(Sneak Peak) New Year = New Blog Design + New Plan

Blogging is my first true love online.  Whether it’s the creative outlet to write anything I want or the excitement of getting that first comment on a new blog post – I still have huge plans for myself as an expert blogger and social media guy.

With that in mind, I’ve spent nights tossing in bed over the last month trying to muster up the (courage) to give TheAtHomeCouple.com a new face and plan.

I’ve always taken pride in the fact that this blog doesn’t make us money (excl. random affiliate sales and adsense trickles).  We keep our money sites separate from our personal blog and this has always worked for us.

But to be perfectly honest… I want more… TAHC could be so much more!

So I finally made the decision to start a FRESH design – take a  SNEAK PEAK below:

TheAtHomeCouple.com New Design - SNEAK PEAK!

I know it’s not much – but it’s going to be EPIC!

Veronica and I have also been carefully crafting a master plan to take TheAtHomeCouple.com to higher levels i.e. increased branding, free resources and MORE video posts, tutorials etc… More awesome stuff to make you think, teach you something and/or inspire you some way in your life on and off the web.

Inspiration has always been my drug of choice.



8 thoughts on “(Sneak Peak) New Year = New Blog Design + New Plan”

  1. Niceness. A good way to kick off the month man.

    “Inspiration has always been my drug of choice.” – I hear you!

  2. @Yan – Thanks dude! I’m loving the Thesis creation you’re working on over at BloggingTip.net – looks sweet!

    @Halcyon – Rich mahogany indeed. The header and background are dark and textured. The inner content is going to be on a white backdrop, with lots of room for images to pop.

    @Jeff – 37 desks.

    @Neal – My only problem with inspiration is that you can’t rustle it up on demand!

  3. Hey, looking good. I’m glad you are going to push this blog more as you are one of the few sites that I always have to check out when I see a new post has appeared. Nice design!

  4. “I’ve spent nights tossing in bed” -edit- “I’ve spent mornings tossing in bed” haha! Thats what I’m talking about though, elevate TAHC. It has the opportunity to be something bigger. Looking forward to the update, change and growth!

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