Should We Sell This Blog?

Should We Sell This Blog?Veronica and I are at a point in our life together where things aren’t all peaches and cream – not pertaining to our relationship, which is the strength that drives me, but in terms of financial stability.  Since I lost my job back in May and made the decision that I would do whatever it takes to be making enough income online to not have to visit my old friend, the cubicle, ever again – it’s been an interesting road.  On a personal level, I haven’t paid my student loan or credit card bill in over 3 months, by choice, and that’s not what bothers me because I’m only 27 and credit can be repaired.  On the flip side, Veronica has been working away doing her 40 hour work week and developing an increased sense of frustration towards the gutless operations of a major corporation – especially one that’s preparing for the Christmas rush.

Not only does her discontent break my heart because she has to put up with this shit, but it also keeps a constant flame under my white ass because I want to be THE man that can provide for her – and hopefully make enough money so she can leave her job by the end of the year, which is a goal of ours.

Where’s your head at?

Over the last month or so I’ve been feeling a strange combination of depression and desperation, fueled by an abnormal, almost mutated drive to succeed online.  The desperation causes me to not sleep and spend 12-16 hours a day sitting on this lap top.  The depression hinders my focus and ability to stay motivated when things don’t work as planned – like my latest site flip.  The drive is something that I’m used to, especially when I have my back against the wall with nowhere to run.

Am I afraid of failure?  Absolutely terrified.  Am I dreading the thought of having to get another pointless job, and not being able to work for myself?  Every single day.  Would an immediate financial boost improve my current situation?  Probably.  This is where the thought of selling makes it’s entrance.

I was unable to sleep last night, and stayed awake until Veronica left for work at 7 am this morning.  The thought of cashing out on all my hard work for a quick money fix was haunting me beyond belief.  I began to think about how much this site would be worth on the market, and what I could allocate that extra money towards.  I began to think of how much weight it would take off Veronica’s shoulders, and enable her to put some money aside for herself – which she hasn’t done in months, as well as my responsibilities being the man in our relationship, and the deeply rooted pride that is commonly associated with that role.  I then asked myself a simple question that really helped open up my tired eyes:

Would selling this blog solve our current financial needs and increase the chances of us accomplishing our long term goals in life, and online?

Fuck no.  Cashing out on this blog would be the biggest sell out move I’ve ever pulled in my 27 years.  This blog is a symbol of the very goal we are trying to achieve, and not only would I loose the respect of my peers, which is everything to me, but I can almost guarantee that the new owner(s) would not have an easy time filling my blood soaked shoes.  I woke up today around 5 pm, ashamed at the thoughts that were racing through my brain.  I immediately felt a need to email every single subscriber we have and tell you how much we love you, and want you to succeed.  How much your struggles and triumphs keep us going, and knowing that we’re not alone in this vast, cold world online makes all the difference.  I realized how many amazing people I’ve met, and great friends I’ve made – and I could NEVER put a price tag on that.

Note:  I just received an email from an Affiliate Manager at, saying he’s been researching our site, loves what we’re doing and would like to talk about advertising on our site and other business opportunities.  Ironic, considering what I was just finished writing about.



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  1. Hah, like we would let you sell this blog! The title definitely got me to click but I knew that there was no way you could sell it. You have put way too much work into it and like you said it embodies what you are trying to do.

    Good to hear that is interested in advertising 🙂 That should help a bit with income

    Jarrets last blog post..Would You Believe That I’m A…..

  2. @ Jarret – I was spent some serious amount of time thinking about it after I left you and Jeni on Skype.. it was a pretty dark night for me.. I’m just glad I snapped out of it!

  3. Hang in there Elijah. No one said being an entrepreneur was going to be easy and count your blessings that your lady is there to help her strong man. LOL!

    I have a similar situation, but own my own appraisal business. Well, business sucks as you can imagine as the economy slides, but my wife is working right along. She works as an online instructor at a college. Pretty cool, right?

    It is, but she works a lot. She does enjoy it, but can be frustrating at times. I know the feeling of wanting your business to just explode, so she can stop and do what she pleases.

    Just keep building sites like that Yoga site to sale and you will well on your way!

    Freddies last blog post..Quote of the Week: Opportunity Is Missed

  4. Well, opportunity presents itself at the darkest hours yet majority of us are too blind to see it. I know it’s easier said than done but with faith, we’ll see the light.

