Michael Jackson Is Dead: And We Killed Him

michael-jackson-is-deadThis is not going to be a rant about how awesome Michael Jackson and his music was.  Nor is this going to be some superficial lecture on the human psyche.  But today, one of the most influential people in my musical life has died and I can’t help but think that there are some people who should be feeling guilty right now.

We killed Michael Jackson.  When I say “we” I am talking about the media members, paparazzi and journalists who have made a career out of destroying this man’s life over the last 25 years.  We broke him down, piece by piece and bit by bit.

I’m many of you are thinking “he molested children” or “he destroyed himself” but the fact of the matter is that no single person, big or small, rich or poor, can or should have to absorb the onslaught of abuse this man was dealt.  He wrote some of the most beautiful songs in musical history.  He brought nations together through his words and melody.  And this is how we thank him.

I would like to personally challenge any member of CNN, ABC, NBC or any other bullshit monopolistic, mind-twisting media machine to step forward and take responsibility for all the lies and exploitation they’ve fed to the public over the last 30 years.  I personally challenge the paparazzi to step forward and make right of the wrongs they have caused.

And I personally challenge you, the readers, to comment below and share your opinion.  Whether positive or negative.  I don’t care if you loved Michael Jackson or hated him – it’s completely irrelevant.

How is this acceptable?  How can we just stand here and believe we had no role in the slow and painful deterioration of a human being?  Sure, Michael Jackson was weird.  He was a creep.  But he made beautiful music – and he was HUMAN.

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  1. It’s true.

    Today’s society sucks… and by today’s society, I mean just about everyone.

    If someone doesn’t look right to someone else, they get judged horribly.

    If someone acts different or weird to society, society shoots them down no questions asked.

    Even when society knows the pain this criticism caused them, they still inflict upon others.

    Cmon, life is hard enough to live through when you have to deal with your own challenges… glad society can make it worse with their disgusting two cents, which I don’t even think is even worth THAT.

    I was never a fan of MJ, but as a musician, I know what it’s like to receive any kind of negative criticism… it’s bad getting it from a few people, I cannot begin to fathom how bad it would be from an entire world. It’s almost like being exiled by your own kind I would imagine.

    Opinions are like a**holes, keep yours to yourself.

  2. I’m not the biggest MJ fan, but that doesnt mean I dont have an immense amount of respect for his career and all that he has accomplished in his life. I’m as guilty as anyone for making fun of him. As Lewis Black always said, if you ever need a punch line for a joke just say Micheal Jackson, and you’ll get a laugh, even if its got nothing to do with the set up. I do think however that years from now, when we look back, history will be kind to MJ. I dont think the lasting memory will be the last few years. Look at Elvis, sure there are the bloated sequence jumpsuit images, but on the whole he is held in high regard and the more common images are the 50’s swingin pelvis King of rock and roll. My only concern is that people who have been making fun of him for so many years will all of a sudden jump on the “hes a musicall genius” band wagon and refuse to admit that they are as guilty as anyone for causing the pain and harassment we as a society put him through. Im not judging what society did to him, and whether it was deserved, right, or wrong. Im just saying that I can see too many people being fake and running to praise some one they made fun of for the last 20 years.

  3. The society we live in is terrible,funny how humans behave,in this world,nobody apreciates anybodys success,and out of all,M.J deserved a 2nd chance,he ws and will always remain as’the world’s all time best muscian,r.i.p michael

  4. Well well said. I totally agree with ever word you say. That is why I don’t read celebrity rags and run the other direction whenever I see “celebrity news”. R.I.P.

