Mobile Media Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Mobile Media MarketingGet ready bloggerhood, because what I’m about to share with you is pretty mind blowing.  And for those of you reading this who are business minded – there is one particular avenue of internet marketing you need to grasp immediately:  Mobile Media Marketing.  The triple M!

I’ve been reading about marketing to mobile devices for the last few months, and recently there have been some killer products released (Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horowitz is an absolute must have course) that can take you step by step through the process of making stupid amounts of money marketing to mobile device owners.

For those of you who already know the gist of CPA and PPC – what I’m about to tell you will give you a jump start.  For those of you who haven’t had any luck with CPA stuff, going mobile will save you time and money during the “get your feet wet” phase.

In the tradition of keeping shit simple, here is how to make money with mobile media marketing in 3 easy steps:


Head over to and create an account.  Think of AdMob as pay per click marketing strictly for mobile phone users.  It is the Google Adwords of the future!  Imagine being able to target your traffic by age group, demographic (right down to the major city) and mobile operating system/device type – well AdMob allows you to do just that!  Clicks will cost you as low as 1 cent compared to traditional PPC that can go as high as $1 per click.

TIP: Be sure to show them your best shit on the application.  Use your best website or blog and really talk the talk in the application details field.  Tell them how long you’ve been doing what you do and how you plan to promote.  This will make getting accepted into the network a breeze!


When it comes to putting links and banners up on mobile websites, you need to find mobile specific offers.  CPA (cost per action) networks are great for this because they payout for every action a user takes – whether that be a download of a ring tone or and email address submission. is the premier mobile specific CPA network available online with a great selection of advertisers to choose from.

Alternatively, most major non-mobile specific CPA networks do offer mobile-friendly advertisers, such as Neverblue Ads – who has almost 300 mobile offers to choose from.


Just because you’re marketing to iPhones and Android users, it doesn’t mean that the game changes – it’s just a different medium!  If you’re gonna market a free ring tone offer, type in “download free ring tones” into Google and see what the PPC advertisers are using for headlines etc…  Take notes and test different headlines/banners until you find the golden nuggets.

Remember – mobile media marketing is NEW and virtually untapped.  Now is the time to master the craft and get a jump start on the hoards of traffic available because the fact of the matter is more people in the world have a cell phone than are on the internet.

Hopefully this will give you guys a little taste of what mobile marketing holds in store for you and your business.  If you’re really serious and want to make upwards of $1000 per day in a short period of time, definitely stop by the Mobile Monopoly sales page and grab it before it’s off the market for good.