    I’m glad you snapped out of it. Keep doing what you are doing and I’m sure you’ll see the brighter light at the end of the tunnel. You have a great community here with all the great fellow bloggers behind your back.

    We love you. Period.


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..The Importance of Choosing the Right Niche

  5. Dude – that’s great about the advertising on the blog!
    I suspect that everyone with a successful blog wrestles with the same old “should I sell” at some point….especially when money is tight – that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You followed your gut, and made the best decision for you – you should be proud dude! Oh – and take a break now and then – your body needs to recharge – maybe do some yoga 😉

    Underdogbloggers last blog post..Enchanté

  6. Very relieved to hear you aren’t selling – the place just wouldn’t be the same 😉

    I know where you are coming from on the financial side – things are very touch and go right now for me and I spend every night waking up around 3am sick with worry. I guess it’s always darkest fefore the dawn…..hope so anyone.

    Keep on going – know this blog is going to be a huge success.

    Alison Woods last blog post..WordPress Blog Up And Running

  7. Elijah,

    I feel your pain,man!

    I’m in a very similar situation. My initial departure from the cubicle was hastened by the down-sizing monster. Since then, I’ve been a successful ebay powerseller for two years until the childrens book collection I had acquired was exhausted. May of 2008 was my last ebay sale.

    Since that point, I’ve been trying to learn all I can and write about my passions. Like a lot of people, I’ve followed advice that wasn’t worth the electronic pulse it was pasted on.

    Things are turning around. I’m starting to “figure out” what I need to do to be successful and provide quality for my readers and subscribers.

    Don’t think I haven’t considered selling some stuff as well.

    Hang in there and I’ll do the same. I’m watching you in my feed reader which is a short list by the way-LOL!



    Jeff Joness last blog post..How Did I End Up Here?

  8. Yo Elijah, hang in there! Even though i do IM part time, i about gave up at one point. Folks like Mark H and some others really helped encourage me!

    Also, you and others ought to check out the book i talked about on my blog. It really encouraged me a lot! The link is an affiliate link and i don’t you all to think i’m trying to make a buck.. so go to Amazon and search for “Get Real – Get Rich” by Farrah Gray

    Super book! IMO!

    JeffLefts last blog post..Tattoos Are of The Devil! Huh?

  9. Man… this was some shit to see in my reader when I woke today! I’m glad to read and see you bailed from the idea…

    I think we all get to the point of where you are right now Elijah… I go through it myself at least once a week, regardless of how good I do, so just know you have that to look forward to – it NEVER goes away! Once you reach one goal, you have to start toward the next… rinse and repeat, endlessly!

    What keeps me going are the small wins, the small signs of success are what add up to the big rewards! The road is FILLED with setbacks, and turning those into lessons that we dont repeat, is what takes us closer toward our goals.

    Hang in there man – its a rough road, but it does get better!!


    Mark Hansens last blog post..Another Free BANS WordPress Theme from Ben!

  10. Aw, dude. I would have understood, but of course we would have been disappointed.

    Did you know that most of the startups that fold, fold JUST before they would have become profitable? The fact that you chose not to give in just before getting an offer from an advertiser pretty much proves it.

    Gudonya, for sticking it out. And I don’t mean the roman candle! 😀

    WordVixens last blog post..Choose The Ads You Want To See

  11. Hey Elijah….I know what you mean man…hmm I think its going about 3 months for my credit cards also…bu ummm yeah man…I think about this everyday and like you I try to put the good, bad, and ugly on my blog. It’s just a wild ride that we love and hate…I know you can do it. Keep on Keeping on.


    Desmond Owenss last blog post..New changes coming

  12. @ Underdogblogger – I have been taking more frequent breaks throughout the week, and I need some Yoga in my life for sure!

    @ Alison – I know what you mean.. it’s only until we’re in the deepest holes of despair that a ladder finally gets thrown down..

    @ JeffJones – Yeah man, it can definitely be a roller coaster trying to find consistency online. I’m not by any means depressed about our blog, because my intention was never to make money from it. This blog is a huge success in my eyes, but getting my other revenues off the ground has proved to be a gigantic challenge in itself.

    @ Jeff Left – Mark is the reason why I’m even here! He’s the best. I need you a new book to read, I might just take you up on that offer.

