How To Get 1100 YouTube Views in 24 Hours

Watch This Music Video!

I’m fortunate to be great friends with hip hop squadron, Homegrown Monsters, who just premiered their first video for the track Day In The Life.  Here’s the beautiful thing about  them, none of these guys are social media strategists or internet marketing guru’s.  They are all hard working 30-something’s who love hip hop, performing and being creative.

So how did they get 1100 views on YouTube in the first day or two?

Ready for this…  Here it comes…


They care so much about their music that they tell EVERYONE about it.  Prior to the video being released, the gave away tons of free music, behind the scene videos and all kinds of other goodies on Facebook.  This isn’t rocket science – this is the reality of marketing yourself on the SOCIAL WEB.

It’s not like you can set up a Facebook account and just spam it with automated posts fed from a WordPress blog, because I’ve tried this.

In order to connect with people on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you need to GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE DOING.  Once people sense that you care and you are invested emotionally into what you talk about, they will latch on and help spread the word.

You wanna know the greatest thing ever???? I’ve obviously been keeping an eye on their video and when I saw the view count this morning, I called iNA (first verse) and told him the great news…. And he didn’t even know.

He’s not sitting their fixating on how many views his video got, he’s doing things that will bring MORE views to the video – like chatting it up on Facebook and spreading the love.

Anyways, I just wanted to rant about that.  These guys aren’t even pros and they’re canning more views on YouTube then I am LOL.

Can you find me in the video????

(HINT: The first verse of the song was recorded at our apartment – back of my head makes a cameo in the kitchen!)

I’m fortunate to be mixing their album, and I’m just finishing up the mix on the second last song.  If you want to hear more – the LP is coming VERY SOON!

Keep an ear out for that one!



11 thoughts on “How To Get 1100 YouTube Views in 24 Hours”

  1. That’s awesome man….feelin’ iNA’s verse…love the Biggie twist and getting his twitter addy in the mix…lol..

    but….Mr.Blue is only just mixin’, not spittin’???

    Giving a shit is EVERYTHING man. Putting aside the extra 3 minutes it takes to do the small things regularly = big things for your business.

    I’m tired…but you know what I meant by that! 😉

    You got any new music? It’s been too long, E…we gotta get our phone sessions back! Miss shootin’ the shit with ya bro…

    Hope everything’s good with you and V…

    Chat soon!

  2. @Jay – iNA has the most unique style of any emcee I’ve ever encountered. All my new music is guitar and singing!! Almost done writing my EP – got 4 tracks, need 2 or 3 more before I start recording.

    You know I’ll hit you up as soon as there is something to listen to!

  3. That’s awesome man, it’s all about passion at the end of the day which is why you need to put your heart and soul into the projects your passion can sustain.

    Nice tune.

  4. @Forest – Passion is what drives people, for sure!

    @WordVixen – Technically speaking, no. Metaphysically speaking, yes! lol…

  5. Awesome track. I haven’t heard of this group before but WOW this is soulful. Toronto really got some dope rappers, kinda sucks that we don’t really have much of a scene down here in Vancouver!

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