Traffic Techniques: Article Marketing Part 2

This is the second video in my Traffic Techniques series.  In this video I touch on my 5 key points to a successful article, and those points are as follows:

  1. Your article must address a problem or issue
  2. Do not sell within the content of your article
  3. Effective use of keywords and key phrases
  4. Using a “call to action” within your resource/author box
  5. Proper Grammar.  No spelling mistakes allowed.

I plan to delve into article distribution and monetary tactics within the next video, If you guys have any concerns or specific areas you have questions on – please let me know in the comments below.  There might possibly by a 4th part to my article marketing series, but ultimately that depends on the feedback and how much I can fit effectively into the next video.



5 thoughts on “Traffic Techniques: Article Marketing Part 2”

  1. Hey E
    Another video hit. I’m waiting for the step by step instructional video so I can try to squeeze yet another piece of E (lijah) knowledge into my small and crowded brain.

    Talk to you soon


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it T. I’m really hoping I have the time to do both an article marketing step by step plan, as well as a video tutorial of SocialMarker.

    I think I might do one more video covering article distribution and ways to monetize, and then a fourth post with the step by step plan – probably with an attachment so it can be printed.

    Elijahs last blog post..Traffic Techniques: Article Marketing Part 2

  3. Elijah,
    See you may not work from home completely yet, but you are ahead of me, as I have no clue how you all make these movies! I know what they are, how they work and the benefits, but no clue how to put one together! I need some schoolin’! You need to make a video on how to make a video!

    Work At Home Mom Taras last blog post..Help Me Pick The New Logo!

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