20 Site Flips In 30 Days

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Folks – I have officially lost my mind!  Over the last few months my online business has been flourishing from all angles, including Adsense and freelance work, but more importantly my site flipping game has taken off to a whole new level.

I find a lot of times when people reach a certain level of accomplishment in the “make money online” world, they tend to slack off and loose that drive which got them there in the first place – and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m definitely not one of those people.  Sure I’ve taken the plunge, successfully developed a business model that is profitable and have consistently exceeded my earnings on a month to month basis, but I am by no means comfortable with where I am at.

Is it greed?  Absolutely not.  I was raised with next to nothing and given a foundation based on the premise that you should be appreciative of every opportunity you are given, whether large or small, because it could always be worse.  It is this exact mindset that has enabled me to go from $0 in earnings on September 1st, 2008 to over $1600 and climbing in less than 6 months – keep in mind I’m working on average 10-12 hours per day.

Back to my point…

In the spirit of continual self improvement and the annihilation of all things holy, I have set a goal for myself to double my earnings and break the $3500 profit barrier by the end of April.  How will I accomplish this?  More outsourcing and increased productivity through strict scheduling and communication.  Without blasing my ninja tactics to the entire blogsphere, let me break it down a bit more for you crazy kids…

  • To pull off 20 site flips in 30 days I will need to complete and list 5 sites per week.
  • Total outsourcing, adding graphics to the equation, will run me around $425/week.
  • All other expenses (domains, listing fee) will add another $125/week – giving me a total of $550 in expenses.
  • 97% of my auctions sell at the Buy Now price, which averages around $297 per site.
  • $297 x 5 = $1485/week in earnings, minus expenses, giving me a total of $935/week in profit.
  • Multiply my weekly profit by 4 and I’m left with a monthly grand total of $3740 in profit.

It all sounds pretty great in theory, right?

Well I’m sure many of you have sat down and developed little mathematical equations to faciliate your money making dreams and schemes – only to hit the gas and crash head first into a brick wall.  Once business/creative plans are made tangible by writing them down on paper, in my case on a whiteboard, they take on a life of their own.  But in order for me to make this work I have to do one thing – STAY FOCUSED!

All it takes is one “blah” day to fuck up the entire system.  5 flips per week is some serious business – and I’m not talking about crappy “acne prevention” niche sites built on Revolution themes – I’m talking my signature SuiteJ graduate, customized premium niche website packages.  Each site will be fully loaded with Adsense, PLR ebook integration, Amazon affiliate store, unique targeted content and gorgeous high resolution stock images arranged in a 100% custom designed Woo Themes environment.

Anyways – at this point all I ask is to wish me luck!

I hope you all had a prosperous March, and are concocting your own insane plans to kick off the warm weather.  If you’re feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to drop me an email – I’m always around to bounce Ideas off of!



P.S. Veronica says hi, and she promises to write more this month!

30 thoughts on “20 Site Flips In 30 Days”

  1. YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elijah you nutbag. This is absolutely what the internet has been missing in recent months, an outrageous challenge! I for one will be watching this with great interest!

    As you know I keep my beedy eyes on all of your flips and have been very impressed with the quality of each and everyone of them…can you step up the quantity?

    I am quite sure you can do this and you have my full support. Let me know if you need any assistance. Call and the Bloggerhood will respond, just say the word, bro!

    Go show the Net how it is done!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have no doubt that you can pull that off man. You got the skill, and you already seem to have the discipline of shutting down useless chatter/communication when you need to work…

    so…what else is there?

    Just dedication and motivation…

    …you should be getting that from the upcoming VanCity trip to come drink whisky with Suite J!

    We’re watchin’! Don’t screw up, Blue! lolol

    Swizzle Jizzle

  3. Dog, you definitely are a hard worker! With that attitude, I don’t think you’ll fail. But I do think it’s best to factor in some blah days, just because life is always life, no matter how hard we push against it sometimes.

    Also, I have been looking at a few of your site auctions, and I think you should be getting more for the buy it now price. It’d be worth $500 to me to get a site like the ones you’re producing. Just a thought!

    A Photojournalist Who Blogss last blog post..Pat Davison

  4. What up smacks!! Man, I had my best month in March since my journey started and I can see where hard work, long hours and persistence pays off! Internet Marketing part time has been a great source of income for me and I never dreamed it would go this well!

    Props to you bro! Hang in there and kiss ass like I know you will!

    Jakes last blog post..March Madness Contest – Have You Entered?

  5. @Neal – YO! You know I always appreciate the support via comments and random emails, and as long as your beedy eyes are looking I think I’ll do just fine!

