Less Talk, Less Love, More Money!

How bout a nice cup of...So the other day I felt the urge to leave a little “cheap shot” remark on SuiteJ’s most recent post.  It went something along the lines of “you bastards don’t comment anymore” and I was openly speaking to all my previous regulars who haven’t given me the light of day, but had no problem showing ol Big Head some love – even though he posts less than I do!  It’s all good though – I’m not bitter at all.  But you guys definitely know I’m the type who is quick to hit the “potty mouth” button in the middle of a investment bankers conference if that means I’ll get some attention and a free portfolio analysis.  I cleverly made a statement, and it paid off because I got both SuiteJ and Neal from Nota Bene Consulting to hop on over and increase the comment count on my last post to beyond 4.

Updates and stuff…

Since 2009 has started, I’ve been battling this invisible force of poor task management.  I find I’m getting easily distracted, and I can’t blame it  on blogging this time.  Despite my distractions, I’ve managed to make some great progress this month, especially in the networking and site flipping departments.  Here are a few goals that I set which I have accomplished thus far:

  • I wanted to flip 8 sites this month, and as it stands now I’ve sold one, with two auctions currently live, and two more auctions going live before the end of the weekend.  Providing they all sell (which they will) I have to develop 3 more sites in the next 15 days.  Easy peasy.
  • I wanted to have an exclusive partnership with an uber-talented freelance writer to outsource my content for site flips and various other niche projects I have lined up this year.  After a few emails to my Big Headed mentor, I’ve now been working side by side with one of the coolest, most talented writers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  His name is Chris.  He is 26, and has been making a full-time living online for the last 5 years via freelance writing, affiliate marketing and blogging.  If you would like to learn more about how to make a living as a freelance writer, he’s got a pretty sweet course available over at ChrisBlogging.com.  This guy is a fucking machine when it comes to cranking out keyword rich, unique articles – I love it!
  • I obviously set some goals regarding marketing and networking in the popular Internet marketing forums, and I’ve successfully stuck to a regiment, slowly increasing my presence and thread count.  On the networking end, I read a really cool thread by this cat named AJ who’s been making a killing with affiliate marketing blah blah blah… but let me tell you something, this dude is the real deal!  What led me towards him was his focus on presenting value to the buyer, and how important of a role that plays – as well as how so many people over look it when trying to get the sale.  Anyways, rather than linking to the thread, we ended up connecting and I’m going to have him do a guest post, as well as he agreed to become my next “20 questions with…” victim!  I’m definitely keeping an eye on this dude – he’s got a new membership site coming out that looks sick!  I’ll keep you guys posted.
  • I’ve started my first ebook, and yes, it will be on site flipping.  I’m so sick of all these garbage-ass site flip products that keep coming out.. for real, 90% of them only cover the basics, and to be honest, it’s not enough to help a complete newbie make $3000/month as they claim.  Not even close.  My ebook is going to be dead simple.  I am basically writing from start to finish my exact process of creating a site within 8-12 hours and cashing out between $200-$300 profit.  I learned this process from a crackhead with a lap top who sleeps behind a Jewish church by my apartment – and I’m going to be sharing it with the world.  Quality, not quantity – that is how you make real money of flipping websites.

Anyways, I think that’s about it for today.  I hope nobody comments on this so I can prove my point that once you stop commenting on other peoples blogs, they stop caring about you.  And once you stop posting, they stop reading.  And once you start making money, people start hating you.

IM KIDDING!!  Man, you guys haven’t learned yet!  I absolutely dig each and every one of you people.. and It’s a good thing that I’m not seeing you guys around as much because that can only mean one thing – you’re being productive elsewhere!  And that right there makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – kind of like when I stick my hand down my pants.



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  1. OMFG! Now I have you to compete with as well if I drop a flipping product!? That’s it! I’m bringing out the big guns you mofo!

    I’m gonna show people how they can flip sites that they don’t even own without buying it. Top that!

    – the crackhead with a lap top who sleeps behind a Jewish church by your apartment

    SuiteJs last blog post..Day 11: Are You Still On Track?

  2. hahaha, very good read for a Friday morning E to tha Lijah!

    Man, you spoke about poor task management… right now that’s my middle name! I’m sucking at have a list of things to get done and fricken doing it! I get stuff done but i’m all over the place… somebody slap me haha

    I’ll get there though, i’m learning everyday from great blogs like THIS ONE!


    Jakes last blog post..Foot In Mouth errrrr Foot In Brain?

  3. Congrats on starting an ebook, seems to be a popular thing to do these days. I’m even thinking of writing one myself, about what I have no idea yet.

    “20 questions” sounds cool. I don’t think I have been around these parts long enough to have seen one before…Ooo something to look forward too!

    I got to go an be productive now 😉

  4. @SuiteJ – “I’m gonna show you how to flip a website without even turning on a computer!” That would be a great sarcastic h1 for the sales page. lol. Dude, if you don’t put all your flip knowledge into a product and cash out, I’m gonna walk to B.C. in my bare feet and kick you in the mouth when I get there!

