Weird Christmas Gift Ideas From Me To You

I’m not going to apologize for only posting three times this month because I’ve been super busy online, and It’s apparent that 41 comments related to blogging naked kept the traffic flowing for the last couple of weeks – which is awesome.  While we’re on the topic of blogging naked, the whole concept sparked an ingenious idea for my very first e-book, which I’m not sure when I will be launching, but I can guarantee you that it will be insanely easy to sell as an affiliate and suck traffic from all the gurus boring ass products they keep putting out.  I’ll keep you guys posted.  Oh yeah, the domain name is – and I will leave you with that to marinate on!

Back to the post…

It’s clearly no surprise that I’m a strange dude with an even stranger sense of humor (you think I’m weird, wait till Veronica has more time to post), and I’ve always had a thing for giving unique gifts on birthdays and during the holiday season.  I’m the same way with blogging and my online business – being different and thinking outside the box will ensure you leave a lasting impression, and prevent your “gifts” from getting buried in the closet come January.

Over the last few days I’ve managed to bang my foot on a bunch of pimp daddy Christmas gifts available online, and my list is slowly coming together.  I’m even considering getting some of you knuckle-head ninjas a gift as a token of our appreciation!  If you don’t get anything it’s not because we don’t love you and want to have your children, it’s simply because we blew what little Christmas money we had and hired too many Peruvian albino midgets for the Veronica And Elijah’s Circus of Death performace at the local community centre.  So here’s a few Christmas gift ideas that stood out during my hunt and I thought I would share a few of these awesome items with you guys and gals.

Inflatable FruitcakeInflatable Fruitcake – Take part in a new family tradition with this rendition of a classic unwanted Christmas gift.  It’s no mystery that people hate store bought fruitcake, and instead of burdening your loved ones with the task of discarding another rock hard fruitcake – why not show them you care with this one of a kind fruitcake.  No crumbs and always fresh!

Switchblade Mustache CombSwitchblade Mustache Comb – Have a family member that has been trying to grow a lip rug for the holiday season?  Surprise them with this sleek and stylish switchblade mustache comb.  As a young man it’s very important that your first mustache is groomed and healthy, so give them the gift of instant mustache care in this rebel-inspired comb.

Bacon WalletBacon Wallet – What better way to support your loved ones and blogging buddies by helping them bring the bacon home with this bacon wallet. This unique and mouth-watering wallet is covered with images of freshly cut bacon. There’s plenty of room for all your adult video store memberships and Walmart gift cards. Mmmmm… Bacon!

Ninja AttackNinja Attack – It’s vital for kids to be prepared for a potential attack by fiends and foes, so be sure to arm them with this high tech ninja attack system. It has been said that real ninjas are the greatest assassins of all time and feel confident in giving the gift of ninjutsu madness. Pull the trigger and launch an stealth attack at a moments notice.

Squirrel UnderpantsSquirrel Underpants – It can be very disturbing with these naked squirrels running around your property during the holiday season, so why not show goodwill towards your animal friends while protecting your child’s eyes from over-zealous critters? These 100% cotton mini-briefs will solve your squirrel-streaking holiday problems.