An Adsense Virgin No More

This might not be gigantic news to all you dot-com early birds who jumped on the train in the early to mid 90’s –  especially those of you who are making $4000/month off 372 crappy looking websites with really bad formatting and brutally scaled background images that haven’t been updated in 7 years.  I’m not hating, I’m just saying…

I got my first Adsense payment today!

It was totally by surprise as I was under the impression that I would be getting  a cheque (Canadian spelling)  in the mail.  Not that I was disappointed to see a direct depost, but I was kind of hoping for the cheque so I could take a picture ($130) and make it famous like Shoemoney.

Wanna see?


Anyways… I just wanted to share this moment with you guys, and also permanently place it on the Internet so I can always go back and revisit the sense of accomplishment I’m feeling at this exact moment.

The funniest thing about my Adsense earnings is that they only took off once I started flipping websites.  What does website flipping have to do with making money from Google Adsense?  Well, a nice chunk (almost all) of the people who buy websites online seem to overlook changing the affiliate links over to their own – despite instructional emails, documentation and follow-up reminders.  And because most of my niche sites involve heavy keyword research, and targeted domains – the traffic usually comes knocking within a week after the first article is published.

Pretty interesting, right?

All in all – my first Adsense payment is really motivating me to grow my Adsense portfolio and spend more time studying different techniques for optimal CTR.  I’m actually quite excited!