    @Jake – Man, how glad I am to hear that I’m not the only one! It’s like I’m all over the place, but still getting stuff done, but could be getting so much more done if I was organized! It’s a conundrum I tell you!

    @Neal – Ha, yeah, It probably seemed like I had blocked some people. Fucking askimet is being mad bitchy, and I don’t like it because it’s tedious for me to go through and look for comments when I shouldn’t have to! One cup coming right up!

    @Mark – Dude, to be honest, I might contract you for one of your characters for the cover! I absolutely love your art, and that is not an exaggeration. If you’re art was a fine woman, I would be grabbing ass all day! Check out the 20 questions category to the left, you’ll see a few interviews I did last year.

    @Chris – I still don’t believe that you’re human, but regardless, you are the best freelancer I’ve ever worked with. For everyone reading this who needs a freelance writer or content created, click on Chris’ name and visit his site. He is the man!

    Elijahs last blog post..Less Talk, Less Love, More Money!

  5. All my knowledge will be shared very soon my friend. That’s guaranteed.

    I’m just bent on doing it a bit different.

    For instance, one idea I had was to release it all, one sentence at a time, inside fortune cookies.

    I’ll be sharing more revolutionary ideas like that one with you soon.


    SuiteJs last blog post..Day 11: Are You Still On Track?

  6. Hey, Elijah:

    I think the holidays put everyone on a comma. lol. I haven’t been doing my rounds and neither have alot of other bloggers.

    I think we all are (slowly but surely) starting to get back into the groove. I’m also doing the site flipping thing plus freelance writing, plus blogging, plus plus plus.

    You feel me? Yeah i know you do. I’ve been watching your slips (i mean flips) on SP. Good stuff.

    Talk soon, (or maybe not)

    Missy (from the not so often updated G34 Media)s last blog post..New Flip – Money Making Blogger (dot com)

  7. @TheMoneyac – Yeah, I’m finding it challenging to prioritizing writing the ebook amongst all my other tasks – but I do have to get it finished. Victoria is doing well, and so is Veronica – but don’t tell Veronica about Victoria otherwise we could have some problems!

    @Missy – Oh Missy.. the plus, plus, plus scenario is ALWAYS a good sign to me, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been keeping busy 🙂 and I appreciate that you’ve been keeping an eye on my slips (i mean flips).

    Elijahs last blog post..Less Talk, Less Love, More Money!

  8. I could have sworn I responded to you guys, but I guess I forgot to hit publish!

    @TheMoneyac – Victoria is doing well, and so is Veronica. But don’t let Veronica know about Victoria, cause I can only see problems arising out of that. lol. Ebook coming soon, just actually finished writing a bit – I’ll keep you guys posted!

    @Missy – I’m glad to hear about the plus, plus, plus! Those extra pluses mean you’re kicking ass, and I’m supporting you 100% on that! And thank you for keeping an eye on my slips (flips) because they market is getting very picky (I’ve got two auctions that are about to end, and two sites ready to go up – and two more coming… I do not want to end the first month of the year with 6 sites that haven’t sold! which will be a first as I’ve sold at BIN with every site up until this point…

    Elijahs last blog post..Less Talk, Less Love, More Money!

  9. Whaddup E….man im not going to lie ive been MIA…..just alot of drama going on my end but its a new year…and time for a new start. Im glad to see things going well for you and yours…..now that im back on track i’ll be visiting here more often 🙂


    P.S – O yeah….hey how do i get my picture to show up on the right of my name like the rest of the crew lol

    Desmond Owenss last blog post..Happy New Year

  10. @TheMoneyac – Ahh dude, no worries man! I though it was hilarious! You gave me a mistress for a few minutes.. hmm.. who is this Victoria woman? lol…

    @TEdwards – Man, It makes me feel good to see you up and posting again.. we need to get a phone call in, catch up. Potty mouth and humor ALWAYS in tact my friend!

    @Joe – The less I see you around the blogosphere the better I feel.. not because I don’t miss your dready ass hanging out, but I know that you’re mapping out some serious moves for this year.. and that right there is what’s up!

    Elijahs last blog post..Less Talk, Less Love, More Money!

  11. @Dennis – I just found your comment sitting in my spam box, wtf?

    @Mark – Dude, I am 100% going to be contacting you in the very near future regarding an ebook I’m writing. I NEED your artistic collaboration, and it’s going to be sick!

    @Desmond – I found your comment in the spam box as well! What the hell Askimet?!? Dude, set up an account over at Gravatar, and add all your emails that you use to it, and associate your pictures. It’s your email that triggers the corresponding image from gravatar. I think… lol.

    @Brandon – Yeah bro, welcome to the party! I went off on your blog, it was like 3 in the morning! I just remember getting really hype and typing out a bunch of shit!

  12. Yo! Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your thoughts on your blog here. I volunteered to review AJ’s new book and submit a testimony. He’s got some great stuff in there.

    Maybe I’ll get to meet you on the beaches of the world sometime soon.

  13. @Stephen – Yo dude, many thanks for the support! AJ is a beast when it comes to affiliate related goodies and I’m confident he is going to kick some serious booty!

    The beaches of the world awaits!

    Elijahs last blog post..An Adsense Virgin No More

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