I Made $800 Profit For Under 20 Hours Of Work

Wow, so I’ve officially written my first “how to make xxx dollars” post title, and though I should feel accomplished, I actually feel kind of cheesy for doing so.  Regardless, the title of this post is fact – yesterday I profited around $800 for 20 or so hours of work.

No, I didn’t sell my beard trimmings to a scientific laboratory for the purposes of creating a perfect being, nor did I sell a bunch of iphone knock-offs on eBay.  I made this money doing what I do best – developing and selling niche websites online.

Website flipping, or whatever you want to call it, has been a primary source of our monthly income for the last several months, along side our growing Adsense portfolio.  Though the Sitepoint marketplace is getting saturated, primarily due to the natural hype of the Internet and a handful of crappy site flipping ebooks (not including any of my readers who’ve shared their techniques) there is still tons of room for you to step in and make your move.

Here’s the catch – in order to survive in any business, especially one which resides in the madness which we call the Internet, you have to be willing to think like Wayne Gretzky – and put yourself where the puck is going to be.  Remaining one step ahead of the game will ensure that your business, regardless of the model, has the tenacity to survive the inevitable hoards of hopefuls who jump on board once word spreads that your “model” is highly profitable.

Elijah, what the fuck does Wayne Gretzky have to do with you making $800 yesterday?

Absolutely everything – and here’s why:

Regular people trying to make money online do the following…

  • Follow what they are told, step by step.
  • Refuse experimentation because they fear the consequence is irreparable.
  • Once they make money, they fall victim to comfort.
  • Quantity over quality.
  • They see proven methods in a single dimension, and fail to develop their own unique back end model to create foundation, stability and adaptability within the changing marketplace.
  • When shit gets tough, they drop ship and move onto the next method.

People who will actually succeed at making money online do the following?

  • Follow what they are told step by step for the first little while. Once confident, they begin to tweak.
  • Often jump in head first to see how quick they hit bottom. Usually they won’t.
  • Are constantly driven by personal and business goals. They don’t get comfortable because they value their accomplishments so much that the thought of failing is not even an option.
  • Find a harmonious balance between quantity and quality – with quality always a few steps ahead.
  • They observe each business model and method from every angle, often developing several layers beneath the initial point of sale or contact.  This also creates the opportunity for them to eventually remove themselves from the equation and enjoy the profits in a “hands-off” fashion.
  • When shit gets tough – they find a brown paper bag, a lighter, an unsuspecting neighbor, and continue towards their destination.

So where am I getting at with this?  Well, as some of you know I’m a co-conspirator, good friend and proud student of SuiteJ – also known as Big Head.  A week back Jay and I were talking on Skype regarding the completion of NicheOnDemand.com, my back end site flip foundation, and he was giving me some advice regarding how I should present the packages and various other ideas surrounding that.  Jay mentioned that I should consider providing some sort of bundle option on a recurring basis i.e. get 3 unique niche sites per month for x amount of dollars.

At first I thought to myself there is no way someone will pay $700-$1000 per month for website packages.  But instead of dismissing the idea, I took it to heart and let it simmer on the back burner.

A couple days later I listed two new site flips that were recently completed and continued on with my day.  Less than 24 hours after listing the sites I received a pm from a woman we’ll call “Jersey” – Jersey informed me that she had placed bids on both of my auctions and was really interested in what else I had floating around.

Well one thing lead to another and after a few pm’s back and forth I secured a 3 site bundled sale with Jersey, and had a phone meeting arranged to discuss ideas and to get acquainted (communication is the difference between good and great).  Not only did Jersey grab a 3 site bundle from me, but we also spent an hour talking about future projects and idea’s she has (she’s super creative) for another site.

Here’s where the icing gets put on the cake…

I spent the entire day yesterday with my favorite person in the whole world, my grandma, and came home not only to see the payment of $775 from Jersey, but also that one of the sites I listed had sold at BIN for $297 to an awesome guy we’ll call “Hunter” who I just got off the phone with, and is a Broadcast Journalist in New York who’s looking to start a network of news related blogs.

That my friends is how I made $800 profit for about 20 hours of work.  Rather than dismiss the idea suggested by Jay, I let it sit and continued on with my business.  Opportunity knocked, I did what I do best, revisited his advice and benefited from it, even though I initially thought otherwise.

