Top 3 Affiliate Program Directories

Affiliate Program DirectoresWhen I first began my journey into the word of online business and affiliate marketing, I found it very challenging to decipher through all the crap online and actually find what I was looking for.  Whether it was relevant information on building Adsense ready mini sites, or a real step-by-step guide to making money online with Clickbank products – I know how hard it can be to get the ball rolling.  So I figured in the spirit of giving I would provide my top 3 affiliate program directories to help you guys cut down on the fat, and get right to the meat.

I cannot guarantee that the sites I’m about to list are 100 % up to date, but I can tell you that since January and I have found some great affiliate programs and information to help me with various campaigns.

  1. – If you have not yet heard of Associate Programs and Allan Gardyne, please take 5 minutes to make yourself familiar with this site.  Allan has been making a living online and from home since 1998 and continues to be a key figure in the world of internet marketing.  Don’t believe me?  Type his name in Google and you will get over 20,000 results! AssociatePrograms contains extensive information on everything related to affiliate marketing – Allan provides a Forum, Knowledgebase, Affiliate Program Directory, Affiliate Marketing Articles and an amazing Newsletter which I have been subscribed to for as long as I can remember.  If you have never visited his site I would suggest starting with his Advice Articles section on the left side bar of the main page, where you can browse based on your level of experience.
  2. – The only reason I didn’t put as the number 1 choice is simply because their database is so massive!  When I was first starting out I could remember spending countless hours sifting through a single niche, let alone the entire directory.  You will find programs separated by niche which will help manage time when researching for your latest money making project.  But be warned, the site is gigantic! If you are not focused and merely wandering you will find that time has passed and the only conclusion you’ve reached is “Elijah was right”.  Great site for the experienced marketer, but know what you are looking for ahead of time.
  3. – This site is a tad flashy but nevertheless the directory is huge.  You will find affiliate programs broken down by niche categories e.g. travel, auto, computers – as well as being categorized by country.  Under the left side bar you is an Affiliate Resources section with a Forum, Merchant Resources, Affiliate Videos, and even an Affiliate Events section where you can keep up to date with conferences and gatherings amongst the elite in the affiliate marketing industry.  The site manager, Graeme Eastman, has put everything you need at your fingertips.

So there you have it – my top 3 affiliate program directories.  I’m sure every online guru or intermediate marketer will have different resources, but as long as I’ve saved you some time rather than Googling “Affiliate Program Directories” for 30 minutes aimlessly, then my job here is done.  Feel free to share any resources you might have stumbled upon or any thoughts on the directories I have listed above.  I’m still far from being a guru or able to quit my job, so it’s important to hear what my fellow inspired money makers are using.  As long as we stick together, we will make it together.



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  1. Once again, thanks for the wisdom, E.
    I’ve been thinking that maybe the route for me is to develop a “mini-site” for affiliate marketing or even to develop my own product. My reasoning is that this would be a passive income stream that wouldn’t take my attention off my primary project.

    Ideally I could set it up and put it on cruise control and then devote time to marketing it rather than having to update it daily like a blog for instance.

    Am I way off base?


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