How Do I Start To Invest My Money Into An Online Business?

Everyday you sit at your desk watching that dreaded clock tick slower and slower.  You haven’t seen your husband or wife in what seems like ages, and the bills are due in a few days.  Again.  You start thinking of that chunk of money the two of you have been saving for a rainy day and you ask yourself, “is that day ever gonna come ?”  Who knows.

I bet there have been times when you’ve wondered “what would happen if I quit my job tomorrow How would we survive ?  Would we use that rainy day money to live off of, or would we take the risk and invest it into a business and attempt to work for ourselves?  Sounds pretty scary.

But the fact of reality is that we don’t live in the 1930’s where your career options are limited to common trades and religious clergy.  This is 2015, and in my opinion it’s the best time to start your own business, or invest into an existing one because of one reason – the Internet.  In this day and age everything you need to start investing your money is within reach of your laptop or iPhone.  There are free courses, video tutorials, distant learning and blogs filled with resourceful content ready to help you take those steps towards the big top of the financial circus – and on the Internet, the risk is minimal and here’s why:

  • Unless you are planning to sell a physical product, which can be drop shipped, there is no overhead required to solicit your service or sell digital products on the Internet.  Everything is virtual – from advertising to the transaction process.
  • Advertising and promotion are significantly cheaper, and often free.  Compare this to the real world where you’re looking at a minimum $10,000 budget for an entry level advertising campaign.  Magazine placement, flyer’s and broadcast spots can break your bank in a heart beat with no guarantees.
  • On the Internet it’s much easier to create a business selling other peoples products, often referred to as affiliate marketing, rather than trying to sell knifes or African beauty products door to door or from your home.  In the real world selling other peoples products requires you to purchase stock at a discounted price and hope that you can unload that stock to your co-workers and neighbors.  Whereas with an online affiliate business it’s free to get set up and start promoting thousands of products, with your only cost’s being advertising and promotion.
  • Your start up costs for an online business range between $500-$1000 – and that’s being generous.  Almost all the tools you need are financially maintained on a monthly or annual basis i.e. Web Hosting or Keyword Research services.  This allows you to budget more wisely knowing that your core tools and services are not going to fluctuate month by month – one fee for the entire year, and your off to the races.
  • Investing into an online business means you can work from home – no more gas, public transit or rent expenses for a commercial space.  You can take your vacation and still be in touch with your business at the drop of a hat.  Working at home means more time with the family and kids – which in turn translates to less money spent buying gifts trying to make up for lost time.
  • Having your business reside in the virtual domain, the legalities are simple.  You can either register a sole proprietorship or limited liability company and fill out the appropriate tax forms for your country of residence.  No more liability insurance in case someone slips on your property because your clients will never see your office/home.

So there you have it.  I’d like you to ask yourself again “how do I start to invest my money into an online business?” I think if you look, you’ll realize the answers have been in front of you the entire time!



6 thoughts on “How Do I Start To Invest My Money Into An Online Business?”

  1. From the people I’ve talked to about this, many assume that because it’s “online” that it must be a scam. I really hear it when I tell them I’ve yet to make $1 on line. My time is coming, though. With so many ebooks and programs and members only sites it’s tough to cut through it all. If you bought every single thing that was offered, you probably would spend $10k! I’m glad there are sites like this that are so informative and so FREE.

    Talk to you soon


  2. Absolutely – There is a lot to sift through, it took me several months (never spent a penny though, because my mom raised me right).

    Once you realize that starting a business online is no different than starting a business offline, it makes much more sense. There are tools needed, and networking is one of the biggest tools that the gurus dont tell you about.

    Big money is made through connections and who you know.. just like the real world.

    Elijahs last blog post..How Do I Start To Invest My Money Into An Online Business?

  3. Ahhhh yes, great point good sir! There is a wealth of info out here if one looks, there is also crap. It’s great to have guides to lead us through the muck and mush of IM.

    At first, I tried to devour everything I could get my hands on…now, I focus on a few key teachers and buy from a few things, but not EVERYTHING I see.

    This stuff fascinates me, I enjoy it, and I can totally see me doing it for a living…which is what I’m working towards. I love meeting people like you, that have the same outlook

    I see my buddy T is over here….so…it’s gotta be a great place to chill! 🙂

    Normal Joes last blog post..24 Hour Site Flipping Contest. Crackhead Style.

  4. Haha, you know T? He’s great man – he was our first ever commentator on this blog, so he holds a special place in my heart! and he’s cool as hell.

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