  5. This is a shame, this is a d*** shame.
    Men, this society is messed up. The majority of U people don’t have the courage or guts to think for Urselves. U beleive everything and anything that the media feeds U.
    This society is sick, it truly is. People in this sick society CONDEMN U if U smile toooo much or are a happy person, They think that U are weird for being nice from the heart or being naturally playful.
    These so called “people” condemn a Man for loving children soo much and being genuinely himself enough to offer his bed to these kids especially in the LIGHT of the fact that this man has never ever been convicted of child molestation. This society is soooo sick that if they see a man hugging a kid, they would automatically think that he is a pedophile.
    Yet, what they don’t realise is that THEIR OWN PERVERTED thoughts are revealed in their seeing EVIL in INNOCENCE.
    A good example is one of a father on the Tyra show who said
    that he “loves going out on dates” with his 3 daughthers, and the whole audience gasped in horror like he was a pedophile. He was soooo shocked because their thought pattern (which revealed their own twisted imagination) was in total contradiction to his. These same people acting like he was a pedophile are the same ones who wear mini skirts and sleep around.
    These same sick pigs in this society promote people like Hugh Heffner and think he is a wonderful man but want to, they just want to see evil in Michael’s love for GOD’S Children . These same people promote women having semen on their face and even drinking it. They think that is LOVE and being a porn star is a great thing.
    The heart of many people in this society is wicked, it shows in how they treat others, U go out into the public and everybody has a MEAN face. There is a genuine lack of love in this society. But GOD watches and sees everything that is going on. HE is justified is wanting to ALLOW the destruction of this society. We have created a people sooo selfish that when the economy gets worse (due to GOD’S recinding of his blessings) U will have people killing each other for a cup of gasoline. I have been a victim of a sex crime. Yes I consider pornography to be a form of a sex crime because the women are taking advantage of men’s weaknesses for money. If U have genuine love for Ur brother, U will not want to trade his spiritual growth for money, U will not want to take advantage of his sexual weakness to make a quick buck.
    U hypocrites in the media BBC, CNN, FOX, SKY, CBC,ABC, CANAL+,ABC e.t.c CUT OUT THE PHONY praise for Michael Jackson. His blood is on Ur hands, U are all GUILTY for either picking on him, promoting it, allowing it or simply turning a blind eye. Nobody except a single digit number of journalists came out in his defense. He is dead now, U got what U wanted.
    I am by NO means a SAINT but I im clinging on to GOD’s word and HIS love to help me change and overcome every sinful habit. It has been done, I know that I can do it and so can U.
    This message is very urgent, society cannot continue like this. I hope that Michael was in the Book of Life as JESUS is more than willing to welcome him home where His joy will be full for now and forever more.
    My life’s dream is to meet U in Heaven. May GOD allown Ur soul in his bosom.
    One Love
    One GOD

  6. Thanks, Elijah. This article is so true. The media has the same barbaric nature of the ancient Romans, who used to watch humans being killed and eaten by lions……….for entertainment.
    May God help us all.

  7. XeVex, You are right on.
    Thanks for your insightful post.
    I couldn’t agree more.

  8. I totally agree. I feel this sense of emptiness now. But also this anger. I felt that several parties should feel guilty for continually tearing this man apart bit by bit. They say he died of a heart attack, but I think the same “they” telling the story of it on TV now should feel a sense of responsibility. I hate it. I hate that they’re going to pretend they did nothing wrong or didn’t contribute to his death. My comfort is knowing he left all this crap behind.

  9. Well said Eli

    My wife and I sat on our porch last night reflecting on MJ and just how influential he not only WAS in the US, but still IS in other countries. He is the Elvis of our generation…

    News media is no longer news in the sense of impact on human life. The days of Walter Cronkite reporting on war have been swapped for Perez Hilton, TMZ, and reporting on the sensationalism that drives ratings.

    From Jon and Kate +8 to, Britney Spears and every other debaucle in between, we have become a public that seems to care more about celebrity failure than we are about issues that are effecting ours, and our childrens lives for years to come.

    It IS our own fault! WE are the ones who encourage stupid news and make it more important by watching it and making it popular!

    RIP MJ…

    .-= Mark´s last blog ..7 Tips for Getting Accepted into ePN – eBay Affiliate Network =-.

  10. @Count – Life is definitely hard enough on it’s own.

    @Alastair – Totally know what you mean dude. But that seems to happen with many things. When it’s there, people make fun and harass. When it’s gone, people digress and sing praise. You’re not a big fan of MJ, but you respect his music career – and that is an educated thing to say. I was definitely looking forward to hearing what him and Will.i.am were working ong – hopefully they’ll still release it.

    @Gladys – Everyone deserves another chance. People love ripping down the successes of others.

    @Carla – Yeah. What really sucks is that the celebrity niche is so lucrative! lol.

    @XeVex – That was a whole other post you wrote! Thanks for sharing your very heart-felt opinions.

    @Chelsea – Great comparison! I never thought if it that way, but now that you’ve pointed it out – it’s not that far off.

    @Violet – Yup, his music will never die. And pop music won’t see the likes of him for another 25 years.

    @Mark – I couldn’t agree more. We are such a funny species! And I do worry for what our children’s children will have to deal with.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Michael Jackson Is Dead: And We Killed Him =-.

