Inspiration Has Worked It’s Magic Once Again

New Blog DesignIf you’re reading this, then that means you’ve (probably) noticed our new blog design!  We started this blog way back in July of 2008 as a way to connect with other like-minded people who share a passion for ideas, blogging, the web and various entrepreneurial adventures.

Since then, TAHC has become something much more… it’s become OUR FACE online.  If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning (Lori we love you) you’ll know that it hasn’t been an easy ride, and even to this very day our life on and off the web remains hectic – in a good way!

In the tradition of new beginnings, we decided a new look and feel was long overdue.  You’re probably a little surprised at the “non-marketing” look of the new design, but rest assured, how we market this site online was at the forefront of the overhaul “to-do” list.

Since when have done anything conventional on

The new design was born out of the following inspirations:

  • We wanted the new site to have the look and feel of our apartment. So we did a custom arrangement of some of our personal items for the header, snapped a picture and gave it some “texture” in Photoshop.
  • We’re both big fans of typography and the magical powers of a great font, whether it’s online or in print.  Rather than have a “logo” we opted for a super simple font – can’t tell you which one though!
  • It’s all about wood.  We’re both second generation hippies, therefor have a super-deep relationship with anything earthly and natural.  There’s something comforting about the thought of sitting around a wood table with friends (like at the cottage on a Saturday morning after a late night around the fire) and that is the vibe we attempted to catch with the background texture.  It’s like the same feeling you get after an AWESOME cup of coffee (Jay).
  • Imagery is essential.  Our old theme didn’t have any thumbnail features on the home page, or inner pages for that matter. All of the images had to be input manually, which was a pain sometimes.  It was essential that our new theme had robust options regarding images, dynamic resizing and custom thumbnail options.

Choosing a new WordPress theme was not fun, and it took forever, but we’re REALLY excited with the end result!

You can expect the site to show a few more changes over the next couple of days, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions – please let us know!

Honesty is always appreciated (especially if you’re not a douche bag).



14 thoughts on “Inspiration Has Worked It’s Magic Once Again”

  1. Love the new design – gives it a really distinct vibe. I have just overhauled my blogs and have gone for a much more minimalist look, so I feel your pain on trawling through loads trying to choose one – and then if you are non-techie me actually trying to get it to work! 😉 At least you don’t have that problem.

    Great job ad looking forward to seeing the next chapter in the life of the TAHC.

  2. @Alison – Thanks! I’m digging the skins over on, you can never go wrong with Thesis as your foundation. The bright pink title really pops over the white canvas. Good job for a non-techie 😉

  3. Looks good to me Elijah, I noticed it right away. The change that is.

    The new year always brings about a sense of change and renewal so makes perfect sense. Looks good.


  4. Nice Work Elijah and nice to hear from you…. Hope you are all good over there in Toronto.

    I’m in Montreal right now enjoying the snow :).

  5. @Forest – Awesome! Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Montreal.. it’s actually quite embarrassing. V and I are planning a road trip this year though.

  6. Cool beans! Glad I have that Google Alert set up for the keyword “coffee (Jay)”!

    Good to see you blogging again… love the idea of putting your own stuff in the header.

    Start bustin’ out vids! 🙂

    Oh, and looks like when I hit T.O., we’re gonna have to make a trip to MTL! 🙂


  7. @Jay – Took you long enough! I wasn’t going to say anything, but I was starting to wonder if you had ANY alerts set up. Not that I do, or anything, but I figured you of all people did.


    @Joe – Listen, I know you’ve been working on your music more, as have I. We need to have a swap session bruh!

  8. Lol @ The Head having an alert on coffee! lol

    No doubt bro, gotta let me hear something fam! I wanna know what ya been doing man! Been too long.

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