Niche Keyword Research Tutorial

As promised, I spent a few hours today putting together a jam-packed tutorial which takes you step by step through the process of conducting effective keyword research.  The purpose of this tutorial is to help you uncover profitable niche markets which surround any given keyword or phrase – and it’s really not as hard as you think!

Click Here To Watch The Tutorial

The tutorial itself is around 30 minutes long – so be sure to turn the tv off and duct tape the kids to the toilet seat.  Grab a pen and paper and really let the info sink in.

I cover two of the more popular keyword research tools available online: Wordtracker and Google’s Keyword Tool.  Wordtracker as most of you know is a paid keyword service, which is around $300 for the year (less than $30 a month, and worth every penny!) and Google’s Keyword Tool is free (not as detailed results).

I hope this helps those of you who are still unsure about the process of researching keywords for your niche sites and affiliate campaigns, as well as uncover some neat facts for the few of you who might be more experienced.

Oh yeah, Wordtracker has a free 14 day trial so feel free to sign up and follow along!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!



19 thoughts on “Niche Keyword Research Tutorial”

  1. Ok, i’m oly half way through the vid and stopped to come say this…

    will you please kick my ass for not having wordtracker before now! ha!


    GREAT tutorial and this has helped me tremendously.. no excuse for not having this and allowing it to make me $$!

    thanks Elijah!

    Jakes last blog post..YOUR Website And How Others VIEW It!

  2. @Jake – Haha, yeah Wordtracker is heavy duty man! Guess where I learned everything I know about it? Mark Hansen! I swear he has a tutorial on TNSB that is identical to what I did, minus the Google section…

    I learned everything I know about keyword research and wordtracker from Mark… along side Hostgator and a few other things… He’s the man (I don’t need to tell you that)

    But he’s bad at sticking to phone meetings. lol.

    Elijahs last blog post..Niche Keyword Research Tutorial

  3. @Dennis – Glad you found it useful! I’ve heard many good things about KE, and very few bad things – so I would say it’s definitely worth giving a shot! You should be able to take the info in my tutorial and apply it to any mainstream keyword research tool – let me know if you get stuck anywhere!

    Elijahs last blog post..10 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Starting A Blog

  4. @Chris – Yes trini, thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated. I hope your readers can get some use out of my jabbering. If the ones who are struggling to make ends can get a grip on keyword research they’ll have a better chance at dominating niche markets… baby steps… and stop worrying about the big markets and the big boys…

    Elijahs last blog post..10 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Starting A Blog

  5. Niche keyword very hard task , i seen your tutorial that make much easier our work of niche keyword research, quite impressive post for niche keywords.

  6. When I was a new blogger I didn’t think anything about keywords – I just wrote whatever I felt like. Then i realized how powerful and wonderful search engine traffic is. Find the right topic and you can easily get a site that starts getting immediate traffic and earnings! I have one that is two weeks old earning a couple of dollars a day already 🙂

    Chelles last blog post..10 Family Fun Earth Day Activities

  7. A good way to get keyword suggestions is to use Google Adwords keyword tool. First, you need an Adwords account. Then start a new PPC campaign for your site and use the keyword tool to find not only keywords that people have searched on but also their monthly relative search volumes.

  8. @Chelle – That is so awesome to hear. I was fortunate to have started blogging already with the knowledge of keywords and organic traffic (it was actually the very first thing I “discovered” online). The first website I ever built gets zero promotion, still gets 50-60 uniques per day and brings in nice trickles of amazon, ebay and adsense income. All because of some good research and SEO.

    Elijahs last blog post..20 Site Flips In 30 Days

  9. Great tutorial.Highly useful.Thanks for posting.

    My doubt is if we target to the keywords with very low search volume..we get the very less traffic ,right?

    Like in the video , all the keywords are with 2-8 searched.

    Am I missing anything?Can you please explain?

    Do you write an article for every keyword with 2-8 searches or KEI ? or you write article around 2-5 such keywords?

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