  11. What sickens me is that EVERYONE who distanced themselves form the fella while he was alive are the same FACKERS who are now pretending to care and speak about his inspiration to them. Through thick and thin I’ve been and remain a MJ fan. And YES I blame the media for taking the fella’s life apart. I would hate to have lived under the microscope as he did.

    I do hope he’s in a better place.

    Did you know that when he/they visited T&T many moons ago he went on foot to some of the poorer areas and met the locals (places coined – ghettos) . Imagine sitting on your porch and there in MJ walking up your driveway to just say hello? They were his fans and he wanted to show his appreciation for them.
    .-= Chris De La Rosa´s last blog ..Lunch date at Niagara On The Lake. =-.

  12. @Chris – Yeah, that’s just like what Alastair was saying. Too many people are now acting like they’ve supported him this whole, when meanwhile we know the real truth. I’ve never turned my back on Michael, because for me, I’ve never had a reason to – his music can do no wrong in my eyes.

    I heard about that in t&t from my Aunt – what a trip that must of been to be liming in the backyard playing cards and see MJ walk by!
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Michael Jackson Is Dead: And We Killed Him =-.

  13. thank you for saying something i 100 percent agree with.
    this has to stop.
    who is next la toya

  14. The truth of the matter is, Michael is dead. Let’s not point fingers, find blame ect… Let’s be thankful he was able to make the Music, he gave the world. The negitive Father
    thing , the Drug thing . That’s exactlly what it is, a Thang.
    Leave that Thang Alone. Michael’s MUSIC is still ALIVE.
    .-= darryl Woodberry´s last blog ..forth of July sale =-.

  15. He was acquitted of ALL charges. I have always believed he was innocent of all the despicable charges and could see the MSM’s vendetta against this man. They broke his heart long ago, it just happened to finally stop beating.

  16. Our current culture attempts to destroy anything that is successful. There are those who will try and make this into a racial issue, wait and see. Rev. Al is already trying to make this his media event for the year. Pity…

  17. How can we just stand here and believe that Michael had no role in the slow and painful deterioration of his own being?
    You can blame society, the enablers, the handlers, the liars, hollywood, mind control, the media, drugs, everyone in the world, but what it really comes down to is himself, always. When you become so big, and lose yourself, where else can you go but down, 9 feet underground? When you play the celebrity, you die like one. RIP.

  18. I agree and infact I was busy reading and watching related Youtube videos about his death and it just dawned on me that all of us as a society have killed Michael Jackson. Its true with all our negative thoughts we put our negative thoughts on his sholders. Im thinking his death is related to drug use that really is associated to the bad press and pressure all of us as a society put on him. I must admit I loved his music from the Thriller Album, I was in HighSchool but really have not followed him since. I must admit I was turned off by the molestation aquations and his altered appearance so I left him behind and went on with my life. I don’t listen to that kind of music. Never the less we should not have been constantly trashing him. R.I.P Michael

    Best Regards
    Michael Grant

  19. I truly believe that if the media hadn’t hounded Michael Jackson, he would still be with us today. I was a huge fan of his during the 80s and part of the 90s (basically until I’d outgrown that level of fandom) and everyday at school and college, people would give me newspaper clippings about MJ – some from UK, some from imported mags. I saw the media change almost overnight. He was saying that he didn’t want to give interviews because he was tired of being mis-quoted and he went from being portrayed as a sensitive and shy enigma to Wacko Jacko wearing masks, sleeping in oxygen chambers, and having extensive plastic surgery. And I’m ashamed to say it came from the British tabloids (the snickering schoolboys that they are).

    I feel that if that hadn’t happened and if the public hadn’t been so happy to join in kicking him, then individuals wouldn’t have felt there was enough public support to take him to court with false allegations, and he wouldn’t have spent the rest of his final years defending himself over and over again. Since his death, I’ve been looking at some of the coverage I’ve ‘missed’ over the last decade. What a horrible way to live. I’m surprised he made it this far. Once you call someone mad, you can get away with saying pretty much anything about them and people will think at the very least, “Hmm, well maybe. I mean he is crazy after all.” I’m really pleased to see here that there are some people who are questioning what they told and not just engaging in some bizarre public execution.

