This Domain Name Has Been Seized


First time this has ever happened to me online (first time online was 1996).  I was surfing around aimlessly while Reality Bites was playing in the background (VHS, recorded off the Superstation) and I clicked on a banner curious to see the advertiser on the other end.  I was expecting to enter Netflix rip off site to check out their download selection, but instead got the landing page you see above. is the domain that is apparently seized and currently controlled by the State of New York.

It’s very frightening, ain’t it?


I just answered my own question.  By the way, if you haven’t checked out Netflix yet, there’s a 30 day free trial and I highly recommend you get in now (before prices go up and perks go down).

$8 a month and I can access a continually growing catalog of movies, tv and other motion picture goodies from any device I own.  I love movies, I’m sold.

Watched Coneheads yesterday and remembered why I loved it in the first place.  Connie is hot.



One thought on “This Domain Name Has Been Seized”

  1. This is not the only place that is being seized, I don’t remember the other domain I ran across, but it’s starting to happen. A little here, a little there. Scary? Yes. I predict this will spawn a new “Internet”, one that is not controlled by the government.

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