Karma, Good Deeds, And Free PLR

Karma, Good Deeds, And Free PLRHere’s a great story for all you crazy mofos in the blogosphere.  About a week ago I was domain searching for an upcoming site flip I’m working on, and after about 30 minutes of being denied I finally found a gem – www.TheStressFactor.com.  Pretty sweet right?  Immediately I determined that this was too good to be true (as most things in life are) and I was also suspicious because the .org and .net were registered, and when typing them into Firefox I noticed that they both redirected to the same site.

Do I grab the domain and hope that I get a sexy offer for it down the road?  Or do I try and get a hold of the owner letting him know that I was interested, just in case he was waiting for the .com to become available?

Here’s where my good deed steps in…

Being the half decent guy that I am, I chose to contact the owner of the site and advise him that I was interested in purchasing TheStressFactor.com, and if he was waiting for it to become available and I didn’t hear back from him in 48 hours, I was going to go ahead with the purchase.  This seemed fair to me.

Well, sure enough the next day I received a response from a guy named Ronnie Nijmeh who thanked me for contacting him, and said he was so glad to receive my email  because he had been waiting for the .com to become free for quite some time!  Ronnie proceeded to let me know that he owned a PLR membership site, www.PLR.me,  which specializes in the self help/personal development niche, and to show his gratitude he would love to give me free access for the rest of the month to download all the December content – fuck yeah!

Karma is king…

Feeling so good about my decision, I checked up on Ronnie’s Flagship site www.ACQYR.com to see what this guy is all about, and to my surprise I discovered that not only is Ronnie the founder of a personal skill and development firm in Toronto, but he’s also nationally recognized with national broadcast appearances, live’s in Toronto currently and is from the same neck of the woods as myself – Scarborough.  Talk about a small world!

I guess my whole point to this ramble is pretty simple – even though it may seem at times that the Internet business and making money online is a dog-eat-dog world, where you have to step on shoes to get to the top, the true success lies in recognizing opportunities.  Whether that opportunity is to follow your intuition and reach your hand out to a complete stranger while disregarding personal gain, or a chance to sacrifice your own gain to better the situation of someone who you feel deserves the opportunity more.

One tiny good deed put me in the path to connect with an awesome, super inspirational and resourceful contact.  In return that good deed got me a shit-load of free high quality PLR content in a niche that I frequent, and at the end of the day I have a kick ass post to share with you guys, to fill some silence during my dry spell.  It’s win-win baby!  Don’t be greedy, and you will be rewarded – I promise.