    @Jay – Time is nearing son! I hope you’re ready for The At Home Madness in person.. man are we ever going to stir shit up! Useless chatter is the enemy.

    @PhotoBlog – That makes two of us who thinks I should be making more per site, but unfortunately, the market seems to determine what people are willing to pay – and until I hit that guru status like big head Jay, I don’t see a price hike going to well with the general public!

    @Jake – I’m glad to hear March went well for you man, I think we’re due for a phone session in the next couple of weeks!

  6. It’s good to see you making progress, you guys offering some premium, triple distilled, profit making luxury site packages, …. sweet, i wanna see you smash that barrier.

    I’m almost ready to release a new classifieds theme, let me know if you want a copy

  7. Way to go ‘Lijah! I just spent the entire day reading up on Griz’s 5 lessons for beginning MMOers (and some of the off shoot posts), and now have a brand new plan for one of my sites. Sucka’s gonna be HUGE. 😉

    WordVixens last blog post..It Apparently Backfired

  8. @CT – “Premium, triple distilled, profit making luxury site packages” That is awesome! I might just add that in my auction copy if you don’t mind 🙂

    @WV – What’s that I smell? Hmm.. I think it’s a… NICHE! No mercy, slam these fools and show them what’s really hood!

    @Neal – Over sized heads are just as distracting.

    @Jake – The only ass I’m kissing is that of the niche gods!

    Elijahs last blog post..20 Site Flips In 30 Days

  9. Hello: Nice post, I found a lot of time, it reached a certain level of score in the “make money online” world, they are often lax and loose. In my opinion if you have the ability to have the ability to do no matter what as long as the legitimate could earn money to maintain their own lives and to meet its own goal and a variety of snowball and people for their income doubled. I wish you every success.

  10. Just so you know, if you’re doing a text only t-shirt, Zazzle.com lets you just type in the text and choose the font/size/color/etc. Cafe Press is da bomb if uploading graphics, but Zazzle’s sooooo easy if you’re just doing text. Check out the shirt I made and blamed it’s creation on Jeni. 😉 I’m not greedy t-shirt

  11. It does sound a bit ambitious, but it does show that the power of outsourcing can also really pay off 🙂 I have a few sites in my arsenal that I want to sell – I know I can sell them fast and cheap, but then there’s that nagging what if I make more money keeping them…

    Chelles last blog post..10 Family Fun Earth Day Activities

  12. Is it six, or seven right now? I lost count. Just don’t sacrifice on the quality of the sites to achieve your goal. Regardless of where you finish art the end of the month, you have displayed some fantastic skills and I hope people have been watching.

    If you want to make money online then put the effort in, don’t try to rip people off and never, ever give in!

    I’m expecting a big finish 😉

  13. @Chelle – Yeah, a bit ambitious to say the least! Though I’m not quite there, I did have a record month on several fronts!

    @Alison – Nope, haven’t lost my mind just yet! Feel pretty damn good actually! Update coming in a day or so 🙂

    @Neal – Dude, you always keep me going. We really really need to sit down for a pint in the near future. It’s well deserved. A big finish indeed brother! Prob going to put up a viddy post…

    Elijahs last blog post..20 Site Flips In 30 Days

  14. @SD – Fortunately for me, my writer is one of the most reliable dudes I know! So I’ve never had a problem with deadlines!

  15. Hi Elijah

    Just found your blog by visiting the SP market place.. I have to say your % of sales you have made from the % of listings you have posted is awesome..

    And your sites are of the best quietly from what I see… I am looking close at one of your listings right now if I can afford it once I do some numbers.

    I think if you wrote an ebook about you build and flip your sites you could make some good money to..


  16. @TomD – Hey man, thanks for the kind words! I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best in the biz – so it definitely helped in the early days.

    The market definitely lacks quality, style and functionality in a huge portion of the start up websites that are listed. I really just try and make killer sites that I would keep personally!

    Don’t hesitate to contact me with anything in specific that you might be looking for. There is an ebook coming in the very near future – stay tuned!

    Elijahs last blog post..Crazy Super Flip-tastic Follow Up

  17. The one thing I really appreciate is that you rightfully acknowledge that making money online is hard work. Can’t stand those ppl who claim to work 10-12 hours per week (not per day).. that sounds waaaay too unrealistic. GL to ya!

  18. Ever since I found your blog a few weeks/months ago, I keep coming back to read what you are doing and you must be busy as not many updates since November, but being in the same boat as you with niche sites and flipping, I come here for inspiration when I fell like burnout is setting in.
    Thanks, I appreciate that. PM me your screenname on flippa I’d like to checkout your auctions.

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