Fact: Hip Hop Improves Copywriting Skills

This awesome image courtesy of iammeltron on Flickr.comI’ve been doing tons of copy writing lately – for my own launches and promotional landing pages for clients – and one thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve always had a natural gift for putting words together.  Sure this isn’t exactly a skill that I’ve been trained in, but it’s becoming more a more apparent that my background in songwriting and music has come 360 and into my writing abilities.

Out of the various types of writing that I’ve dipped in and out of since I was 11, writing rhymes for hip hop tracks has proved to be the most beneficial.  A little history on me and hip hop… When I was around 13, Wu Tang Clan was the shit.  The way these guys would put words and scenarios together was absolutely unheard of at the time – not to mention that there were 9 of them, residing from various boroughs across New York and at least half of them didn’t graduate from high school.  Wu Tang Clan as a group was themed very  much around the old kung fu movies of the 70’s, constantly using samples and references in their tracks.

This is when I started writing rhymes…

Moving forward to the present time, I am 100% convinced that all the years of writing lyrical rhymes directly fuel my ability to be creative and comfortable when putting words together.  Here’s what I mean:

Good copy should…

  • have a rhythm when reading it
  • create visuals for the reader
  • have clever headlines
  • relate to the reader
  • cause the reader to take action

Hip Hop lyrics should…

  • be rhythmic and on beat
  • create visuals for the listener
  • have clever punchlines
  • relate to the listener
  • keep the listener listening

Some people might think I’m losing it, but I think I’m on to something here!

Just to clarify for the listeners and non-listeners of hip hop music, I’m not referring to the audile bile that is rotated on the idiot box and radio.  Real hip hop.  Lyrical hip hop.  This is what I’m talking about: