Want More Twitter Followers? Here’s One Of My Favorite Tools

Hey guys,

It’s Friday and it’s been raining all day – which is cool sometimes, but today it seems to be a recipe for a headache!  One of my goals this year was to do ALOT more video, so I went a grabbed the latest version of camtasia for recording and editing, and a USB mic for plug n play audio – SWEET.

Ask anyone who knows me online and they’ll tell you that I LOVE FREE TOOLS.  Especially those with premium features and community support (i.e. WordPress), so I recorded a tutorial showing you one of my favorite tools online for getting targeted Twitter followers who are genuinely interested in the information I’m providing, or product I’m selling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, real estate agent, blogger or internet marketer, this technique can be used in any market – it’s all about HOW you search.  Check out the video below:

Let me know what you think! I know there are tons of tools on the market to search Twitter, especially using Twitter’s own search tool – but I’ve always had great traction with the results using this particular website.

How are your own Twitter marketing efforts paying off?

Are you an “in the closet” Twitter hater?