Karma, Good Deeds and Free Superfruit Juice

monavie-acai-berry-juiceYes yes y’all… Just wanted to touch base real quick and share a moment of karma and good-deed-doing with you.  If you can recall, back in December of 2008 I was looking at some domains and stumbled upon TheStressFactor.com, only to realize that the same guy owned all of the other TLD’s.  Well being the good chap that I am, I decided to contact him and let him know it was available rather than buy it and extort him for a nice profit.

This good deed landed me a great connection, as well as a butt-load of free PLR from one of his sites!

Anyways, last week I received an email from a previous Sitepoint contact who acquired one of my niche websites, PinkRibbonWomen.com, from a previous buyer.  He contacted me with regards to helping him get a few things sorted out and set up on the site – which I eagerly offered to help him with.

Once finished, he notified me that he is a distributer of MonaVie Acai Berry products and offered to send me a bottle as a token of his awesomeness and appreciation – which I eagerly accepted being the health product junkie that I am.  I promised him that once I received his gift I would blog about it to my awesome friends and partners to show him some bloggerhood love.  He sent me a 750 ml bottle of MonaVie Acai Berry premium blend – which is not cheap!


So that’s that.  Another story of karma and doing good things online.  I want to give a big shout out to Marc – my future MonaVie juice distributor – for his good form (as Captain Hook would say).

You never know who you’re going to meet online, but one thing I do know for sure is that the Internet population is much more kind when compared to the real world.