Relationship Compatibility Or Relationship Reassurance?

free-relationship-compatibility-chartCall me old fashion, but I was never taught that they key to a successful relationship was a free relationship compatibility chart or quiz in Chatelaine Magazine. I was doing keyword research in Wordtracker for a possible niche site idea and stumbled upon some surprising information – people are constantly searching for reassurance on the compatibility of their relationships with others. The terms “Relationship Quizzes” and “Relationship Compatibility” are in the number 2 and 3 spots for most searches containing the word “Relationship”. In the 4 years that Veronica and I have been together I can recall one time where she made me sit down with her and do some quiz in a magazine – and it was all wrong! It scares me to think that there are people who actually look to these methods for confirmation on their spousal choices.

I know that a good majority of people (mainly women) consider these charts and quizzes to be nothing more than a time killer while at work, and that is fine, but whatever happen to feelings and trusting your intuition? If you were not meant to be in a particular relationship, wouldn’t you know by the way you feel inside? I guess it’s not that easy for some.

As humans we tend to sabotage good things by seeking out the bad. We subconsciously need to reassure the “I knew he wasn’t right for me” or the “I told you it wouldn’t work out” thoughts that are primarily caused by our own insecurities within. Maybe it isn’t that we don’t always trust our intuition and soul to guide us through – but more so that we don’t trust ourselves as individuals to make correct decisions.

As long as I keep finding things wrong with the relationships I’m, I will never have to become vulnerable and face the possible failure that could arise. Right? Wrong. Failure will catch up with you eventually and the more you try to avoid it by outsourcing intuition to chain letters, talk shows and love quizzes the harder you will fall when it finally does knock at your door. Trust your soul, your family, and your closest friends to be the judge of whether John Doe is right for you or not – because the only person that can fool your soul is you, and the only way to accomplish that is by not listening!