I’ve Lost My Way

So it’s very clear that I have lost all steam on TheAtHomeCouple.com – what amuses me the most, is I have no reason why, or when this happened.  It’s like one day I woke up and had nothing to write about.  Eventually that day turned into weeks, and now I’m at the point where I am.

I want to be very clear in letting all of you guys know that Veronica and I are doing well.  We’re doing great actually!  I’ve been kicking ass online and making somewhat of a living over the last 3 months; a little white hat, a little black hat, a little NO HAT.  I’ve recently hit the point where It would be smart to start outsourcing some of the content creation for my site flips, so I can produce more sites in less time – ultimately increasing my profit for that revenue stream.

To answer a few questions that I’ve received…

I am not selling this blog – no way in hell.

I am going to get back on a regular writing schedule after Christmas, promise!

TheAtHomeCouple.com will be revamped in the early new year, with a new theme, vibe and logo.

I promise to start leaving fucked up comments on your blogs more often as I manage my time and tasks more accordingly (this is where outsourcing comes into play).

That’s it!

I might squeeze out a post before Christmas hits, but in the mean time I hope all of you guys have a great holidays, eating lots of food and drinking lots of other people’s booze.  If there’s a girl at your office that you’ve had your eye on, be sure to give her ass a good squeeze at the Christmas party – because it’s the only time of year you can get away with it!



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  1. It’s great to hear that you haven’t given up, you’re just spending your time on things that will bring in more money and that’s what counts.

  2. Oh man thank god bro you’re still alive.

    Don’t lose that motivation man. Keep it rollin’ !


    The Moneyac

    TheMoneyacs last blog post..

  3. Elijah, what up dawg! Yeah i been missing your “from the heart” post and saying what’s on your mind hahah! Love it! I’ve slowed down myself too on my jakecpunut blog.. trying to get some other things accomplished!

    I need to get back to you on the email you sent me about the songs you helped the guy record… i haven’t forgotten about it and want to ask you some questions.. my life long dream (bucket list) was to be a DJ! So when i get around to it i’ll email you back!

    btw, i have 4 domains that i bought and never did anything with.. i thought about flipping them or just trying to make a profit off the domains.. if you’re interested, i just want my money back so email me or let me know and i’ll send you the domain names to see if you are interested in them..

    Thanks! Looking forward to more post!

    JeffLefts last blog post..Help Me Fill My Kettle

  4. @BCarter – You said it right, this blog was never a “make money” project.. which is why I guess it’s been in the dust the last month or so..

    @TheMoneyac – Haha, still alive bro, a little too alive if you ask me – woke up pissed drunk at 7a.m. on my bathroom floor last weekend…

    @JeffLeft – Yeah Boi! From the heart’s the only way I know how to do anything man (I know you’re the same). Yeah, hit me back when you get a minute, I sent you a download link for an album I produced – right? Hit me up through the contact link above about those domains.. I’m sure between the two of us we can make you some moola off those!

    @Dennis – I guess it’s a good thing that it ended well.. You’re the last person I want to be letting down!

    Elijahs last blog post..I’ve Lost My Way

  5. Hey Elijah, Good to hear you are rollin in the money man! I was wondering where you had been at!

    I know what you mean about waking up one day and having nothing to write, as that is what happened with me and The WAHM Blog. I woke up one day with nothing on my mind and realized I was actually tired of it. I sold it a few days later, which I had so many projects going on at that time, it did not matter any way.

    Hope you have Veronica have a great holiday and can not wait to see the new blog!

    Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigys last blog post..Market Leverage Affiliate Network Review

  6. Considering that I’m the only girl in my office, particularly during my shift… I can’t say that I’ve had my eye on me, but I do squeeze my butt on a regular basis.

  7. @Tara – Hey you! I had no idea you sold WAHM, but I did catch the word through the grapevine that you were shifting directions with it – and I’m happy to hear that all your work put into the site paid off in one way or another. Sometimes discarding that which has become tedious produces a more productive business environment – and I hope this is the case with you!

    @Dennis – That makes two of us man!

    @WV – You too? I’m home all day by myself, so I find giving a good squeeze every few hours keeps me frisky and frivolous online!

    Elijahs last blog post..I’ve Lost My Way

  8. Eli,

    Glad that you have been safely lying piss drunk in a pool of your own vomit on your bathroom floor, I was starting to worry that it might have been more serious!

    I recently felt myself running out of steam too. I think it is just that time of year – the last twelve months has been a good old slog for us all! Anyway 2009 is the year of the bloggerhood!!!

    You both have a happy christmas 🙂

    Nota Bene Consultings last blog post..Who The Hell Is Flurrie Creative?

  9. @Nota Bene – Nothing like the good old vomit pillow to break your fall.

    @Joe – On the grind, with some strategic “stream redirection” tactics!

    @Akuba – Sweet, now I have a scapegoat! Damn end of the year.

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