Bum Marketing Madness – Update

bum-marketing-madnessAfter my post 2 days ago I hit the web with a rapist’s wit and immediately logged into Wordtracker and started digging away trying to find some sexy niche key phrases for me to exploit this upcoming week – and to my delight after an hour I managed to stumble upon a niche with 18 key phrases that have a KEI rating of 100 and above (7 of those 18 are above 200) .  Great success!

For those of you who don’t know, KEI means Keyword Efficiency Index and it is determined by the popularity of a particular keyword, and the amount of competition it has.  A keyword or phrase with high popularity (searches per day) and low competition (competing websites with the same phrase) will have a high KEI rating.  When it comes to niche marketing you ideally want to focus on keywords that have a KEI of 100+ with a minimum 300 searches per day and less than 4000 competing sites in Google.

A little side note…

If some of you reading this have yet to experience the greatness that is Wordtracker, please do yourself a favor and sign up for the free 7 day trial – If you need help getting started please contact me.

Once I found my niche and keywords I stopped by Clickbank and began looking for related products that I could start promoting.  It just so happens that I was familiar with the top Clickbank products in this niche, so I already had an idea of what I was going to be dealing with.  Very nice!  It’s times like this that social networking is very important – I just so happened to hop on Skype and a fellow Shaolin Affiliate Master you guys might know was hanging out, so I dropped him a quick “yo yo homie g funk” and told him what I was up to and he gave me tons of great info regarding certain things that worked well for him in that same niche.  I’m not going to inflate his head by shouting out names – but you know who you are.

I’m Rick James Bitch…

So anyways, that was day one (technically night one) on my Bum Marketing Madness campaign and I managed to grab a dot com domain name that contained an exact key phrase from my list before I hit the sack around 4 a.m. yesterday morning – wicked awesome!  It looks like I managed to knock of steps 1, 2, and half of 3 in the first 24 hours.  The hard stuff is coming up next – finding a WordPress theme that I can tweak out and customize to fit this niche and writing the articles.

It’s time to up the ante a little bit…

Today Veronica and I went grocery shopping, and had to pay with one of our credit cards because we’re broke – so I told her, as we were at the cash register, that whatever the total was that I would try to make that money back as a goal for my Bum Marketing Madness week.  So I am officially challenging myself to generate $84.85 in commissions by the end of Sunday, September 15th, 2008.

I’ve yet to make that much money in one week, so we’ll see what happens!  Wish me luck…



15 thoughts on “Bum Marketing Madness – Update”

  1. Hey Elijah, great to hear that you got so much done within 24 hours.

    I think you have a great chance at making the money back within the week. You seem like a pretty damn smart guy and as long as you can get a theme or a site thrown together, you shouldn’t have any problems.

    If you need any help with theme tweaking, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

    Jarrets last blog post..Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

  2. I do wish you luck.

    More than that, I wish you persistence and vision. Perseverance on your part will be a thing to behold and I look forward to being able to be a ‘virtual’ part of it.

    Carry on, please

  3. Success is in a straight line. Just keep walking, sometimes we get discouraged and some times we can run and sometimes we just need to think or wait. It will happen.

    Remember the story in Think and Grow Rich about the guy who stopped digging three feet of gold? The next guy came in and mined three feet and struck. I used this when I was trying to make it in adsense at the time. I just telling myself and praying..keep digging, keep digging. Then one day it happened. I got into contact with the right people at that time.

    Now I am in the same boat with affiliate marketing, learning. I earned quite a bit with the adsense gold rush, but then it still required some knowledge. Thank you for putting your efforts out there, and dont be afraid of a JOB either, sometimes it just what you may need to get stress off you and extra capital. Regardless of what you decided we are pulling for you!!!!! Follow your heart.


  4. @Williams: “Success is in a straight line.” Very inspirational and I guess I’ll remember for long enough and yes, I read that book too. It’s one of the classic books that has somehow shaped what I am today.

    @E: Thank you for sharing it with us. The Wordtracker looks like a decent tool to me. Does it work on Mac platform?


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..Net Strife – The Making of Internet Marketer

  5. Don’t mention it Elijah. Keep up the good work.

    It will happen.

    In my life I have suffered many trauma’s, not playing the violin here. I have been rich(Doge Viper, Mercedes 03 C230 New) then homeless in Hawaii..LOL From going down and coming back up.. What I have learned is this.

    Stress….Anxiety… Create a false reality around us that can send us in a panic mode that seem to “force” us to make decisions out that fear. Rely on nothing but God. He is there.

    Dont know why I am taking time to do this, I just wanted to encourage you. Keep at it.

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