10 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Starting A Blog

This awesome image courtesy of Laughing Squid on Flickr.comIt’s amazing how life takes you down certain paths that otherwise you would have never persued – blogging being a perfect example of what I mean.  If you were to sit me down 12 months ago and tell me:

“Elijah, in 12 months from now you will be on your path to financial freedom through the means of making money online.  You will meet several awesome people along the way, many of which you will remain good friends with and invite to your wedding.  You will also teach yourself HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP and Photoshop – and you will use these new found skills to generate more income.  You will have a business registered and begin to teach yourself the basics of accounting.  Elijah – you will do all this in the next 12 months.”

I would have told you, with zero effort, to go eat 15 soft taco’s from Taco Bell then shove your head up your own ass and wait for them to digest.  I would have reacted like this not due to my lack of confidence, ability or drive (I’ve never had a shortage in either of those departments), but simply due to the fact that 12 months ago this is the last place I would have expected to be – plain and simple!  And guess what???

I wouldn’t be who I am today without blogging.

Here are 10 reasons why I don’t regret starting a blog (even though I don’t have time to blog anymore!):

  1. I finally realized that all those years reading books about time travel, Raul Duke, middle earth and vampires really paid off – in the context of sounding like I know what I’m talking about when I really don’t.  This is a key ability to becoming a millionaire in the blogosphere.
  2. My bitterness towards the college to cubicle lifestyle translated very well with the public, and allowed me to come to the realization that I’m not alone – and people find my bitter sense of humor quite amusing.
  3. I would have never discovered the power that an over-sized head can give you – especially if it’s displayed in a cartoon format.  I’ve also discovered that there’s tons of money to be made in sammich promotion.
  4. I’ve finally found a sense of normality in knowing that it’s quite common for bloggers to be awake at 4am.  Prior to blogging I was starting to believe I had a sleeping disorder.
  5. I confirmed the fact that I am one of those rare breed of people who actually enjoy seeing and hearing themselves on video.  My grandmother thinks I’m cocky.
  6. I’ve spoken on the phone to people all over the world – all of them which I met via blogging.
  7. After years of searching for a magic button, I finally discovered that there is an actual industry online.  With the right tools, skills and persistence it is possible for anyone to make some money.  If I didn’t start a blog I would have still been stuck in the sales page loop searching for that secret solution.
  8. I’ve made some great friends, and I mean REALLY great!  Call me naive, but I don’t see myself loosing contact with any of you (you know who you are) in the near future.  You bitches are stuck with me.
  9. In the real world talking about midgets, one-armed prostitutes and dildos doesn’t go to well – especially in the workplace.  In the blogosphere I’m looked at as someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, and commended by my peers for a “great post!”
  10. More than anything, blogging has taught me to be giving.  It’s all about sharing, helping and giving credit where credit is due.  This doesn’t manifest itself as much in the real world, but in the blogging world every comment counts!  Bloggers stick together.  Bloggers are smart.  Bloggers are dreamers.  And I’m proud to be one.

I would absolutely love to read some reasons why you crazy bastards don’t regret starting a blog.  Share what you’ve learned and any crazy stories you might have throughout your years or months in the blogosphere.  Don’t forget to track back so I can stop by and read your posts!

Have a great week guys.



19 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Starting A Blog”

  1. Yeah Man!!!!

    Big heads and sammiches with personality…the wonderful world of the blogger.

    You have come so far so quickly, and you must give credit where credit is due – that is largely due to the amount of time and effort you have invested. It still never amazes to see how many bloggers start up and then fade away because they can’t be assed anymore. I always say, if you put the effort in early, build a good network of allies and learn how to work smart work smart you can only succeed!

    I’m proud to have started a blog becuase it has enabled me to build a business which I can run from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Like you, I am finding myself pushed for time to blog, but thats the joy of email subs. Anytime you got something to say, I’m here to read it!

    Keep up the good work Eli! oh, and tell Veronica it’s about time to update those flickr pics, let’s see what you do when you are not sat butt naked at your laptop!

  2. YO E to tha Lijah! Man, I think you definitely wrote this for me brotha! I’ve always wanted to express myself AND use the internet to make stacks!

    March of 2008 all that started and in 10 short months I feel as though I have learned more than I did in my 12 years of school!

    My blog gives me an outlet to be me AND make money and I LOVE that! We talked about this not long ago, how all this was right under our noses and now we’ve found it man!

    What an awesome adventure and just like you, I’ve met some awesome folks (you being one of them) that have helped me, encouraged me, held my hand, pushed me and taught me things about myself I never knew.

    Great post! Keep it up ’cause I KNOW you’re in it to win it! No turning back!

  3. You know, the part where you say midgets, one armed prostitutes and dildos- I feel like mustard should be mentioned in there somewhere. Don’t know why.

