Friday Night Smack Talk – Special Guest

Damn.  I just spent an hour trying to get a friggin video site that works.  I don’t know if it was my area and the bandwidth was just flooded, but I couldn’t get anything working.  Finally came through after the 18th time attempting to upload.  I wanted to do a little video update for you guys since it’s been a while and there have been some new faces showing up on the comments.  Mad link love, mad updates with the blogosphere and all the craziness that’s been going on – I also have a special guest at the end, someone who I know all you guys have been wanting to see!  Is it Veronica?  No, she fell asleep on the couch as I was recording this.  Maybe I’ll film myself putting backing powder in her hair and post that up tomorrow.. I guess you’ll have to wait and see.  Have a great weekend everyone!



8 thoughts on “Friday Night Smack Talk – Special Guest”

  1. For real for real.. I knew you’d love the plush doll. I won it at a carnival, there was a next one that I originally wanted that had no dread cap, with the locks hanging out.. and I was like “ImWithJoe!” I need to get that.. but when I won it, there was no more left! lol ask veronica, I’m not even playin!

  2. Elijah,
    You are a nut for that one! LOL! I am over here cracking up. The video made me a little dissy, but it was cool. Keep it coming and you should see more of me around these parts.


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