Prospecting Your First Offline Consulting Client

Hey guys, short post today.

I just finished watching a wack load of videos from a guy named Kelly Verge.  If you’re interested in getting into the offline consulting game i.e. being hired by local businesses to promote them online, build a website, ppc etc…  You’ll definitely want to watch these videos.

I think there’s 4 in total – and this dude goes into really good detail regarding prospecting, inbound marketing, and how to speak with local business owners in a way that will close sales. I’ve posted up video number 2 which I really dug.

Postcards is where the party is that!

Hopefully he’s got a Google Alert on his name and will come by and comment – cause I don’t even know him and I’m promoting his shit for free.

Ah well.  I got my own money pffft.



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