    @ Mark – Didn’t mean to scare you, or myself! Life only gets overwhelming at times.. so many ways to create revenue, limited time and only so many hours in the day. Because Veronica’s at work all day, comes home and goes to bed – I think the amount of time I spend alone has a lot to do with my current mental hurdles.. I know it will pass though!

    @ WordVixen – You’re just all over the roman candle thing eh? lol, I know what you mean though. People often cash out, or drop out of things and a week later opportunity comes knocking and they’re not able to accept it. That would suck.

    @ Clog – Nuff said indeed bro.

    Elijahs last blog post..Should We Sell This Blog?

  13. Suck it up boyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! lol, Nah, I feel you man, especially on being THE man! I know the feeling dude, but honestly, I just don’t see you doing anything else lol…it’s in you man…..and if you sold this blog, Joe be up in Canada country smackin you round wit sammich meat!

    Keep ya head, we all get those depressing, deperate days…all of us expect Pineapple, she don’t get those no more…she lives out of a suitcase and eats sushi all day, no worries….and when she runs out of money, she hops the border to stack her chips!

    Seriously man, I love your openess, that’s what it’s all about, being yourself and letting your blog readers know what’s up. If you did sell, there’d be a riot no doubt, but we’d still have your back.

    Put in the work man, and when you need a boost, go visit (Tator) and get that motivational high real quick.

    We got your back dude….we all in this together. Sure all of our paths are different, but they all crossed for a reason…and you know what I mean son!

    Holla at cha boy bllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee

    Normal Joes last blog post..Optimize Your Time Online By Using A Schedule

  14. Elijah, I can see where you are coming from and why you had those thoughts. You have a great blog here and many people who stalk or follow you! 🙂

    We all at one point felt like we were not being productive or making what we needed. It is just how it goes, but it will turn out for you as long as you keep moving along and continue learning.

    Here is a quote I heard a long time ago that I though of when I read this post. I think if you had of sold the blog you may just feel this way…

    “Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up.”

    Tara @ Home Business Blogs last blog post..A Top Domain Name is a Must

  15. Elijah.

    Rather than echo what everyone has said here already (and I agree with them), I will drop you an email with some ideas to help you out.

    Having been in your position I know full well what you are going through. Don’t be too proud to take a part time job while you are building things up. I took a braindead job just to help pay the bills, but that also gave me lots of time to think and plan! Too much time online can be a bad thing too, you know!?

    Keep your head up and don’t lose that belief! You are safe in the hood 😉

    Nota Bene Consultings last blog post..Monetizing Your Blog

  16. I haven’t been reading your blog too long so I can’t add much, but just wanted to say chin up.

    One thing I would say is work on getting sleep. I know if I don’t sleep I can get myself into a funk very quickly. And if you are tired and stressed, you probably are not doing your best work anyway.

    Good luck!

    Carries last blog post..Unique Content Creation – The Uphill Battle

  17. Hey Elijah, quite honestly I don’t think you’d get nearly as much money as you’d like to get even if you did try and sell it.

    The blog is so branded to the author’s identity it would be difficult to find another buyer that would match the way you write.

    In any case, I’m glad you’re not selling but I would recommend you do is start working on a website that can bring in residual income in the $xxx – $xxxx range.

    You’ll get burned out if you just try and site flip all the time.

    Chris Guthries last blog post..How much money is an RSS subscriber worth?

  18. I had noticed another article I was reading that did something similar. It set up a whole proposition about what the person was going to do, and then it destroyed the proposition by pointing out why it was not the way to go. I think it stays in the reader’s mind, but should not be done everytime. I also saw another article where someone asked a question in the title, and then started the first line of the article with a comment along the lines of “no way”.

    Armen Shirvanians last blog post..Spoken/Written Words vs. Intent

  19. @ Armen – when I began writing this post it was after several hours of deeply contemplating selling the blog.. so there was no tactic.. I actually worked out my thoughts and reasoning as I was writing.. which normally takes 30 minutes to do a post of that size.. for this particular post it took me about 2 hours…

    I was a mess.

    Elijahs last blog post..Friday Update With Veronica

  20. Can feel the pain man, going through this all the time for about 5 years now (this since my ebusiness don’t do really well). Believe in what you love and can do is the biggest power out in universe I guess. Just never, never – never give up!

    Money gets important if you lack at it.

    Manuel Merzs last blog post..Eingebrannter – Eingravierter Text

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