4 websites which takes around 4-5 hours per site to put together, and $200 in outsourcing and expenses equals $800 in profit for 20 hours of work.

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is.  A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretzky.

For those of you who doubt my ninja skills – eat a dick.  But for all you “earnings screenshot” whores, here’s your fix!  Click for the full size image.

You're a screenshot whore!



15 thoughts on “I Made $800 Profit For Under 20 Hours Of Work”

  1. Congrats brother!

    …and I’m not going to doubt you because I don’t want to “eat a dick”.


    I love reading your posts. I can always count on a good laugh…or two…or three…you get the point.

  2. Lucky for you!

    You have funny write up that concludes to have humor, unlike most articles I read. And I too don’t want challenge your skill. Because I might eat something that I must not suppose to eat.
    Good Luck and Go for the gold!

  3. @Stephen – You can’t put a price tag on a good laugh! I’m so sick of boring blogs from boring guru’s.. Real people speak like real people…

    @Anand – Thanks for the congrats, but don’t evny me! I’m doing nothing special except working my ass off 🙂

    @Mark – No prob dude, you know where to find me!

    @First100 – Yeah, we don’t want anybody eating genitals now do we?!?

    Elijahs last blog post..I Made $800 Profit For Under 20 Hours Of Work

  4. Congrats man! I appreciate the props, but really, you’re the one taking action and getting things done man! Sometimes peeps need something as simple as a quick Skype convo to bounce ideas off of each other in order to solidify a plan or just to twist them little. I do it all the time. 🙂

    Never decide anything based on what you “think” will or won’t happen based on whatever’s going on in your head. We all have different mindsets that can get in the way of reality. Trust me, I know from experience! lol. Instead, RESEARCH it. In this case, you found out quick that there are people willing to pay for multiple sites regularly, and I’m glad you didn’t dismiss it. 😉

    Speaking of mindsets, don’t feel cheesy for writing out this “how to make $$” post. People like to see it man, and the only reason you’re thinking that way is probably because you’re used to rolling your eyes at such headlines with big $ figures. Those are real too in many cases, it just seems outlandish when you aren’t in that reality yet ( operative word is “yet” 😉 )

    BTW, I have a rotating Wayne Gretzky quote on my desktop motivator as well:

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

    Congrats again and killer post dude!

    Suite Js last blog post..4 More Free WordPress Themes Hot Off The Press

  5. @WV – Well I guess that entirely depends on what Jay told you a week ago. If he said to kick ass online, then listen to him!

    @Jay – Yeah man, this is definitely not one of those industries where you can reach the top by yourself. I know what you’re saying about the “how to make $$$” posts/titles, and you’re exactly right about why I felt kinda cheese when I was writing it – it’s just my conditioning. People do enjoy reading about other people and their successes.. so I guess those posts could really inspire some.

    Gretzky is a man of many quotes – often they happened in between periods during interviews. Now a days players are all “uh…. eh… uh….”

    Elijahs last blog post..I Made $800 Profit For Under 20 Hours Of Work

  6. Congrats and again a great post. Highly motivating and as always hugely entertaining.

    Don’t feel embarrassed for posting a ‘How I Made $’ – I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that’s why I’m here online to make lots of $ and to escape the rat race……I’m not quite there yet though 😉

    Alisons last blog post..Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder….

  7. Yeah man!

    Although I have already congratulated you privately, I feel the need to commend you publicly…seeing as though you are fishing for compliments and wrote a quality post!!! Nice work, Eli!

    Don’t threaten me with a dick! How could anyone doubt your ninja skills?!?!

    P.S You have just provided me with my ‘quote of the day’ when tyou said in the comments the “real people speak like real people.”

  8. @Alison – Motivating and entertaining at the same time! That’s really sweet of you to say. 🙂 Yeah, screw the rat race. There’s no reason why all us d-lister’s can’t be having lavish meet-ups in Las Vegas by 2010.

    @Neal – Totally fishing for comments dude! I’m on the path to rejuvenating TAHC, especially after I spent months neglecting it.

    You officially have the rights to “real people speak like real people” just make sure that I get a nice share of merchandise profits.

    I should probably chill with the dick threats. lol.

  9. I think Jay’s suggestion involved honey, pineapple, and a teddy bear. Oh wait, no, that was Jarret.

    *laughing @ Neal’s “don’t threaten me with a dick!”*

    wordvixens last blog post..Painless Giving?

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