comes on.

    BTW, this IS my sole source of income. And I DO love what I do.

    It’s just not worth it to beat the hell out of yourself when we are by and large working on projects that by Google’s very nature need time to show results.

    Great blog and post!


    Jeff Joness last blog post..Any Season Is Right For A Kegerator

  3. I usually don’t have insomnia as much as I have the urge to “fight sleep”, the same as you did when you were a kid. 3:37am rolls around and my eyes are burning….but ….I …..just…..need…one…..more…backlink….

    It turns into 5:47am, and I get up the next day at 1:37pm. Now, I feel stressed out because “half my day is gone”. That’s how my mind works, unfortunately.

    You develop a product, and I’ll do a Public Service Announcement – “This is your brain on IM”.


    SuiteJs last blog post..Website Flipping: Dig Deeper Into SitePoint To Improve Your Sales

  4. I too have the same problem and find it VERY hard to switch off at the end of the day – but then I was also like this as a child and I think my parents really despaired of me as I was still wide awake at midnight – from basically the year dot.

    Nowadays I find reading fiction for half an hour before I go to sleep takes my mind off work or alternatively the large glass of wine trick helps too 😉

    Alisons last blog post..Christmas Niche Idea

  5. Hell I think almost anybody that deals with affiliate marketing, internet marketing or trying to make money online seems to stay up into the wee hours of the night.

    I myself am usually up until about 2 am but I make it a point to set my alarm for 8am in case I ever have to go back to a real job *shutters*

    Jarrets last blog post..Hiding A Page Or Post Link In WordPress

  6. I know all about that…there have been plenty of nights were I felt I had to sacrafice sleep for long nights on the computer….I had traded in the tv time for IM time…It’s not bad like it used too but I think what sparks it up is B.S at the J.O.B lol….everyones like “I’ll show him….screw this job”. lol Just my take on it.


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  7. @ Carrie – Melatonin? Hmm.. I’ll have to check that out.

    @ Underdogblogger – That white noise is actually proven to do the trick, on the downside it’s also a way people try to communicate with the dead – that would keep me up for a whole other reason!

    @ Jeff Jones – Gotta love the M.A.S.H. it definitely has one of my favorite theme songs of all time! I like the 4 days a week concept, definitely increasing productivity, while maintaining a sense of balance.

    @ JeffLeft – A large glass of wine, or hard liquor, seems to be the common cure!

    @ Tara – I’m totally with you on that! For example, the entire force behind this blog including the domain, branding ourselves as a couple, etc.. all that came in the wee hours of the night, when the rest of my city was sleeping! I get to sleep in as well, regardless of what time I go to bed, but I like to be regulated somewhat – and that’s my challenge.

    @ SuiteJ – Well it’s a good thing we cut out our late night Skype sessions, there were definitely a few nights when I was up until 5 or 6 am talking with your ass… one.. more.. question…

    @ Alison – Reading fiction while drunk off wine.. hmm.. an interesting combination!

    @ Jarret – I’m usually good with “forcing” myself to wake up early, regardless of my bed time.. but then I fall behind and end up sleeping for 15 hours come Sunday lol.

    @ Desmond – Jobs suck ass, as so do the people associated with it, for the most part!

  8. I presume we all do….I can’t help it as I love what I’m doing to the point where the other half has given up on me but I make it a point to keep Sunday off computer to spend quality time with my family.

    The last thing I need is not to have insomnia as that proves that I’m no longer passionate about what I do…;)


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..Me, Carl Ocab and Direct Response Templates

  9. I can so relate to you, but my problem is twisted the other way with a small wrench in the middle. I’m still at a 8-5 job and when I get home at 5 I’m absolutely exhausted, so I eat and fall asleep. The problem comes when I wake up at 11:30PM and I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed with an idea in my head. Sometimes I act on the idea and sometimes I force myself to fall back asleep to avoid screwing with my sleep patterns any more than I need to.

    Unfortunately, this leads to a never ending cycle that I can’t even break on the weekends.

  10. @ Yan – I know what you mean regarding the passion, as I am very passionate and highly enjoy everything I do online. I usually only work online Monday to Friday, and keep the weekends for Internet leisure time only – like watching horse farting videos on youtube.

    @ Bcarter – I often suffered from the same issue when I was still doing the 9-5. I would regularly wake up around midnight completely wired because I was dreaming about blogging or making music – and it does screw things up!

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  11. Dude, I’m just caught up on your earnings. I just want to go “YAY”, instead of commiserate on the lost sleep!

    Actually, I’m starting to wonder about the whole internet addiction thing. I’m starting to panic when I’m not online…. Not good.

    WordVixens last blog post..You Wanna Make Some Money For Me?

  12. @ Alison – The imagination is a wonderful thing! Especially when snuggling on the sofa with a half empty bottle of wine.

    @ WordVixen – Yeah, this month has been record setting indeed! I totally panic if I go more than 3 days without getting “online” in one way shape or form…

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  13. For me it is the constant new ideas that keep me awake. I sit there in bed thinking about how to improve my projects and what will be the next big thing.

    Then I switch to why something isn’t working or where I can go next and so on and so one until 2 hours later I finally shut down.

    Adam – Creadivs last blog post..5 Things You Should Do / Not Do.

  14. Ahh Elijah been there done that. You know what’s the most funny thing ? It’s that when I mostly can’t sleep, then I think about internet marketing, look at the ceiling, and this is when the best ideas come to my head – such as new niches, possible domain names, etc. So I’m really nott upset with insomnia sometimes :). In healthy doses it’s ok 🙂

    TheMoneyacs last blog post..The way I look at internet now

  15. @ Adam – My main problem is that if I think about internet marketing when I’m in bed I WONT sleep.

    @ TheMoneyac – I know! I absolutely come up with the best ideas for improvement, domain names, niche tactics etc… all when I’m laying in bed, and I encourage that… from now on I’m going to keep a notepad and pen at my night table – rather than feeling the urge to get up and “try” whatever it is that I’m thinking about I will write it down – because forgetting is usually what persuades me to get out of bed “one last time”.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

  16. I hear you loud and clear. It is harder to be work from home then it is to work outside the home, as the PC keeps calling us.

    My issue is just getting up from it and going out and taking a much needed walk, some fresh air. Maybe talk to an offline friend or family member. I spend the majority of my weekdays online at home alone. As my significant other works outside the home and is co-owner/manager of the family restaurant.

    Exercise is vital for all bloggers and net marketers. And yes, sleep.

    I don’t usually stay up too late, but i am online alot. And yes it can be hard to unwind and not think about our projects and ventures.

    I hear ya!

    Missy (from G34 Media)s last blog post..iPhone Recycling Blog – Latest G34 Media Property

  17. @Missy – Totally. I spend the majority of the 24 hour day alone and at home as well, and it’s definitely a struggle to pull myself away from the comp and go for a walk around the block, but whenever I do I feel so much better. My biggest challenge is when the day/night ends I have problems turning my brain off. My body can be completely exhausted, like now for instance, and when I go to lie down my brain turns on overdrive.

    I guess the balance comes with experience!

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

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