  20. i think death of micheal is mistery but one thing i will say correct somebody had killed him they also related to his friends but atlast great pop is become as know god for all dancers

  21. Chelsea: I appreciate everything you said. God Bless

    I blame the MEDIA 100%. The media told the world that Michael Jackson was wacko jacko, a freak, weird, bleaching his skin to be white, sleeping in a oxygen chamber, buying the elephant man’s bones, a child molester, etc. As a result, too many of his fans turned against him. Michael then turned to medication to numb his broken heart, which ultimately killed him. At his memorial service his brother Marlon said, “They can’t bother you anymore.”

  22. Chelsea: Correction wrong name. XeVeX: I appreciate everything you said. God Bless

  23. You are part of the very thing you argued against when you ended your statement with, “Sure, Michael Jackson was weird. He was a creep.” You believe that because the media of which you blame has said that the last 3 decades.

    There will always be tabloid junk, but the problem is the mainstream media is also guilty of gossip, innuendo and conjecture. journalistic integrity doesn’t exist anymore in mainstream media outlets.

  24. i loved reading your thoughts, i believe that way back then jesus went trough the samething¸!!!!no
    he changed the world back then!! and they judged him and eventually killed him but never really listened!! today we have michael same life made no miracles but changed the world in his own way!! what i,m saying is if jesus would comeback we would still perscute him, because we are hippocrates we go to church ,give to the church,to charities,to get tax rebates, if you go to church are u a real believer, nevrmind which religion, just believe !!michael jackson was not bad!!! hte people just didnt understand what love is

  25. Oh my God. You’re like Neo in Matrix. You’re one of those rare people that share such insight about the Matrix we live in. The media killed Michael Jackson. We also killed Elvis Presley and is killing Britney Spears. Just think to yourself what for right reasons can Paris Hilton be famous? The power of media.

  26. you know why they did this !! to get your mind off whats really happening!! think about it!! health care , afghanistan, the real devil is the media !! when will we wake up!! fake viruses! just to let us buy anti- viruses!! wow theyr the real viruses

  27. its heartening to hear some of what you have said.its the absolute truth.shame on the whole media around the world especially america for ruining bit by bit a gentle human being. its just that they couldnt take his success anymore the fact that he was the single most gifted artist unlike any the world has seen.these sick leeches for people who make a living and money out of printing falsehood are not human.any reader should think before believing the total crap these filthy conscience less jokers write.media really is the devil and equally to blame are all the people who believe in all the crap they write without for a second using the reason that any sane person is capable of. michael was the greatest musician and dancer and performer that we all will ever hope to know.shame on all the people who wrote and propagated lies about him.and all those who believed it.what goes around comes around. and they will pay right here in this life. nobody can escape their wrongdoings for long.its a fact of life. also u think of him as a creep. why?with what authority i wonder.somewhat the same prejudice that u r dismissing here. isnt it?

  28. Michael jackson was genuinely childlike and innocent.

    Unfortunately because of this he was naive and too giving. He attracted some very evil people into his life who thought they deserved a slice of what he had and wanted a free ride at his expense.
    In my opinion he was pure in spirit, loving, kind and caring. The evil no talent people (including the media)had their jealousies and were cruel and vindictive for this they had to destroy him, probably because they couldn’t stand to see someone with all the qualities they were lacking. The motive was Pure Jealousy and feeling they were entitled to what he had was the reason behind all of the lies they spread about him.

    Everyone knows that just the implication of what he was accused of is the number 1 accusation that irreversaby will destroy an innocent person’s life.

    Agressive loud mouth people were no match for someone so kind and gentle as I think Michael was.

    I know he is at peace now and I hope the people who accused him come forward and admit the truth and if not, i hope they live every day with the constant guilt and isolation that they should have for what they have done.

    I have to say that I think he was too pure for this world. The only thing that made his life bearable was his mega talent which he humbly stated was a gift from God that he couldn’t explain. That was his outlet to express his kindness, compassion and love for people.

    Why do you think God would give him so much talent?, duh, maybe because he was truly a kind, compassionate, sensitive extremely rare human being.

    I wish he was still here but at least he is not in pain anymore.

    Regarding the media, they are out of control. I don’t know where they get the idea that the public wants to hear dirt on people and that’s what sells. Personally i would like to hear some real news and support for our country to help the U.S to get back on track.
    Sometimes I wonder if the media in the U.S are Americans because they do absolutely nothing to prove that they love our country and want to be a part of it prospering again.

    I hate them for that and wish there would be a movement to demand change in the petty gossip they are feeding the public pretending to be about finding the truth.

    MJ Rest in Peace. I hope you know now how many people could see your beauty and loved you for it.

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