51 Free Online Webmaster Tools

Free Online SEO ToolsI haven’t been posting on the weekends for a while now, but as I was surfing the Sitepoint.com marketplace doing my daily seek and destroy exercises I stumbled upon a start-up site for sale FreeOnlineSeoTools.com – which I originally encountered a few days previous.  Why am I telling you about a site for sale that’s not even mine?  It has nothing to do with the site being for sale!  I’m letting you guys know about this site because of the 51 free online webmaster tools it gives you.  I’ve spent the last few minutes testing out a handful of them, and I must say that the majority of these tools are super resourceful and easy to use – just finished submitting TheAtHomeCouple.com to 23 high traffic web directories and 19 of the top search engines in a few minutes using the cool little submitter tools on the site!

Here’s a list of the cool tools available to Ninjas everywhere:

  • Backlink Checker
  • HTML Encrypter
  • Link Analyzer
  • Meta-Tag Generator
  • HTML Optimizer
  • Ping Script
  • Search Engine Listing Preview
  • URL Shortener
  • Website Status Checker
  • Countdown Generator
  • E-mail Image Generator
  • Javascript Hit Counter
  • IP Locator (country)
  • Keyword Click Value Tool
  • Valid Link Checker
  • List Cleaner
  • Website Resolution Viewer
  • Firewall Scanner
  • Single-Level Sitemap Creator
  • Text Website Viewer
  • Unix Time Converter
  • Automated Directory Submitter
  • Automated Search Engine Submitter
  • Fake Rank Checker
  • Google Banned Checker
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Keyword Suggestion Generator
  • Link Popularity Checker
  • Link Suggestion Generator
  • Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position
  • Multiple Website Search Engine Position
  • Multi-Rank Checker (PageRank and Alexa)
  • No-Follow Finder
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
  • Search Engine Position Checker
  • Search Engine Saturation Checker
  • Site Spider Viewer
  • HTTP Header Viewer
  • Browser Details Tool
  • Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
  • Online Calculator
  • Anonymous Email Script
  • HTTP Header Extractor
  • Reverse IP/Look-up Script
  • MD5 Encrypter
  • Meta Tag Extractor
  • Site Rank Checker
  • Source Code Viewer
  • Website Speed Test
  • Spider Viewer
  • Domain Whois Retriever

I’m sure these are not the best tools available for free on the Internet, but I’m also sure that at least a handful of these tools work just fine!  Bookmark FreeOnlineSeoTools.com and visit it whenever you build a new niche site, need to do some research or simply feel like stealing a competitors meta information – it’s all at your finger tips!



14 thoughts on “51 Free Online Webmaster Tools”

  1. @ Freddie – You know how we do man! Gotta keep it free, and keep it fresh…

    @ Alison – Your welcome!

    @ Wei Lang – Thanks for stopping by. It’s a pretty cool list, and def. going to be checking out your list as well. Thanks!

    Elijahs last blog post..51 Free Online Webmaster Tools

  2. @ Desmond – lol Walmart for Webmasters! That’s awesome.. would make a great domain, aside from the obvious copyright issues..

    @ Dennis – Many thanks for the love in return! I’m definitely not the type to keep resources like this to myself.

    @ Jeff – Thanks for stopping by! It can be challenging for sure.

    @ Tara – It’s a great little site, isn’t it?!? I’m actually considering buying it myself and putting my own flavor on it.. I can really see it being a sound investment.

    Elijahs last blog post..51 Free Online Webmaster Tools

  3. @Missy – I do not! I would love to have a little static site like that. Would definitely be a great tool for getting adsense income as well as attaching a “paid” version of some of the free tools. Great little site they have going on there.

    Elijahs last blog post..Internet Marketing Causes Insomnia

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