How Bad Do You Want To Quit Your Job?

How to quit your jobI’m fortunate to be self employed for over 2 years, and though my knuckles and bank account are still scraping the bottom, I don’t ever regret quitting my previous job.  The question is, for those of you who are bored tired at your current day job – what’s stopping you from quitting or looking for something better/more enjoyable?

If working a day job is something that you must do because of commitments, children, massive debt etc..  that’s totally okay – but don’t get too comfortable with the idea of stability and a risk free life, because this is the ultimate recipe for a mediocre existence.  And there is no one in this world that wants a life that is “fine”.

PROBLEM: You hate your current job, boss or industry.

SOLUTION: Start looking for something better.  And when I say looking, I don’t mean sending out resumes online for 2 weeks and then giving up.  Get your act together, spruce up your resume (even embellish if needed) and decide what it is you want and how you are going to make it happen. If you need a fake reference, just send me an email – I can say you worked for my company and that you’re awesome (which isn’t a lie).

This job doesn’t have to be permanent, so wipe that thought from your mind because that will do nothing but make you feel stuck again – just in a different environment.  Think of your new job as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal.

My buddy Alastair just had a huge win, and I will use him as a great example:  He is in the Restaurant/Venue Management industry and last night he told me that he quit his job – and found something WAY better.  I was so pumped when I heard this that I may have pooped a little in my pants…

We’re talking about going from managing a mediocre dessert bar in the ghetto to managing an uptown, upscale “old hollywood” inspired supper lounge.  It took him months of phone calls, walk ins and hustling – but he made it happen!  And though he’d much rather be a Restaurateur and running his own joint (only a matter of time) he’s being positive, excited and realizing the abundance of opportunity this new job is going to give him.

On top of all this, it’s easier for him to get too and I’m a 20 minute commute (VIP by association rocks).

What I’m trying to say is I know it’s tough – and scary – but it is necessary to TAKE THE LEAP every few years until you get to where you want to be.  I don’t care how old you are, how many kids you have or what your monthly bills look like – you must keep moving and avoid becoming stagnant.  You mustn’t look too far ahead, but still have a grasp of your end goal and how you will achieve it – whatever that “it” may be!


What’s stopping you?

Don’t be a wussy and share your thoughts/current situation – letting others know is the first step to getting the ball rolling!



7 thoughts on “How Bad Do You Want To Quit Your Job?”

  1. Knowing you pooped a little helps to explain the look on your face lol although the reaction of “I’m gonna blog about that ” was pretty funny and, apearently, true \m/

  2. dude. most excellent post. although not quitting my job at the moment, i always try to keep the end goal in mind, and i think about how i’m going to get there on a daily basis. what can i do today to get me closer to that stage, the place i want to be? and i think what you said about stagnation is the most important part of it. never being complacent and above all being honest with yourself. am i happy? am i doing anything to change the situation if i’m not? it’s easy to just get comfortable and settle, without knowing that you have unless you consciously analyze your current situation. you’re a constant motivation bro, doing what you want to do and most importantly sticking to it.
    p.s. – cafe-mirage looks dope.

  3. @Alastair – Shameless plug accepted! WTF is with restaurants always having flash websites. Don’t they realize that iPhone users on the go can’t access their site?!? Missing a huge market of spontaneous foodies.

    @Forest – You’re truly and inspiration man. I’m always stalking your online foot prints to see what you’re up to next!

    @Halcyon Records – Yeah dude, I think being honest with yourself and everything you do is crucial to ultimate happiness and overall content. And being content doesn’t mean in any way being comfortable, more so being thankful and satisfied, and recognizing something good when it’s in front of your face!

  4. It is important to try and work where you will be happy. I have way too many friends that when you ask them about work, they complain about how bad it is. I could not imagine sticking with a place and being miserable. I did that once and it is the last time I will go there unless in dire need.

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