    And as for blogging- if it weren’t for blogging, I would be much the poorer in the friends department. I can’t even think of how many people that I consider essential to my life that I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for blogging. And that includes everyone in a certain group of seriously talented and knowledgeable individuals. 😉

    WordVixens last blog post..My Friend Is Getting Published

  4. @Neal – It’s so true man. If you work smart and stick to it, it will pay off. That’s almost a guarantee! The hardest part, where most people fail, is sticking to it and not falling victim to the safe, yet unrewarding realms of corporate slavery. I know when shit gets tough it can seem like the only logical thing to do – but it’s at those moments when I usually find that I come through in the clutch and surpass what I had been struggling to achieve.

    @Jake – Hey dude! Yeah, I was just chatting with Mark H. and mentioning how we were on the phone talking about how he is one of the hardest working people on the Internet – and deserves a vacation more than anyone else! Our adventure is just beginning buddy! That’s a promise.

    @Dennis – Me, me, me… ahhh the motto of the modern day “yes man”. It’s a shame that the rest of the world doesn’t realize the power of unconditional giving. I bet you the world leaders could solve major problems if each of them had a blog where things were openly discussed!

    Elijahs last blog post..NicheOnDemand Update

  5. Why I dont regret having started a blog? Because that’s the only thing I have done rather consistently. Every other “venture” I pursue, I seem to lose interest when another idea strikes my mind. I have been writing on my tech blog for 1.5 years now..wow, that’s a looong time…

    Anands last blog post..Most Popular Social Network in India

  6. @WordVixen – Dammit L, my spam blocker really doesn’t like when we try and communicate in code and keeps blocking you. Mustard covered midgets… I can totally see that. Honey Dijon? Somebody is jacking my video style eh? Hmm.. Looks like I might have to put the smack down.

    @Anand – I feel the exact same way, being online is something I have pursued with vigilance compared to all the other roads in my life. My mother says it’s one of the few things I’ve stuck with in my life – music and computers. 1.5 years is a great accomplishment!

    @Meji – Thanks for stopping by bro, my “pleasure” blogs don’t make me any significant coin either, and I definitely make up for it in other avenues… It’s a beautiful balance.

  7. Hey Elijah, I have just iscovered your blog, and let me say that I appreciate your style and the things you talk about.

    I made it a point to help more people in 2009. I started a blog at the beginning of the year with great intentions. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked (as I easily do sometimes) and haven’t updated it in a while. Your blog has re-inspired me. I am excited about staying with it. I have too much information and experience to let it go to waste.

    Thank you again.

    Stephen Hendersons last blog post..Sorry for the delay…

  8. Thanks for the props man and I LOL@ Number 9!

    To be honest, I considered quitting my blog because I’m so busy doing marketing stuff. Then, for many of the same reasons as you, I decided to pop my head back in and squeeze it into my schedule. I’m twisting it all around though with a new theme and categories so I can be more myself and open up more. That makes me want to blog more than only “listing money making secrets”. lol I know you know what I mean. 🙂

    Entertaining post as usual buddy. 🙂

    Suite Js last blog post..4 More Free WordPress Themes Hot Off The Press

  9. Hi Elijah! Long time no see 😉
    I completely agree with you that blogging is wonderful. It’s a place where we can put into words exactly who we are. Blogging is truly liberating.
    Like you said- caring about other people- you end up finding like minded peers and connecting.
    You’re a great writer Elijah- I think all people who are smart and sincere are great writers.
    That’s why people have connected with you.
    Keep up the great work.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay

    Eren- homemaking encouragements last blog post..Disney cars birthday party theme supplies cake ideas & games

  10. @Eren – Heeeey! What’s up girl?Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot coming from someone I respect. You know, I just don’t care enough to be anything but myself… I’ve never been the type to go out of my way to impress people.. I love having fun… I love seeing the lighter things in life.. and it really comes out when I write.

    Elijahs last blog post..No Such Thing As Luck

  11. Hey Elijah!
    I sooooo get what you’re saying. Some people find me too much information because I want to say what I think. Just this morning I’ve been optimizing my cesarean childbirth images.
    I want to share that moment with the world.
    Some of my friends were like- don’t put that on your blog- and I was like— Why not?
    It’s a cesarean birth so you won’t be seeing me naked- Hee hee.
    Yeah I think being real is the only way to be- masked hypocritical people truly make me wanna barf- did I say that out loud? LOL
    Anyhoos- keep up the great work!
    Eren Mckay

    Eren- encouraging homemakerss last blog post..How to make Barbeque Sauce – best easy BBQ sauce

  12. Mmmm.. Cesarean barfing.. what? lol… Yeah, being yourself is the only way to go.. after all, why the hell are we all here in the first place? Because we want to find common ground with those who share similar interests as us… if we aren’t ourselves, how can we find that common ground?

    Elijahs last blog post..No Such Thing As Luck

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