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Everyday I run into to family and friends – on and off line – and everyday I give the same answer, “Business is good. Absolutely insane, but good.” I’m sure you can guess the question or something close enough.  Then it dawned on me as I was having a smoke break (I know, I know) that this daily interaction would be much more interesting and beneficial with the veil of common chatter removed.

Imagine if we lived in a world where instead of asking…

“How’s business?”

we asked each other…

“What are you afraid of today?”

Right now I’m afraid of my own potential.  As confusing as that sounds, the possibility of immense success terrifies me sometimes.  I even think that it directly hinders my progress in some sort of unconscious way.

I’m afraid of death and the possibility that once my time has come there will be nothing but nothingness.  I’ve had quite a few close friends and family pass away in the last 10 years and I hate it.  Cancer sucks.  Fuck cancer (as I smoke a cigarette).

When was the last time you actually sat down, without distractions, and conversed with your inner self about fear?  Up until 5 minutes ago, it has been a few weeks for me.  And though I don’t feel much better emotionally, it’s nice know I just typed it out for the world to see.

Your fears is what I want to see below in the comment box.  I don’t care if you’ve never commented on a blog before, put in a name and spit it out.  Don’t think about it too much, just go with the first thoughts that enter your head.

Do it.



(Shakespeare anyone?)

17 thoughts on “Followers, Fans, Bloggerhood, Lend Me Your Fears”

  1. Fear: that I have to play the game by a set of rules that don’t necessarily favor me, but more-so favor those in power. Also the fear that those in power (from micro to macro levels) carry out poor, and for a lack of a better word, unfair leadership! We need leaders in all forms to help guide us and bring us up. To teach us, work with us, and help enable talents that we aren’t aware of. Not to keep us down, or always act in their best interest. This morning, my reflection of fear would permeate in the topic of power, leadership, and the “rules” that most of us (have to) play the the game in. As I go along I make a conscious effort to get by those rules but also have my own (which includes, family and friends) – one’s that enable and empower my personal, word, music, etc endeavors/success moving forward. That’s my babble! good quesion

  2. Hey E,

    I’m afraid that we won’t hit my goal before July – the month when we are planning to go across the USA in an RV (focusing on the ‘palm tree and beaches’ states).

    It would really suck if we don’t hit that mark… we’ve been talking about it for a long time and when we talk about it, it feels so real! When we talk about how much fun and freedom we are going to have it gives us the juice to put in the work now. We are close to our goal, but we are not there yet.

    I’m still waiting for the next part of the tornado foosball videos! Go record it man!

    Great post,
    .-= Ian ( learn to flip sites )´s last blog ..EXPERIMENT: Behind The Scenes Of =-.

  3. @Stefan – When I was working my last job I had the exact same fear… for me it was kind of like the fear of not being in control. And the fear of one day telling my authorities where to stick it, and losing my job, which eventually happened!

    @Ian – I’m about to pick up a new (used) car today, our first, and I’m kind of afraid that we’re not ready for the responsibility, which is a load of shit. When you set personal plans/goals regarding income and they don’t happen, that can be really disappointing. I know you can do it dude! And I can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

    Foosball… I know, I know… I’m slacking…lol
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Follwers, Fans, Bloggerhood, Lend Me Your Fears =-.

  4. @HalcyonRecords – I’m pumped for my thirties.. so I think my age fear is going to kick in about 10 years from now. Our livers should check into rehab together…

    @TunaSlut – (Coolest domain of the year, hands down!) Reproduction is definitely an accomplishment. I’ve wanted to be a dad since I was 10, but I’m sure I’ll poop my pants a little once the seed is planted.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Follwers, Fans, Bloggerhood, Lend Me Your Fears =-.

  5. Part of a famous quote ….. says it all for me…

    “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”

    “Your playing small does not serve the world. ”

    I met and seen people with far less talent than I… and yet their results in school, career and relationships leave something for me to learn…. I’ve always had the drive in me… simmering waiting for me to drop the checkered flag..

    …but seem to hang on to mediocrity and talk about greatness… I have accomplished things I didn’t expect and failed at others that I have the answer too.. it’s a mystery at times..

