PIP Module 1 – Finding The Money Niche

Good riddance to all!

As promised, I’ve just completed and uploaded the first video tutorial in our Passive Income Project series (PIP) – and this area is probably one of the most challenging to newbie bloggers and online money makers.  I’m sure you guys have all heard the term “Money Niche” and if you haven’t, it pretty much means a market and set of keywords that are targeted to buyers and those who are in the shopping state of mind.

These Money Niche markets typically revolve around a retail product, and can be as specific as the model type or brand.  The reason websites in these markets make money is because the person on the other end of the computer is already in the mood to click and spend money – they are looking for something specific and it is our objective to step in right before they make the purchase and be that deciding resource for their purchase decision.

It took me 12 minutes to find a profitable Money Niche Capable of generating $500-$1000 per month.

You heard right!  Using the process Veronica and I have developed it took me less than 15 minutes to find a killer keyword, product and keyworded domain name.

You’re going to have to watch this to believe it – no editing either!  I jam packed all kinds of killer info into this 20 minute video – so sit back and enjoy part one of our Bloggerhood quest for passive freedom!

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14 thoughts on “PIP Module 1 – Finding The Money Niche”

  1. Hey Elijah,

    Great video and thanks for the mention ;).

    I have a few questions, I just want to share my methods and get your opinions….. I have just started building new niche product sites and have been finding products in a similar way. I have been starting with Google Product Search, Ebay or Amazon and find random products and then I go into Micro Niche Finder, dig around the keywords and also cross check with Google Keyword Tool.

    I was wondering why you look at keywords in broad search in Google Keyword tool…. If going after a specific keyword I look at exact match so I can get an exact number of searches for the specific keyword, not all variations as broad does….

    Also when judging the competition of the number 1-5 in Google I have been using SEO for Firefox plugin so I can quickly see how many backlinks the sites have and how old they are amongst other details. I have often found crap looking sites with thousands of pretty decent backlinks keeping them in their spots, I don’t see how I could compete with that without a lot of work!!

    I’m just wondering if you think I am going too deep here. I have only just started back on the trail of small product sites so not sure if my methods will pay dividends just yet, although I did sell an Amazon Kindle two days ago and that felt good :).
    .-= Forest´s last blog ..How To Avoid Going To The Supermarket =-.

  2. @Forest – Hey dude, to be honest I will typically delve into a bit more detail when I’m researching. The only thing I try to remind myself of is relevancy and the quality of content – to me this is how I’ve always outranked other websites. Sure, the #1 site could have 1500 back links and be a PR4, but the only reason it’s number one is because no one else is making moves against it. I’ve taken the number one spot, when following the steps in the video, with a brand new site in under 2 weeks.

    Remember – don’t spend too much time staring at numbers, my mindset is usually to make my site better than the top 3 sites in every way possible – design, content, quality and overall seo.

    Regarding using broad search, I’ve always found that if I base my decision on these results, and shoot for a keyword, I’ll end up ranking for several other keywords at the same time. It’s like if you can rank for a super competitive keyword and have done all your SEO work correctly, you will start ranking for related long tail keywords without even really trying or optimizing for them.

    I don’t know dude! You know as well as anyone else, I’m not a guru – Sometimes I question whether or not it’s all an illusion and in actuality I have no idea what I’m doing!
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Cashing Out On The Local Search Demand =-.

  3. NOTE FOR EVERYONE – Mark from TheNicheStoreBuilder.com caught something that I over looked during the video. The term I’m using as an example is the name of a brand, which means there is a good chance of copyright infringement.

    Obviously the main point was to give you an example of the money niche research process – don’t go registering copyright protected domain names!

    </– Dumb head.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Cashing Out On The Local Search Demand =-.

  4. Hi Elijah

    Thanks for a great video – learnt a lot.

    Can I just ask what WordPress theme you are using for the Tiffany website? (If you want to share that of course) and if it’s an affiliate link that’s fine too 🙂

    If you can tell us about the theme – can you also add whether it’s quite easy for fairly non-techie people to implement.

    Thanks a lot, Ali
    .-= Alison Wood´s last blog ..Profitable Niche Markets: How To Track Them Down =-.

  5. Hi Elijah,
    Great post and a great project – I look forward to follow your progress.
    Just a note on the part where you examine keywords in Adwords. You mention the competition in the Advertiser Competition column and mention that the lower competition the better – in my opinion it’s the other way around. The higher advertiser competition means that there is money in the niche and that the the kw is worth more to the advertisers, but it does not tell you anything about the amount or strength of the sites competing for the kw. A high advertiser competition is good if you base your site on Adsense, since you will have more advertisers bidding on the kw, which means a higher ppc for you, but for a product site it’s more or less irrelevant (but again higher is better) – imho.

  6. Hi the video is too good I learn I lot. It’s nice for online money maker it will help a lot PIP module 1 video is good. I like to know more about wordpress themes and how to use it thank you for this post good job

  7. You should look at the “exact” results on the google keyword tool Under “Match Type” instead of the Broad search amount that is highly inflated. “Foosball Table Tornado” only gets 320 exact searches a month, which is a far cry from the 8,100 it reports in broad searches a month. For most niche’s that aren’t copyrighted names if they only get that much exact traffic they aren’t worth making a site on.

    It’s also always good to start a trial adwords campaign using an affilate program for the related keyword to see if it is profitable before you dive into it.

  8. Finding the right niche is really important If you want to make money. For online business It is more important than others

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