    ..being aware ( the noticer ) of all of this while it happens is a gift because I am close… I’ve had the teachers, my father, I have the teachers, my kids and opportunity is sitting upstairs in my office every night and I walk by him again outside on the porch every morning….

    He’s willing if I’m willing… it is truly a leap of faith in some cases and in others it comes down to “DECISION” …..Many successful people I’ve studied or met have said that at some point in their life…. they had “Made A Decision” to…..________________

    You Fill in the Blank.

    Thanks for the Topic

    ~~~ thecompletist

  6. Never really been scared of potential or anything like that… Death yeah, cancer sucks big time (lost peple to that too, amongst other things). Not really that scare fo dying myself, but scared of loved ones leaving me :(.

    I’m scared I won’t get to see everything I really want to see because I have keep putting things off….
    .-= Forest´s last blog ..Insanity Week 5 Fit Test Results =-.

  7. I’m afraid that I’ll finally start making bank with G’s advertising and that G will suddenly decide that I suck and ban me.

    I’m afraid that my future BIG GOAL will not come to fruition. The fact that it would take $20 million or so to start is insane because I wouldn’t be able to use traditional investors (investors don’t like a do-gooder attitude).

    I’ve just lost 2 family members and almost lost a 3rd and I’m now mortally afraid of losing my parents (though they’re still healthy) and my husband’s parents (ditto) because the family members that I lost are their age.

    I’m afraid of driving on highways (major highways- not the ones that are practically like normal roads) because my husband can’t deal with the idiots on the road between Pennsylvania and Florida anymore, but I can’t even deal with local idiot drivers!
    .-= WordVixen´s last blog ..Another Weird Neighbor Story =-.

  8. Today?….the same thing that’s always been at the fore-front of my thoughts…I’m scared of failing my daughter, and not being able to take away the hurt of whatever she encounters. I can remember exactly when this came to my mind. It was 1999, May. My ex’s dad had suddenly taken ill – he knew, but we didn’t. It was the first time that Jennifer was confronted with death of a family member – she was 6. Grandpa was only 62 and had retired from an executive position with Abbott labs, due to stress and failing health. He always had bad circulation and always felt so cold, he’d snuggle up to the wood stove, if he could. The last few years were a gift, as he had a pace-maker make his heart pump so much better. He was like a new man. He’d even taken Jennifer out for walks, in the stroller! Something he never did with his own kids. Jennifer was the first grandchild for both sides of the family.

    Grandpa collapsed in the kitchen, and the fulltime/volunteer fire department, ambulance and police arrived and restarted his heart. Grandpa was known for his early involvement with the fire department, ambulance service and the police, when Ancaster just started out as a village.

    Two weeks later was when Jen had to say her last good-bye. I couldn’t watch, and sobbed, unable to control myself, and looked out the window in ICU. He called me over afterwards and told me not to cry and worry for him, because he lived in all of us..and something else, but, I can’t remember… Although I was still in shock from his state of health and the imminent death, he didn’t know I wasn’t crying for him, but for her. I was afraid of how she would react; if she’d cry and I couldn’t take away that hurt. This was her first encounter with death and something so tragic, to face in her 6 years of life. All of those ‘first’s’, of life’s lessons she has to learn on her own, I’m afraid for her. My greatest fear.

  9. I have a 7 month old daughter, and she just lost her Grandpa, my wife’s father, to a tragic car accident. It’s absolutely insane how fragile life really is. We all have a responsibility to make the most out of everyday. My greatest fear now is something terrible happening to her or other members of her family.

    Secondary to that, another fear I have is not “going for it.” I have a pretty decent job in the Public Service, but I’ve always wanted a career as an entrepreneur or writer, something I know would truly make me happy, but up to now have never had the courage to go for it.

    I just hope it’s not too late. Elijah, you are very inspiring. Hopefully I can take a lesson from you two. Cheers to professional freedom!

  10. @The Dude (Big Lebowski reference?) – Life is so fragile, and as I said in the original post, death is one of my most feared “fears”. When it rains it pours.. but there’s always sun shine at the end of it all.

    And I’d say the first step to going for it was admitting your fears to the entire Internet by writing it on our website – and thank you for sharing this – it is what inspires me! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on starting to make decent income as a writer.

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